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Spectackular Tack for The Trail

September 3, 2019

I’m sitting here with Sherry McLain of
Spectackular Hi Aaron! How are you doing this morning? I am doing grea- well, I am doing Spectackular! That’s Spectackular indeed! My first
question would be how did you get involved in your love for horses in
general? I think like most little girls I grew up wanting a horse and my family
told the story that you know Mom and Dad would ask what I wanted for Christmas
and every year the same answer was I wanted a horse but we lived in a very
suburban urban area and that was not possible so I saved up my money and when
I was 18 I bought my first horse and had not a clue what I was doing with it but
that really that did not satisfy the “it” so to speak it instead tipped it off and
I actually lost that horse to Coggins which it’s like aids and a horse but
it’s incurable kind of broke my heart for quite a
while but that was the first time I’d ever had to put down a very healthy
appearing animal and anyway so that kind of broke my heart but it was for a
reason and life went forward at that point I
was traveling very heavily for the job I had at the time and I had a couple of
family tragedies if you will or events that occurred and I always said it was like
you know life’s short and that horse I always wanted in my backyard I think
it’s time to do something about that and fortunately my husband went along with
me and my husband said Sherry have you ever lived in the country? and I said no
wow so this is kind of a big kind of yeah it was it all all in you know so
anyway we did that as most people with horses know buy the horse is just the tip
of the iceberg what sparked the idea for Spectackular tag there was really two
things I couldn’t find what I wanted I think that’s how many small businesses
get started a friend of mine she’s somebody who always is looking for
the newest and the most comfortable the best of everything in equine she’s
very adventurous in doing that and one day I don’t know probably 15 years ago we were
horse camping and she had this new to me material called Biothane and she
explained it was very comfortable on the animals and what she introduced me to is
the very shiny version there I was at that time in a very traditional I wanted
black or brown and kind of boring and classic I guess but I understood how
cool this material was so I went out and I actually bought it was in a different
period of my life and I was struggling you know it’s all this kind of starts
somewhere and I went out bought my first used Biothane bridle I still have that
I did not make that but I still have that bridle and it still could be used see if
you guys can relate to this back when I was riding with leather
I had a fuzzy thing that was back behind my breast collar ring one day the fuzzy
thing got wet and dried off to the side and I was out looking on the internet
for something to straighten this all out to protect my horse’s chest and I
thought I thought wait a minute it what was left to rub on my horse to begin
with so I took that all apart and through that process I eventually
figured out that by flipping the tail of our product to the outside trimming it
beautifully stitching it beautifully there would be nothing left to rub on my
my horse and something that is not talked about in my opinion enough about
Biothane I am a perfectionist by personality as you know and I just
began too, I began to play with different designs and a halter bridle
because I’m a trail rider I love my halter bridle but I thought well you
know where the brow bands could be made so they just snapped on and off what if
the stitching would be flipped to the outside so
it would take the the Biothane strapping that’s already so comfortable and improve that further this is our brow bands and it’s the same kind of a
philosophy you can indeed change your browband out
this is a unique too spectacular closure at least until someone knocks us off
which we hope does not happen but it can replace and go on to your Western or
one of our halter bridles and with a bridle I think you know
but we will show you very quickly if you wanted to replace this you could but
it’s a little bit of a project and so most people don’t with ours you can
remove this on a one-time basis and replace it with our changeable brow bands
so that then after if you are somebody that wants to do that you can get a
black or a brown set of tack from us okay and then you can change a brow band
change the breast color over-laments as we call them in a snap and you’ve got an
entirely new look and outfit I just kept having ideas and I was so fortunate
because I would sit around a campfire at horse games with friends and the
girlfriend and I would basically come up with the new the new mousetrap
if you will and make a little twist on a traditional design of a product and we’d
bring it out into the horse camp and might make more experienced friends
would say well what if you did this and could you do that?
and it would begin to really add so they would take my ideas that I
thought were, you know, genius or my friends ideas and they would further
improve on that and we also tried it in the fall of 2010 you know every
entrepreneur thinks they got it and then the consumer set em straight, it
truly is. What was that first what was that first moment like I bet it some
exhilaration some nervousness yes I loaded up the trailer and they’d spent
the last bit of funding I had cause we self fund and I put it into the inventory
of the products I thought would sell and my friend and I met on it on a
trail ride down at a place many horseback riders now called Eminence,
Missouri, yeah Eminence is the thing – horseback riders anyway and
I I went down there and I convinced a smaller camp down there
cold water ranch was the name of it and asked her if I could set up there where
all the riders rode in for lunch you know, yes I have to solve things
yeah but I also wanted people to look at what I’ve done and say yuck or yay
and just tell me how it was so You want that affirmation Well and, you know, I wanted to know if I really had something or you
know how and if I should go forward or if I was gonna have to go get a real job
and anyway I was really fortunate we sold out of inventory
yeah and yeah it was just so it was so rewarding you know you work so hard for
something and, not that it was that much inventory but it was enough that it
encouraged me to go forward and I knew then I knew then that myself and my
friends and everything that we’d worked hard for might be something that
consumer really really wanted yeah we’re walking up and here’s the mobile
tech store if you will Here’s Bucky! Bucky does not eat much, he travels like a gentleman I tend to go
into larger campgrounds I want to enjoy the heck out of people and the
writing and many of them offer meals but that also gives me the opportunity
to work with people get their horses fit properly let them look at the whole
breadth of the line and you know we horse people like I think any user group
if you like something you tell your friends if you don’t like it you tell
your friends and I’m a real gadget girl anything including my own horse
tack but it’s a lot of fun I always learned something in the horse camps
when I when I go out like that color trends that’s important
because I’m really in the horse fashion business even though my fashion is very
functional for the horse you know I’ve learned that some some riders are very
fashion orientated and they want the tack to match their outfits
want to match the tones of the horse some want a matching saddle pad some want a
match it just varies everybody’s got a little different taste trail riding is just tough
again you’ve got not only the sweat and the things to do with the horse but take
something as simple as a curb chain on a bridle trail riding is one of the few
equine sports where that is going to get wet if your trail riding you’re going to
allow your horse to take drinks in the river you want to keep your horse
hydrated right? and so the curb chain which is leather, unless it’s Biothane like ours, but the curb chains are often made of either a poly webbing or a
leather and rarely stainless steel so it’s like the the worst possible
materials to be put into water over and over and over again it’s just a matter
of when these two this combination is going to fail if there’s some trail
riders out there how can they get ahold of Spectackular and get their hands on
this tack I’m very glad you asked we do have a website it’s a little
underwhelming at the moment but a new one is coming and that will do a much
better job of executing our special orders we answer our phone which is A real human, huh?! Well, yes! That’s Great! I really pride myself that’s the other
thing we haven’t really talked about but I try it all times to treat people like
I would want to be treated and if you’re spending good money then you should
get good customer service and I demand that of myself and anybody around me
anyway and then we also operate well on Facebook Messenger okay we have
customers with regularity that well some people want to design and they’ve got
something definitely in mind you know I want blue for my horse with others say
hey here’s a picture of my horse you know do you have some ideas for me and
we’re always happy to interact in that way we respond to all messages pretty
well 24/7 unless we’re sleeping

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