Spirit Riding Free Pancake Art Challenge | Marissa and Brookie
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Spirit Riding Free Pancake Art Challenge | Marissa and Brookie

August 23, 2019

– Mine or … – Mine. – Yeah. (upbeat guitar music) – [Both] Hey guys. – I’m Marissa. – I’m Brookie, and today we’re doing the Spirit Riding Free
Pancake Art Challenge. – This is such a special video sponsored by Dreamworks Animation. – Today we’re doing the Spirit Riding Free Pancake Art Challenge. – This challenge is perfect for anyone who enjoys watching the
animated Netflix series Spirit Riding Free. Be sure to watch to the end of the video to vote on who won. – If you haven’t subscribed yet, make sure you subscribe down below, and hit that notification button so you can be part of our … – [Both] Notification squad! – Now let’s get on to the video. Let’s play Rock, Paper,
Scissors to see who goes first. – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. – Yes! – You can’t go first. – Okay, so I’m getta draw first. – Yeah, sure, yeah. ♪ Bom bom bom. ♪ – I got … Saddle, eww, that’s gonna be really hard. (trumpet noises) It’ll be really, really hard. Yeah, let’s move it to the
side, so you guys can see. – Or should I do like a maroon saddle? – I’m going to do dark brown. I’m gonna draw the little horn. Am I gonna do it on the side or front? – I’m doing it like … – Side? Yeah, I’m going to do the side okay. A little … – [Both] Horn. – It’s a little circle, and then I’m just gonna go down here. – Mine turned out a
circle good, don’t worry. (cheerful music) – [Marissa] Ready, whew. – [Brookie] That is blood red, mine. – [Marissa] What’s this for? – [Brookie] Hey, don’t touch it. (laughing) – [Marissa] It’s to eat later? – [Brookie] Yeah. – [Marissa] Cute. – [Brookie] Yours is better. – Guys, we don’t ride horses very often, but we like to go to
our granny and pappy’s, and our cousins to ride them. We think it’s so fun. I love riding horses. I kinda wish we had one at our house, but we don’t. So we get our dog Daisy. – Have you guys ridden a horse, ’cause I have, have you? – Yeah, all right, there’s our saddle. – Okay, the next one. Round two, cowboy boots. – Ooh, am I gonna stick
with the clactical, country, brown boots, or should I branch out and get some poppin’
colors going up in here? – I’m going classic. – Okay, I’ll do orange. Actually, wait, I have an idea. That’s my attempt at a heel, oh gosh. Some boots have designs on them, Lucky’s cowgirl boots are so cute. I think it would be so fun
to have boots like hers. – [Brookie] Oh, my cool– – [Marissa] Cool curly thing. So when I flip it over it’ll have … – [Brookie] It’s called curly stuff on it. – [Marissa] Okay, now
wait for mine to cook. – [Brookie] Doing polka dots, okie dokie. – Ooh, got the polka dots going on. Okay guys, Spirit, yes finally. How are we gonna draw a horse? – That looks like a W (laughs). – A cursive W, oh goodness. Okay guys, a little background about this horse named Spirit. He is a wild, buck skinned mustang. Lucky, the main character
of the whole story, is on a train. She sees Spirit running next to the train, and she falls in love with this horse. This whole story is about their journey and how their adventures. It’s so cute. – [Brookie] There is my pancake llama. Looks like a llama. – Thanks again to Dreamworks Animation for sponsoring this video. And here’s mine. Okay guys, next one. ♪ bom, bom, bom ♪ – [Both] Lucky. – Okay guys, we’re gonna
get started doing Lucky. She’s very pretty. She has brown pants, brown
boots with some flares on them, white shirt, and brown, long hair. Where do I start? I don’t know. (laughing) It looks like an emoji. – How do you do pants so good? – How do you do this? I don’t know. – I don’t know. – I’m just gonna do her hair. – Do you like my face? – Yeah, there’s no way this face is gonna happen, so okay. Now time for mine to bake. – I forgot to put a line
in the middle of the pants, so it’s just a block. I forgot arms (laughs). – Oh, no, no, no, ahh. – Just go easy to tug it. – Nugget. – Don’t, oh, that’s not working. (laughs) She has a curly body. – Okay, I have fixed it. – Oh, mines burning. See, she’s giant block pants. (giggles) She has a dress on. – [Marissa] Okay, Lucky’s riding Spirit. She’s so cute. – [Brookie] Oh, I should do that too. – [Marissa] Oh perky, no. – [Brookie] It’s okay, she
wanted have longest neck. – Guys, look at the difference between the real Lucky
and our Lucky, uh oh. – Okay ready, last one. See what it is. ♪ Bom, bom, bom ♪ – [Both] Carrots. – That’s gonna be easy, okay. – Maybe not. – That was really good, huh, yes. – [Brookie] Well, that’s
a bunch of carrots now. That’s a bunch of carrots. – [Marissa] I don’t know what
that little dot is doing. (cheerful music) Okay, now time for the carrots. (cheerful music) I’m trying to make it to a bunch. – [Brookie] That’s a bunch. Maybe that’s one. Yours is huge and good. Carrots is easy. – [Marissa] Okay, that’s
my bunch of carrots. – [Brookie] That’s my carrot. – [Marissa] Uh oh, that did not end well. It’s okay, I’ll make it work. – [Brookie] That looks
better than the other side. – [Marissa] Yeah, mine does too. It’s okay, it doesn’t matter. You have to take out the
green stuff anyway to eat it. – [Brookie] There is her
carrot that she’s eating at as big as her head. – There’s that with my stem. Okay guys, now that the challenge is over you guys have to vote on who’s pancake art you guys like better, mine or … – Mine. – [Both] Thanks for watching. – Hope you enjoyed the video. Thanks again to Dreamworks Animation for sponsoring this video. – You can check out the Spirit
Riding Free Netflix series in the link in the description box below. Season four will be
released on March 16th guys. Be ready for that, it’s coming. We’ll see you next time. – [Both] Bye.

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