Spicy Kuttanad Fish Curry + Crab + Sunny Leone | സർപ്രൈസ് അടിച്ച റൻസിലും തകഴി ഷാപ്പിലെ രുചികളും
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Spicy Kuttanad Fish Curry + Crab + Sunny Leone | സർപ്രൈസ് അടിച്ച റൻസിലും തകഴി ഷാപ്പിലെ രുചികളും

February 28, 2020

I will drink Sunny Leone today. Last time I missed it. You shouldn’t fool me this time. No, this time I have properly inquired everything. Good morning. Today we are again in Alappuzha. Shameer is with me. You all know him. We are in Thakazhy, Alappuzha. Thakazhy is famous for its writer, Sivasankarapilla. We had trouble learning his literature when in school. Thakazhy is such a beautiful place. I am coming here for the first time. Have you come here before? Yes. I am in this area for the first time. This place has lots of green paddy fields. We came here to visit a toddy shop. Before that, we will visit a Food N Travel friend. He is bed-ridden for some time now. We have to meet him. For going to his house, we asked directions to many people on the way. It is a surprise. He doesn’t know that we are coming. We need to walk a little further to reach his house. Let us slowly walk. Then we will have some good food also. Today I will drink Sunny Leone. Last time I missed it. Don’t fool me this time. No, this time I have properly inquired everything. So let us go. First, let us see Rencil. I simply told that I will come tomorrow. I did not expect you. Please come in. My leg is still not healed. This leg came under a vehicle. You were hit by the vehicle? You were in a bike? When I came to Thakazhy, I first thought of you. I was telling Able, Rencil’s house is in Thakazhy. When we are going there, let us go to his house. We made the plan today morning. That is how I called you. I thought I won’t tell you that I coming here. Rencil is a close friend of Food N Travel. We started talking recently. He sent me messages on Instagram. I took his number just a few days back. He sent me his number. Yesterday evening, we made a plan about Thakazhi. That time, I didn’t think of Rencil. Today morning, I remembered him. I thought I should come and visit him. That is how I came here. I am very happy to meet him. He had met with an accident. It is almost a year now. One and half years. Now he is getting better. Hope that everything will become alright soon. But look at his positivity. He is always smiling. In spite of all these difficulties, he is taking it in a positive way. I appreciate that. He needs your prayers. You please pray for him. After talking to Rencil, we are going to Eat Illam. It is a restaurant toddy shop. Some of my friends had gone there. They said it is a new gen toddy shop. They asked me to try the food from there. So I am going with a new generation man, Shameer. He has a pony tail too. So we have reached Eat Illam restaurant toddy shop. As I told before, this is a new gen toddy shop. It has beautiful ambiance. Very neat and clean. It is good to see. When I asked their permission for video shoot, they said they want the scenes to be shot from the catching of duck. We are going to catch ducks. Then we will see the cooking scenes also. We got the ducks. What is this for? This is the gravy for crab curry. Okay, this is gravy of onions for crab curry. We can see the crabs kept here. Is this yam? Yam and taro are there. Duck is boiled and kept aside. Masala for crab curry is ready. Thick red masala. They will put crabs in this now. Crabs are added. Now he will mix the whole thing well. Crab roast is ready. Putting the rest also? We can see live fish here. We can catch them and fry or roast, as per our wish. This is normally for frying, right? Shall we take a snake head fish? Crab and duck are being cooked. Here we have kera fish curry. This is fish head curry. So we saw the cooking. Now it is time to enjoy the food. We have ordered a few items. They have a lot. Beef, pork, shrimp, karimeen, kaari.. Crab is there. We are definitely ordering it. I was tempted when I saw it. Our dishes have come. This yam is what I ordered. We have plenty of items in our table. We are not eating everything. We will select a few. I requested them to bring these for photo shoot. So we will select the items we need. Do you want clams? No, we don’t want. Karimeen? No, this we eat regularly. Appam? No, we don’t want this also. Kari? Yes, we definitely want this. Prawns? No, there is nothing hew in it. So we are taking kari and crabs. Seeing the cooking of crabs was so tempting. I need cassava. Yam is also my favorite item. Podimeen also we don’t want. This is needed only if we take toddy. Kola is a special fish. Even if you don’t want this, I will take it. We don’t need pork. No duck also. We don’t need fish curry also. We will just take the gravy to have with cassava. Can you please take all this? This also we have kept just for the photo. There is nothing in this. Shameer, let us start from yam. We can’t avoid cassava. So we are taking that also. Cassava and fish curry is a wonderful combination. Boiled cassava with bird’s eye chili also. Let us eat this with fish curry gravy. They don’t have bird’s eye chili here. Crushed bird’s eye chili and shallots is very tasty. A little more? I had told you that this is a new gen toddy shop. Please don’t misunderstand. I only meant that this is a neat and clean place. Once I went to Vanarani toddy shop with Sujith Bhakthan. Then I said that it is a neat place with a good ambiance. Some people did not like it. They argued that toddy shops should not be made like normal restaurants. I only meant that this is a neat and family-friendly place. Please don’t misunderstand. There is nothing negative about this. I like all toddy shops and their food. Food, not toddy. One more thing. I will talk while eating. First yam or cassava? Let us add this also. Kola. This was a common fish found in our local streams long back. Now it is rarely seen. Shall we try this first? If kora is fried well, we can eat the thorns too. But this has thorns. But the thorns are light. Only in the middle portion. We can take just the flesh. It was kept here for a while. So it has become cold. Otherwise, the taste is good. Not too spicy. It has retained the original taste of fish. We will eat kola in between. We will eat cassava soaked in gravy. This is superb. I told that one is not spicy. This is very hot and spicy. Extremely hot. And sour. With this, we have to take lemon juice. Talking of spiciness, I came back from Bhutan last week. The main dish of Bhutanese is chili. Green chili? Yes, very hot chilies. They eat very hot food. We ordered noodles from street. I told them I want it less hot. But what they gave was too hot. They told that it is very less hot for them. For yam also, we are taking this same hot and sour fish gravy. Yam tastes of its fiber. It has a special texture. If we get bird’s eye chili and shallots with this, it will be a superb combination. We can try taro also with all this. We haven’t touched our main dishes. Crab and kari fry. Kari is caught live and fried for us. Duck curry is there for those you need. It is a special preparation. First, duck pieces are boiled. Then onions are fried and masala and coconut milk are added to it. Then the gravy is added to the duck pieces. Lukewarm water. Crispy fried kari fish. We can squeeze lemon over it. I am mixing this with yam. Now kari also. Kari has less thorns. Just the middle one. So we need not bother about thorns getting stuck in the throat. You liked kola or kari more? Kari. I also loved kari more. Kari is very tasty. Kari, yam, and fish gravy, I loved all 3 items. kari has soft flesh. But it is very crispy outside, as it is fried very well. Masala also perfectly matches with this. Now we have to try crab. This is medium size crabs. Not too big. Not too small also. This is from sea. This has gravy also. We will take this gravy with cassava or yam. Shameer, shall we try one leg each of the crab? Let us break it. I took this leg. I also took one leg. If you break this, the flesh inside is very tasty. See the flesh inside. The flesh inside crab’s legs. It is very tasty. It was dipped in the boiling masala for a long time. The taste of masala has mixed with the flesh. Gravy of crab roast. Only a little. I mixed it with taro. Crab gravy is also hot. Fish gravy and crab gravy are hot. You might ask me what happened to my face? I had some freckles on my face as a part of aging. I did a treatment for that. This will go in a week or so. After toddy shop tastes, we are going to taste Sunny Leone. That is the next in our agenda. Let us finish this first. So we came to drink Sunny Leone. This is next to Puthur Palli. There are many shops selling juices and sarbath. We are going to Aly’s Sarbath Shop. That is a special one. Let us go to Aly’s Magic. It is very crowded. I told you there are many. This side is entirely of juice shops. There is a huge crowd in front of Aly’s Magic. Apart from Sunny Leone, they have Dulquar Salman and Muthugau too. Kimothi Albani and a lot of other names. One Sunny and one Muthugau. Beetroot, pineapple and carrots? We have got Sunny and Muthugau. You take Sunny. You are too old for Sunny. I will take Muthugau. Muthugau is a mixture of milk and grape juice. It is shaken well. Sunny has ice, lemon juice, lemon skin, carrot juice, beetroot juice and pineapple juice. Poppy seeds also. So you start with Sunny. We should first take a sip from the bottom and then mix it entirely. So ice should mix slowly with the other tastes. This is already mixed well. This is good. Taste of milk and grapes together. It is good. How is it? Good, Is it sweet? Yes, it has many flavors. When all the flavors come to our mouth, it is a special feel. This is the juice which is in high demand here. So let us end this video here. Next video will come soon. Viewers have a complaint that we are not showing much from Kottayam and Changanassery. So we have to find more in Kottayam and Changanassery. I am leaving it to Shameer. So let us enjoy more tastes from every part of Kerala. Let us end this video. Be happy. Always be with us. We saw your video last day.

