Southern National Draft Horse Pull
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Southern National Draft Horse Pull

August 12, 2019

– [Host] There’s some
history and sport and a little bit of
fun all rolled into one big night on every
first Friday of February at the Hunt Horse
Complex in Raleigh. It’s called the… – Southern National
Draft Horse Pull and World Championship
Coon Mule Jump. – [Host] Oh yeah,
I forgot to mention that bit about the jumping mules and their world championship. Is this serious
business for some folks? – It’s extremely serious
business for folks. Being the world’s
champion jumping mule or southern national
champion pulling horse carries a lot of weight
in the horse world. – [Host] Almost as much
weight as the horses will carry. Some team owners like
Odell Coley in Statesville, ran multiple teams
to competition. And when they’re back home,
they train hard, together, in the corral, with the horses. – You know, the
horses are my therapy. That’s what keeps
me sane everyday, that’s what gets me
going through life, going to the barn,
working the horses. You know, there are
some cash value prizes to all the pulls we
go to but they hardly pay for the feed
so, it’s just more of the excitement about it. The horses learn that when
you get on the trailer and you come to town,
that they’re going to do a job. – [Host] These are
no ordinary horses. They are bred to be
strong and trained like Olympians. – [Odell] As far
as daily exercise, we have a sled that weighs
roughly around a ton and we put ’em on
that and we work ’em, generally three to
four miles a day, every week or so,
every other week, we’ll put ’em on a heavier load
and stretch their muscles out and then go back to
the exercise load. – [Host] You sound
like a football coach. Do you ride the
sled around behind– – I do.
– On the animal all day? – Well, I don’t yell
at ’em, they just, they love to pull it. We work ’em in the hayfield some and rake hay with ’em
and bale hay with ’em, so they have more
than just one job. – [Host] On game
night, that preparation can produce incredible
performances. Lightweights, two horses
totalling less than 3400 pounds will successfully
pull a four ton sled 26 1/2 feet. Heavyweights totalling
body weight of more than 3400 pounds, they
can drag five tons. And I had to ask, is it safe? – I just had the state
veterinarian walk away, she’s here checking
all these animals that are coming in and
checking their heath status and their care. We’re extremely concerned
about the well-being and the care of these animals. – [Host] And if you’ve
never been around mules and seen them jump, you
might wonder what the owners had to do to get
these sweet animals to do this kind of thing. Mules don’t like tto jump
automatically, do they? – Yes, they do. Mules, one of the real
challenges of keeping a mule is keeping
them in the pen because a lot of
these mules will jump five foot just to go
visit the neighbors. [applause] – You cannot make
a mule do nothing. You have got to learn to coach and persuade him. – [Host] Or her. Most folks know Herman Cox
by his nickname, Black Bart. He’s kind of famous
around here because of his mule, Penny. She’s won many, many
world championships and she’s just a teenager. Mules can live into their 40’s. So Black Bart still has
some persuading to do in the years to come. Some folks cannot
convince their mules to do this kind of thing. In fact, some mules
convince their owners, they will jump, but it’s
only a trick to take a dirt bath. On this night, Bart
and Penny struck a deal once again, Penny the
mule is the world champion once more, it’s official. – It’s open to the
world, we invited every mule to come
and jump and we got six of the best. So it’s considered the
world championship. – [Host] And it only
happens right here on the first Friday
every year at the Hunt Horse Complex at the
State Fairgrounds in Raleigh. – [Deborah] The
Southern National Draft Horse Pull is the
concluding event of the Souther Farm
Show and it’s Friday, February 2nd at the
Governor James B. Hunt Horse Complex at the North
Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh. For more information go to…

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