Spirit Trotting Horse Unboxing with Lucky and the Little Mermaid
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Spirit Trotting Horse Unboxing with Lucky and the Little Mermaid

August 13, 2019

– [Child Narrator]
Family fun for everyone. (horse neighing) – [Lucky] Come on Spirit, let’s go. That’s it boy, good job, good job. Let’s go, Spirit, great job, wow. – [Woman Narrator] Whoa, look what we get to play with today. It’s the new Spirit and
Lucky deluxe feeding set. Let’s play. Wow, look at all the stuff
this cool toy comes with. It comes with Lucky, dressed
and ready to go riding, along with a really nice and big canteen, in case she gets thirsty. Of course it comes with Spirit the horse. A new Spirit adventure
book, so you can read all about Spirit’s upcoming
adventures with Lucky. And, we can’t forget that
Spirit gets very hungry, so there’s a pail, with four
carrots to be able to feed him. There’s also this blanket that you can take on and off Spirit, so
Lucky can ride him bareback, or with a little extra
cushion with this blanket. Make it a little bit more comfy. There we go. Spirit also makes noise
when you push his head down, like this.
(horse neighing) Whoa, let’s hear it again.
(horse neighing) So cool.
(horse neighing) And of course, he wouldn’t be Spirit without his long flowing
mane, and super long tail. Oh it looks like Spirit’s hungry. You better feed him, Lucky. Okay, and now Lucky has
her pail of carrots, that she’s ready to feed Spirit. And that’s what’s so
cool about this Spirit, is he actually eats, see? All gone. Well Lucky, it looks like
he wants another one. (laughing)
[Lucky] There you go, Spirit. Enjoy. – [Woman Narrator] It’s
easy to make Spirit eat, all you have to do, is
hold down this button, put the carrot into his mouth like this. And watch him eat. There he goes. And don’t worry, you can
always get those carrots back. Just flip Spirit on his back, and out come the carrots, whoa. Oh it looks like Lucky is
gonna braid Spirit’s hair. Oh wow, those look great, Lucky. Looks like Spirit may have other plans. I guess he wants his
hair as free as he is. (horse neighing) There you go, Spirit, all better. Alright Lucky, I guess it’s
time for you to ride him. Okay, it looks like you
two are ready to go. (horse neighing) There’s nothing these two can’t do. Here together with Lucky’s
sense of adventure, and Spirit’s, well, Spirit’s spirit. They can accomplish anything together. (horse neighing) Oh wow, look at that horse. I wonder if that’s one of
Spirit’s friends from his pack. Who knows?
(horse neighing) Look at Lucky and Spirit
ride by this carnival, whoa, watch out for
the people on the ride. Oh, good one, you missed
it, great job you two. You go great together.
(horse neighing) Lucky and Spirit are the best of friends, because they both find
a home in each other. Look at this beautiful
waterfall they get to ride by. Oh wow, I bet they love it. (horse neighing) Wow, this Spirit and Lucky
deluxe feeding set was so cool. Don’t forget to check
out Dreamworks’ show, Spirit on Netflix. 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, Next video. (exciting music) (music rewinding) Wow, look what we’re playing with today. It’s Disney princess,
Ariel’s royal ribbon salon. Let’s get this new toy out of the box. Oh how exciting, look, there’s Ariel, and she’s sitting in her salon seat, with her barrettes
resting right next to her, hung up in a nice, neat row. Oh, and there’s Sebastian, and he’s, he’s working the… Oh, what is that called? – [Ariel] (giggles) Down in the sea, we call it a thingamabob. – [Woman Narrator] Alright, well he is working the thingamabob. Okay, Ariel, are you ready
to have your hair done? – [Ariel] Oh yes, I’m so excited, I can’t wait to show Flounder
and all of my sisters the cool braids and
ribbons I’m going to have. – [Woman Narrator] Okay,
look, looks like we have a purple ribbon, a yellow
ribbon, a blue ribbon, and a green one, which
one do you want first? – [Ariel] Hmm, let me think. – [Minnie] Oh, oh Ariel, let me help, I know just the color, I say blue. It would go beautifully
with your glittery tail. – [Ariel] That sounds
perfect Minnie Mouse. – [Minnie] (giggling) Okie dokie, first thing we need to
do is put this ribbon in this barrette, and
clip it in your hair. (giggles) There you go. Oh your hair is so beautiful, Ariel. Hit it Sebastian. – [Sebastian] ♫ Under
the sea, under the sea ♫ Things would be better
down where it’s wetter ♫ Take it from me – [Minnie] Hey Ariel.
