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Special Needs Girls Care For Deaf Horse named Smash | Localish

August 25, 2019

[MUSIC PLAYING] He’s the coolest
horse in the barn. He’s a one-of-a-kind horse. He is a police horse. He loves patrol. He likes anything they can
throw out he loves his job 24/7. I learned about SMASH
when I came to the bar, and he was special needs. And he’s also deaf. SMASH was born deaf and
we knew that before we took him into the Mounted Patrol. Very friendly, very lovable. Loves kids. Loves adults. He is friendly and sweet. I noticed he didn’t
have a sponsor. Some horses had big
huge sponsor signs and other horses just had
their nameplates at the bottom of their stall placings. And so Katherine Richards, she
is one of these SMASH Girls, asked the question of why. And we told her because
they had sponsors in the other ones didn’t. So I told my
mom, you know what? Let’s make a team and
call it the SMASH Girls. She noticed that
SMASH was deaf and she thought that that
was really cool, because she has special needs also. So she got in touch
with four of her friends and brought them on
board, and that’s how Team SMASH was developed. [MUSIC PLAYING] SMASH’s name came
from his registered name being Box Office Smash. And so when the girls had the
opportunity– when you sponsor a horse of the Houston
Police Department, you can rename that horse. And so they kept
SMASH as his name. We now sponsor SMASH. We do donations and through
bake sales, and we do caps, we do posters. Do you guys want a sticker? And also, we come up
here to help promote SMASH. Like hand out wristbands
and SMASH cards, and SMASH stickers. It’s $5,000 a year. It’s hard because we had to
raise more money to get things. Situating papers
to all his gear, and boarding, and grooming. It was a hard money,
but we did it. [MUSIC PLAYING] These girls have worked
diligently for the last six months to raise this money. All five girls
are up at the barn. At anytime you can come
in and there’s always somebody here from Team SMASH. Sometimes we come up
here and we can pet him, and he’s fun to hang out with. As far as SMASH’s disability
and not being able to hear, it does come at an advantage. He cannot hear everything
else we can, but his other senses are heightened. So we have learned
that he pays attention to more with his eyes. So he sees stuff
before other horses. So we do have to be
cognitive of that. For instance, a thunderstorm. Well, he can feel
it on the ground. And that’s the way he feels. I communicate with him through
a little bit of the ears. And when the ears
are straightforward he’s looking right at me. But when the ears
heads towards this way, that means he’s
looking somewhere else and he’s not focused on me. SMASH is a Paint Horse
and he is very unique. Not only is he deaf, he also has
one blue eye and one brown eye, which sets him apart
from other horses. And he is very unique looking. He also likes peppermint. That’s the only way you’re
going to get to his heart. SMASH goes out weekly with us. Our patrol is Monday
through Friday, and we also have events
on Saturday and Sunday that we do special events for. Other times like we go
out for public events. Because he’s deaf,
The Walk for Hearing people request him because
he’s a one-of-a-kind horse. He had his poster been made. We also did his Facebook page. Any donation is appreciated. He’s the coolest
horse in the barn. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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