Spanish Springs Nevada Real Estate Market Report January 2019 | Nevada Homes for Sale
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Spanish Springs Nevada Real Estate Market Report January 2019 | Nevada Homes for Sale

August 13, 2019

– Hi everybody, I’m Phillip Goodman. – And I’m Roberta Monroe. – And we are from the
Nevada Real Estate Group at Keller Williams Group
One, Inc. in Reno, Nevada. This is the January 2019 market report for Spanish Springs, Nevada. – And if you’re new to our market report, please hit the subscribe button, and that way you’ll get
new content every month. – And make sure you watch to the end if you are a homeowner
thinking of selling your home as a for sale by owner. We have a special offer for you. And if you’re a perspective buyer considering Northern Nevada, you definitely want to stick around. We got something pretty
awesome for you as well. So Roberta, let’s dive into the numbers. – Okay! (suspenseful music) Units sold are down 40% from December and down 46% from January 2018. However new listings are
up 68% over December 2018 pushing the month’s supply
of inventory up to 4.1. And we looked deeper into this and found that many of
these are new builds that are already under contract. Even though inventory is high, the median price is still
steady from last year and only down a couple
of points from December. On top of that, sellers are getting 98%
of their asking price, which also has been holding steady from the previous month and year. It’s way too soon to say
that we’re seeing a shift from a sellers’ market
to a buyers’ market. – [Phillip] Here we are on our website,, looking at our featured
property of the month, 2330 Ruddy Way, in again,
technically Sparks, but it is Spanish Springs. Roberta, what can you tell
us about this property? – [Roberta] Well this is a great property, and it’s offered at $375,000
for a three bedrooms, two bath. It’s about 1,496 square feet, and it’s about 1/3 of an acre. So as you can see it
has a three car garage with a big driveway through it, and it also has RV access on the side. Inside you have this
beautiful living room, tastefully done and decorated. The master bedroom has a large bay window that overlooks the beautifully
landscaped backyard. How gorgeous is that, right? Very well done. I mean craftsmanship-wise,
the boards are perfect, the thing is perfect. So Phillip, I don’t know about you but this to me looks
like heaven for a dog. – [Phillip] Oh absolutely! Lots of space to run around, and I’m sure there’s little
critters runnin’ around that he can chase.
– Yep! – [Phillip] Speaking of dogs, when you by a home through
the Home At Last Program, they have the HAL Pals
Pet Adoption Program. When you close a deal with
the Home At Last Program, which is only good in rural Nevada, and Spanish Springs definitely
qualifies for rural, you get an adoption certificate good at one of the local shelters. So you can really complete
your home and your family with a pet who needs some love. – [Roberta] Absolutely, because
every dog does need a home. – Well there’s a look back
at the Spanish Springs market activity, and our
featured property of the month, and as promised we have
a special offer for you, whether you’re a homeowner or a buyer interested in Northern Nevada. So Roberta, let’s first
talk about sellers. Let’s say that I’m a homeowner and I’m thinking of selling
as a for sale by owner, why would I still want to call you and the Nevada Real Estate Group? – Well first I can send
you a free market analysis on your home, and even show you what
you could potentially net from the sale of your home. And second, we also have a zero commission plan offer for you. – Zero commission plan?
– Zero commission plan! – And if you are a buyer
considering Northern Nevada, you definitely want to call Roberta and the Nevada Real Estate Group, because we really take
good care of our buyers. – When you buy a home
in Nevada through us, we will pay for a one
year warranty up to $495. That covers some plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and in some cases, appliances. – Well for more information
about any of the programs that we’ve discussed, any of the numbers, you can contact Roberta. Her information is in the description right below this video. And if you have any questions, you can also put a comment
right here on YouTube. We’ll be sure to get back to you. For Roberta Monroe, for the
Nevada Real Estate Group at Keller Williams Group
One, Inc., in Reno, Nevada, I’m Phillip Goodman,
we’ll see ya next time. (upbeat music)

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  1. What a great welcome to a family neighborhood by rescuing an animal. I'm surprised that more shelters/rescues don't do that.

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