Speed Skating: Tips for Beginners
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Speed Skating: Tips for Beginners

October 30, 2019

hey everybody
My name is Ewen Fernandez 8th time world champion this is my teammate Quentin Giraudeau from the Rollerblade world team we are here today in Nantes to give you some tips
to become a better speed skater so first tip it’s about the basic position an inline
it’s really important to have the shoulder the knee and the toe in the
same line to have also flat back to be more aerodynamic so faster and it’s also
really important to look forward so Quentin turn around it’s also really
important to have the feet parallel so in the same direction and to have the feet
not too wider than the hips so second tips it’s about the pushing part so you
can recognize the speed skater by the way he pushes so here with Quentin we
can see the head the knee and the toe high in the same line the weight is on
one leg the feet are parallel and it’s really important to push to the side and
not to the back so third parts it’s about weight transferred and arm swing in
inline it’s really important to use your weight to have a better push Quentin do
it so it’s really important to move your way to one leg to another one use your
hands now and using your hands to have more stability to go faster using your
arms it’s like you do it in running or working so last tip is to be relaxed on
skate because it’s the best way to keep focus on your technique and skate better
so I hope these tips helped you and see you soon bye bye

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  1. It is accepted to dip your head to attain velocity according to Bill Stoppard but save it only when you are reaching the finish line.

  2. If you let me I'll add a Korean subtitle and share this video with other skaters. You can let me add it simply by clicking three dots right below of the video box then add subtitle, set the language whatever you want, maybe English, then at the bottom right of the editing screen click 'turn on community contribution'.

  3. Thank u I have skate night in 2 days!! This is what we need keep up the good work u will get rookies to pros!! Just like what u will get me to everyone will appreciate ur video/tutorial and inspire them to death!

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