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Soul Riders: Linda Chanda 🌙 | Star Stable

October 26, 2019

Growing up we’re told stories designed
to instil fear in our minds. You’re taught to not accept shiny red apples from strangers. Or go into the woods alone lest we encounter a big bad wolf. Best case scenario, these fears help us get through life without being poisoned
or eaten. But most of the time I think we let the fear of things we don’t understand limit us. Because if we just find the courage to illuminate the dark places they might turn out to not be so frightening at all. I’ve always had a hard time accepting what I don’t know. I believe that with the right research, you
can find the courage to conquer any fear. But I can tell you from experience that
there are worse things out there than the witches and bogeymen of fairytales. Things where the more you know, the more cause you have to fear them. I know now that courage isn’t about being unafraid. It’s about knowing when a danger is real
and still doing what’s right. You owe it to yourself to point your flashlight into the dark and see what you’re actually dealing with. Because in most cases, knowledge will show you there’s nothing to fear. And when it doesn’t, it will give you the tools to defeat it. I am not afraid to face the dark of night. I am Linda Chanda and I am a Soul Rider.

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  1. i love how there is a deadly hallows symbol in her room and she mentioned the time turner from hp in the last quest. 😀 actually linda kinda reminds me of hermoine xD i love linda she rocks <3

  2. Anne: You don't need other people to love yourself and be strong, but with the right friends you can do way more.

    Lisa: It's okay to let people in to your life.

    Alex: Just because you had a tough life and/or are different doesn't mean you can't do great things or become a great person.
    Linda: It's good to look deeper into things to understand that there's really nothing to fear.

  3. Hi star stable please read this I am Nicole ash clover me and my club owner ,I left they club because I was boerd it turns out she was sick so no need to worry thank you for reading this if you did

  4. Now it's our characters turn, I wanna know what happened to our characters before going to jorvik instead of making it up

  5. Why does all of this sound like something from MLP? xD, both the voice and the way it is written gives me flash backs.

  6. I have an idea, make one of these with the PLAYERS character!
    I think it would be so much fun to have our characters story told!
    Now instead of having ''and I am a soulrider.'' at the end, have something like ''and I am the savior of jorvik!''.
    And instead of saying their name, just blur it out and do the same with their face!
    It would be so cool to have this be a video!
    I'm really excited to someday hear the story of the player 🙂
    You guys probably aren't gonna see this but it was worth a shot!
    I seriously love this game<33

  7. When is the recruit a friend coming back ☹️☹️☹️ me and my friend are waiting for it to come back 🙁

  8. У меня вопрос к разработчикам, возможно ли разблокировать мой аккаунт? Я нарушила правила, но обещаю исправиться.. верните мой акк 😢

  9. Will you ever add a moon to the night sky in Jorvik? It could follow a path like the sun does, but quicker since twilight-next daytime is quicker.

  10. I would love it if you made a video about Elizabeth Sunbeam! She will always be with the Soul Riders and be a part of them forever, even if she physically isn't there. xxx

  11. i like how all the soul rider's body shapes are different, it's making me feel better about my body. I hope you release character designs that are similar to that, too!

  12. I noticed the necklace too, Also sso…. is this voiced by someone who was "Sarah" in Horseland? Sounds alot like her.. Idk her actual name though

  13. Hey could somebody pleeease help me?! I’m suuuper stuck! I have no idea how to get the Soul Roder quests! I’ve done the Quests where you save Linda from the Silverlgade castle, but I don’t know what to do next!! I’m currently on level 13 (already finished the Mistfall quests) and I don’t know what level you have to be to start the Soul Rider Quests! Do I need more reputation with a certain place? What level do you start it? If somebody could pleeease answer back, that would mean a lot. Thanks!

  14. Star stable please fix this,on my Mac it says “star stable server closed:due to matinence”I’ve tried switching servers and switching back but it doesn’t work. 2 months later it still doesn’t work! This Monday my dad is taking it to the shop,but then it will be In there for weeks! I’m so stressed because I was about to get a Friesian on SSO when this happened

  15. Why can’t star stable create their own ideas? Copying Harry Potter without permission, quotes being copied…

  16. If the SSO team made a video like this, but for our character, that would be so cool!

    Also, heckin hats off to you guys. I love getting to know more about these characters, and in such a creative way. Absolutely love it.

  17. Hey SSO id Love Some free star coins I do star stable ALOT my server is Maple Star my Username is Eva Catbook And i love star stable thx for making the game <3

  18. This game is the best i have ever played keep going girlz my name in star stable is girlgamesloves69and420

  19. Linda is my fav character! and i really think lately Alex and Lisa are getting all the spotlight! (especially lisa) What about the other two!

  20. This is awesome. I really, really hope you make an animated film or TV series of the soul riders story because that would be so cool, their backstories and characters are so detailed and I personally would love to know more

  21. 0:37
    You see that book there?
    The light ceremony?
    As in the lost light ceremony book?
    She just had that in a stack of books this whole time?

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