Star Stable Tutorial – Horses
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Star Stable Tutorial – Horses

October 26, 2019

Hey Star Family! Star Stable Archie here with
another of our tutorial videos made by superfan Esmeralda Kinglee! There are lots of different
places all over Jorvik offering horses for sale. You can only buy horses with Star Coins.
There are a number of different breeds with all kinds of different variations and colours
and more and more of the different races become available to buy as you increase your level
and experience in the game. You can take a closer look at the horses on sale by walking
up to them and clicking on them. You’ll then see information about the breed, which level
you need to have reached to be able to buy the horse, how much it costs and how high
its breed bonus is. If you choose to buy the horse you’re looking at, you’ll get to
give it a name and then it’ll be delivered direct to your home stable. To be able to
ride the horse, you’ll need to go to your home stable where you can hop on and ride
around with your new friend. Most horses are level 1 when you buy them, but others can
have a higher level and some even come equipped with gear as an extra bonus! Different types
of horses and environments offer different riding experiences. For example, Jorvik ponies
are slower than the bigger horses, and it’s so cold in the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur
that your horse’s performance will drop and it won’t move as quickly as usual. This won’t
happen to certain breeds like the North Swedish and Fjord horses, as they’re naturally more
capable of dealing with the chilly climate. You can buy as many or as few horses as you
like, but you can’t have more than ten horses in your home stable. If you want more horses,
you’ll have to send some of your existing horses to Horse Island so you can make space
in your stable. Don’t worry though, you can bring your horses home from the island at
any time! If you want to change your horse’s mane or tail, you can visit a horse stylist
where you’ll be able to change your horse’s hairstyle. Different breeds can have different
options for their manes and don’t forget that Friesians can’t change their manes at all.
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  1. Can U Please Make A Tutorial About Star Stable Loading And/Or How To Make It Load Faster
    Cause Mine Won't Load AT ALL
    And I Really Need Help With It. I Really Want To Play This Game
    But I Can't
    Cause It Won't Load!

  2. I can't wait till I can afford the new icelandic brown paint horse, he looks like my pony that died. R.I.P Stormy. I can't wait to get him in two and a half months! Thank you so much star stable!

  3. star stabe can you tell me where you get horses for 300 star coins because i always wanted a new horse but i have to wait for 9 weeks to get enough star coins

  4. You should make it to where you can send gifts to your friends this week. that would be awsome! Me and my friend think it would be amazing!!! Then I can give her new stuff!

  5. I like the tutorials u make make more if there is a such thing can u show me how to learn how to jump with STAR RIDER and can u tell me what level u have to be.

  6. on star stable give out free star coins please because I do not want to pay to be a star rider I want to be a star rider but I do not want to pay

  7. Hi Star Stable, I just made a Star Stable email account, but for the downloading it says to download Microsoft DirectX if you do not if have it which I do not have, does that harm the computer in anyway because I want to be safe before downloading the game, I am on a Surface 3. What does Microsoft DirectX do to the computer? I don't know a lot about computers because I am only 12.

  8. Wow! I love the detail put into this! Horse breeds that were bred to handle cold tempretures preform better than horses who don't! I love when games are made with these small details!!

  9. I know why you can't change the freisans mane, because a long time ago it was forbidden to cut a freisans mane and well their really pretty

  10. Hi Star Stable! I hope I'm not bothering you, but I've been noticing that some of the players horses are completely brown, you can't see what the actual color is. I don't think its a glitch, because one of the horses for sale had the same brown color.
    Plus my Star Stable sound isn't working, it hasn't been for a couple months. Other players have said that also.
    If you could tell every Star Stable player (On your website aka NEWS) what the brown horses mean, or if you will fix that glitch.
    A lot of SSO players are still doing glitches. The speed glitch, wild horse glitch, different color mane, mall glitch, and more. Just some information on the things that have been continuing.
    hugs from one of your fans <3
    This game rocks!!!!!

  11. So I was wondering if you have to have the same email for signing up as you do for getting star rider? I'm about to take my second go at it on a different account because it didn't work the first time, and was curious to know if the emails had to be the same for singing up and getting Lifetime star rider?

  12. Hi SSO! Have you ever thought of that when you sell a horse, instead of getting JS, get the same amount of SC that you had when you bought that horse?

  13. Hi star stable 😀May I ask if star stable could be in the App Store ? Like it is able to play on Apple / Android ? Because some of us can't own a computer and only has phones so… Is it possible ? I hope that u can put it in the App Store it's my best horse game 🐴🐴🐴

  14. Star Stable: Hi I play star Stable and I am wondering how to transfer a fully grown foal from my phone to star stable

  15. Star Stable: Hi I play star Stable and I am wondering how to transfer a fully grown foal from my phone to star Stable

  16. This video is a bit outdated with the new updates and such, so why not make an updated version?

  17. for like 60 dollars you should be able to buy like 20 horses but IT COST 60 DOLLARS FOR 5 HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I made an account but when i log in all there is, is like settings and news or something i don't know where you can actually play.

  19. Has anyone ever wondered why there is a Jorvik shilling on top of the horse when you can only buy them with star coins??

  20. Wait I didn't know that there wasn't an option for changing a friesian's mane back then. I know you can change the updated Friesian's mane, does it still prevent you from changing the old model's?

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