– [Ariel] What? – [Minnie] I have a funny
joke, you wanna hear? – [Ariel] Okay, sure. – [Minnie] What do you
call a fish with a tie? – [Ariel] I don’t know,
Minnie Mouse, what? – [Minnie] Sofishticated. (children laughing)
Get it? – [Ariel] Okay Minnie, listen to this one. Why don’t fish like playing basketball? – [Minnie] Hmm, that’s a tough one. I don’t know, why Ariel? – [Ariel] Because they’re afraid of nets. (children laughing) – [Minnie] Wow, it looks so great. Take a look at it so far. – [Ariel] Okay Minnie, I’m
ready for another ribbon. How about the yellow one? Yellow is one of my favorite colors. – [Minnie] Okay, here we go. (giggling) Whoa, this is so cool to watch. Oh man, I wish I had long hair. (giggling) Then I’d have
lots of these pretty braids. All done. – [Ariel] Oh I love it,
thank you Minnie Mouse. – [Minnie] Okay, we’re not done yet. How about a nice braid
with your new yellow hair? – [Ariel] Sounds great. – [Minnie] There you go, Ariel. – [Ariel] Oh I just love it,
thank you so much Minnie. – [Minnie] You know Ariel,
we have lots of etra ribbons, say, do you wanna invite
some friends over? And maybe we can do their hair too. – [Ariel] I think that’s a great idea. And then we can all go swimming. – [Shine] Boom zahramay, did
someone say play? (giggles) – [Dora] Hola amigas. (both gasping) – [Shine] Ariel, your hair is so pretty, can I get my hair done? – [Dora] Tu pelo es muy bonito, Ariel. Your hair is very beautiful. – [Minnie] (giggling) Oh boy, well Shine, come right up here, and what color do you want for your ribbon? – [Shine] How about purple, that’s one of Shimmer’s favorite colors,
so I’ll do it for her. And it’ll match my eyes. (giggling) Hey, Ariel. – [Ariel] What, Shine? – [Shine] How do you
make an octopus laugh? – [Ariel] How?
– [Shine] With 10 tickles. (all laughing) Get it, like tentacles? (laughing) – [Ariel] That’s a good one. – [Shine] Thanks,
Shimmer told me that one. – [Minnie] All done, and it’s awesome. You’re really gonna like
it Shine. (giggling) – [Shine] Oh wow, I love it, it’s just the perfect amount of color. (giggling) – [Minnie] Okay, Dora, you’re up. What color do you want? – [Dora] I love verde, the
color green, that’s my favorite. – [Minnie] Okie dokie, one green ribbon, coming right up. (giggling) (humming) Oh, Dora, this is
gonna look so good on you. – [Dora] (giggles) Gracias Minnie. – [Minnie] Almost finished,
wow I just love staring at it. All the way to the top, and good. Okie dokie, oh Dora,
it looks Minnietastic. Okie Dokie girls, my job here is done. Now you’re all mermaid ready. Your hair looks awesome,
okay, have fun, bye. – [Shine] Bye. – [Dora] Adios, Minnie. Gracias. – [Ariel] Okay girls, now
that you have mermaid hair, are you ready to go swimming? – [Shine] Yeah!
– [Dora] Si, si! – [Shine] Boom zahramay,
let’s be mermaids today. – [Ariel] Woo hoo, come on girls. – [Shine] Oh wow, look at
all the underwater stuff. – [Dora] Oh, it’s muy bonita. – [Shine] I wonder what’s
over here. (giggling) (exciting music) – [Dora] Woo!
– [Shine] Oh look! It’s a sea turtle, is
that Crush from Dory? – [Dora] Hola Crush. – [Shine] I wonder where
Squirt is. (giggling) – [Ariel] Wave bye. – [Shine] Bye. Oh it’s so pretty over here. – [Ariel] Let me show you a secret spot where me and the… Rays like to hang out. Oh, do you see it? – [Shine] I don’t know. – [Dora] Si, si, there is is. – [Shine] I found it, it’s
a sting ray. (giggling) – [Dora] Oo! – [Ariel] Come on girls. – [Dora] Bye! – [Woman Narrator] Wow, we had so much fun with Ariel and her new royal ribbon salon. It was so much fun to watch
Minnie decorate her hair, and Dora, and Shine, and then they all got to swim together and be mermaids. What was your favorite
color that they used? Was it green like Dora had? Or maybe yellow, or maybe
purple in Shine’s hair. Let us know in the comments below. And for more fun videos,
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us on Facebook and Twitter. And give us a big mermaid tail thumbs up. And today’s special
spelling word is, Ariel. A R I E L, like Ariel the little mermaid. – [all] Bye everyone, thanks for watching. – [Male Narrator] Hey there, everyone. Thanks for watching our video, now make sure that you subscribe to the Engineer Family, so you can see lot’s of cool videos,
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