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  1. Camera man and Editors dheyum vilakalyan undhakunna oroo programsss….kurechegilumm vila kodhukanam.. paisa undakan mathram cheyyunna polee thonunnu….

  2. changanacherry to kottayam mc road – mathumoola ill St.Thomas bakery ill Sweet porotta (sweetna)
    changanacherry Elite hotel – Chilly Beef

  3. Sir don't mind but I'm forced to say your aversion towards beef and toddy is pretty much visible in the bits,and those are offending people who are very much passionate about both beef and toddy." Kallum pradhaanam aan Sir,people fly in from across the country to taste it" responsible drinking is always appreciated.
    PS: I do like your content.

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  8. Hi bro namaskaram ,ella episodum oro variety aanu…. Subscribers ne visit cheyanum avare koode vediosil ulpeduthanum ulla decision poli aayito.. athu pole changanacherry il idly and tharamutta roast kittunna kada undu ennu kettitundu.. athu evide aanu ennu ariyamo.. arinjal oru vedio cheyumo.. arinjal athjNte location koode plz.. thanks..
    lots of love ..!
    food and cooking oru passion um and yathra oru feelings um aanu…

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  13. When we talk about religion, everyone looks with a fear. But Ebin a d shameer sits on a table, how beautiful it is! There is no religion, only love and friendship. We should be able to live like this forever

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  17. Achayan bhakshanam kazhikkunathu kanan thanne nalla bhangi. Eating is also an art!!!.fish fry kandit kothi varunnu..njandinte karyamparayanda

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    ഇടയ്ക്കു ഞണ്ടും കൂടി കഴിച്ചാൽ 😋😋😋😋👌👌👌

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  24. Hello Ebbin
    We went to Vanna Rani and we felt that it's altogether bad
    No ambience
    Questions on Health and hygiene elements
    Cleanliness is questionable
    Sorry was a real bad experience 🙄🙄🙄

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