Speightster, Tourist, Outwork and Their First Crop Yearlings
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Speightster, Tourist, Outwork and Their First Crop Yearlings

August 15, 2019

Tourist, he had broken through already
at the grade one level but to be able to break through at that level in front of
all the breeders at the Breeders’ Cup was substantial for him. So he ran in the
Breeders’ Cup Mile three years in a row which is quite impressive as well. For
him to retain that form over three long seasons of racing is quite an
accomplishment and I think that’s something that a lot of breeders need to
take notice of. He’s thrown all the horses that that kind of represent him,
they’ve all got a little bit of flash, they’re nice strong horses, they got
plenty of bone, they have nice muscle to them. So we’re pretty excited about the
yearlings that are gonna be showing up at the sales here. The beautiful thing
about him is it’s a dirt pedigree in heat but he also did some his best
running on the turf. That versatility, especially in the American market now
that it’s almost 50/50 rate turf and dirt racing, we wouldn’t expect him to
only throw turf, I think he’ll also be able to throw high-level dirt horses so
having that versatility is gonna really open him up for every region of racing
here in America. He has quite an interesting profile
being Uncle Mo’s very first ever winner, going four and a half furlongs in the
spring at Keeneland and then to go on and be a grade one winner at a mile an
eighth as a three-year-old is quite an accomplishment. We’re really looking
forward to seeing him pass on that early speed that he had and watching his
offspring probably mature and being able to go that route of ground and carry
that speed. That’s what we would expect. He’s a big beautiful horse, he stands
about 17 hands, very well balanced, very much like his sire, being able that he
was that big and that fast early gives us a lot of excitement for the future
with his offspring. I would think he would he would qualify him as stamping
his his stock, they’d stand over plenty of ground, they all have lots of leg just
like he does, they’re nice free moving horses, very intelligent horses, and I
think a lot of end hookers and buyers at the the sales this fall noticed that and
were supportive of him at the sales. Quite a few people are very excited to
be able to present these horses at the upcoming sales. Speightster was a home bred,
from the beginning he was always one of the best horses in his crop that we had
here and that’s why we chose to keep him. He also had the pedigree to support that
as well, you know, he’s from seven individual racing champions as well as
champion sire Smart Strike. We’re very excited about that depth of pedigree
that he brings, he was a horse that had extreme potential and he has one of the
best pedigrees in the stud book. Horses that come in at that price point, it
takes a real groundswell to help support that horse, when we syndicated that horse
we knew that and we got a great group of syndicate members, real grass roots with
them and a lot of local breeders that produce a lot of really good race horses,
good sale horses, and they’ve supported him very strongly throughout his entire
career not only in years 1 & 2 but have remained supportive of him so he’s a
horse that has the numbers to compete with with the higher stud fee horses.
Obviously he’s producing the physicals as well and and he had that support from
the syndication that is very important to get a horse off on the right foot

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