Springfield Kentucky Horse Farm For Sale Johnson Rd Farm
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Springfield Kentucky Horse Farm For Sale Johnson Rd Farm

August 12, 2019

the most unassuming Kentucky Horse farm you’ve ever
been to 120 some acres way out here in the
country you not far from global you’re not far
from Bardstown hero close to Springfield fact that the
address here this house is huge and we put the square footage down there in the
configuration but the pond and there’s gorgeous again
unassuming you don’t realize you’ve got a class and
a horse farm out here riding arena and everything I’m gonna
show Althea and appears that hired man’s house too could be anything you want to make a
granny flat the son-in-law whatever that sort of
thing so or rental servers a really nice double wide in
great shape there’s waters out throughout the farm I’m not gonna be
able to shoot until spring sped were here right now but you’re
gonna see a beautiful beautiful home it’s really well bill poured concrete walls brick its veteran
center was gonna okay see you got to see the
prior to this place should be the entrance on the front of
the house in the stills here the horse barns this place is
really spectacular its everything everybody wants it’s a
huge house, and a Kentucky Horse farm all brick walkout basement here’s the
pool course it’s you know could worry so an and I’ll show you the downstairs to scan
a bar got hot tub the pond there’s another
pond on the property that’s incredible dance got he’s been over every scoring to this Kentucky Horse farm walked it and he
said is just spectacular that’s pretty good sized bonhomie gas I don’t know I’m no surveyor that’s maybe
couple acres have a way it’s really nice lotsa fishing with the kids and grandkids know
what’s left tons and tons a concrete I mean who wouldn’t right and then you can pull around here I just
pulled around there just to be polite get outta the way and then their steps to come up the way
they’re the barns for riding arena is on the other side of this barn and this thing is just all machine shed
so you can park your cars in there whatever I’m farm machinery and that’s all stalls how will go in there you get to cars
here let’s just go on in front of the house
there’s a double-wide up there too in great shape and that by the road to the
roads up there and I’ll show you when we get up there
I’ll show you how that works grant but anyway here’s the front the
house you saw the pictures are coin sticking out here and then a little
bump outs with the bricks which are really nice
here look at this here CEO Bob Sao and then the Keystone out there and then
these these both about like dental molding ones here so really
pretty nice okay was gonna okay when you come in this is kitchen here %uh you’re going to hear chirping other the silly smoke detectors there’s
nothing I can do about that I’m sorry anyway here you get this eat in kitchen Diana Mariam fiercer top being beautiful
chandelier there’s a lot of capture and going on
here so you gotta just the you know that sweetie stop
there and then the a nice line and then you gotta fans I’m
there Calif and designed to look cool details
in this house you can see some more the texture there people like that both the trains the way
a very nice follow cabinets master bedroom with that feeling treatment up there
chrome that crazy or what see i a trend here hola but look at that yes let how crazy is that it is so
detail hello so you’ve got this cold here it’s done an angle in the train many go
up in the %uh another cold up there and I’m assuming don’t let to yeah Wow pretty co-op by the way this is the
master bedroom obviously units in this chocolate color which is
nice got rid of here to the deck she can entertain their and then this is one of my favorite
features this house for his & her walk-in closet one on one side one on the other what
they say secret happy marriages separate
bathrooms what’s a separate closet to you walk in shower there %uh this is a well up it’s not yet but it’s got all and what brand I can’t really fathom a lot
of it’s like a Jacuzzi hey p and then a big
win water closet of course all %uh details you know you get the scalloping on the
bottom of the pile up there so everything in this house has gotten
really texture bigger wonderful details sonya that you like watching over here awkward
you got pantry here really nice pantry all show you gotta
pay broom closet here and then you’ve got
more free gray here so their driveway Siro car impart a peer seen coming this way my whatever you gotta play who lost it
all for you how cool is that and then you
got pretty nice two car garage oversized
2-car with pull down stairs that means restore
job on the topic your Christmas tree or what have you worked
there well the look at me production at halfback
first half bath here now this break room I don’t know what do
you just for has got closet so could do home office you could do better I don’t know what you mean you this for I’ll the user really beautiful so he has your desk here you could say
we could sit and watch the seahorses there’s a there’s feels right
here you can watch the horses the horse farm barn was pretty cool would use
a4a formal living room here again all this all this up KK trade Co all that stuff be at 12 3456 you got about seven or eight things
going on to the top there and look at the view that here CFB yet the deck here and then you’re overlooking the pond all right let’s count master bedroom
