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Spirit Riding Free Unboxing! | Wave one mini horses | Pintarabian_89

August 17, 2019

Hey everyone it’s Pintarabian_89 and today I have an unboxing video Of a spirit riding free blind bag but I’ve already opened it, so I know who’s in here But before you skip to that, I just want to say subscribe like the video comment if you want to Because if you comment, I will reply to you so if you want me to do more unboxing videos then comment And yeah, so now I’m gonna get right into this Alright so I got some cool stuff. I got this spirit riding free checklist So I think that’s the horse that Aunt Cora learns to ride on, well ‘learns’ to ride That’s chica Linda and there’s boomerang That’s spirit, there’s governor. I really don’t know that horse I haven’t seen a Clydesdale on Spirit Riding Free yet. I’m not too sure about that one either and I’m pretty sure that’s Junipero so the horse I got…oh wait before I show you it came with this really nice blue paddock thing and this boring piece of cardboard So the horse I got was I got Chica Linda and she is SO pretty I love her face. It’s so cute and wait let me focus on it Sorry, my camera isn’t great at focusing All right, it doesn’t want to co-operate today, but I really like her shading. It’s really pretty. She’s really light Here in the middle. She’s got a nice long mane and tail I really like her position She stands really well And I really like her So she’s gonna be one of my favorites I’m gonna try and keep collecting spirit riding free try and get the foal and the Clydesdale and spirit because those are the ones I really want So there words quickest unboxing video. Bye Guys! No! she’s stealing some food. Hey get away from that! *neigh*

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