visible on this is the second better for lab here the brown one that’s third bedroom previous price amended return to Houston one else there’s but this is all while it with poor and export big boobs formal on and i’ll show that to you over
here is slap your services this is Tasha skip
her class 4 this more colors $5 know if a laugh I thought this was a
better man I thought whether cheap white for a better this is a
classic its 13 by 13 feet to actually a little
bit more 13 by 13 walk-in closet you can have all
your stuff plus in here how cool is that hand with you rent while here water him poor countries that’s the only way to go so to get another whole kitchen
downstairs here see i five bedrooms for sure turn a closet into a veteran teeny no
laundry down here and there’s more portable all Jack
enormous water heater the and then the bar hot tub right there polls right there in a big patio over
here he could have barbecues here galore so
you’ve got I believe that cedar it I guarantee it here I smells great and it’s our their senior in that
bathroom is another half bath there but this is really big and it’s like a
ball have been through for any by 25 30 or something see at the same here
with marble top her granite top or whatever that is in
this bar area mike is this all he ne’er everywhere what is a 123 acres 125 acres way out in the country your privacy he got privacy this is western red cedar here which was a lie I
cannot find the light witness love per month but it’s got want these beautiful things like this
it’s not so nice to hear make a good song to hear the songs draws
on your YouTube plan your room five
bedrooms have any bass broker and it’s super huge rooms like this our reports on on the bottom here on a here we are out the back at the
barn big barn in you got the riding arena their
training facility so beautiful Cup cupola everything
there’s up on down there and then there’s lot across fencing she
can bring the horses from here out to the arena and and back
in and all that all that is part of it harm this place is made well okay it’s just
not well taken care of right now because there’s no one here she got we’ve done everything but it’s
built well the house was built like a brick you know what the barns built
tremendous week you see this thing she gets big sliding doors here all concrete floor Picasa hundred
thousand dollars got this part this is I’m assuming a up falling stall a don’t kill me if I’m wrong here but
it’s like a double-sided students got the big Kentucky Horse farm are being ironed gate everything else is
made real well here this is all double to buy some two
bikes here for braces and then to buy something inside and
then all here it this is all too by ok so
that all rock-cut to buy ok you’re never gonna
creep through that we’re gonna try not going to because that just may well
stem wall they’re all Park report the the Park Street floor here its pollen
grains there’s three drained in Ozark good
commercial i concerned during three trains here in the in the arm in
the owl I overhead door with an operator pay
storage above what did we say they were installed here 24 6 the a including its big bowling and then
there’s two more schools outside later and you could tell me what they’re
for I don’t know be got yep stairs going up here big pack room
and then a walkway to go from one side to the
other so really well-thought-out skylights poets that you can see I don’t
wanna should tell you about stuff you can see obviously skylight good size tack room there’s no lights on
this is wide enough here is at least 4 feet wide can bring skid
steer loader in here I don’t know what the team’s stalls are
four but the user big stall you probably know what their
poor all matted and I so I don’t breathing room whatever on I’m not sure him and then
this big a machine shared here so unmatched fantastic you saw this still
up with some stills were here and then we’re gonna go out to sign here towards
the south like gas yes at the South and then you got this
he would run in shed this is at least at least 16 maybe eighteen feet 16 p against a team 16p and the whole
anchor the barn and this is for working bring the man and taking them out that sort of thing
you know everything’s like new about you know it’s not at all how old
is this barn here I think the concrete since 2001 so
you know it’s not all and the feels are beautiful you are way on God’s country now if you
could hit a golf ball right over there now I’m
joking obviously but it can’t be more than just a couple
miles to 345 miles makers mark distillery is right there
the historic Distillery as is the Sisters of Loretto bear out
there so it’s kinda historic area and makers mark is fantastic when you
live here you get outta town gas you’re gonna be
taken the makers mark all the time because it’s right around
the corner in its such in me bourbon distillery

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  1. i'd like to have the cost of the concrete.  but don't like the narrow alley feel to get to the main entrance on a house this size with the many details. 

  2. Please slow down. Speak more slowly, slow down with the camera and show the place, all the places, to their best advantage.

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  4. Flooring is ugly. And the colors are ugly too. Sure wish you’d put the price in the video! As usual we have no idea how much

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