Star Stable Tutorial – Star Coins and Jorvik Shillings
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Star Stable Tutorial – Star Coins and Jorvik Shillings

August 23, 2019

Hey Star Family! Star Stable Archie here with
another of our tutorial videos made by superfan Esmeralda Kinglee! There are two different currencies in Jorvik
that go by the name of Jorvik Shillings and Star Coins. It’s easy to earn Jorvik Shillings
by completing different tasks and quests in the game, and almost every quest rewards you
with some Jorvik Shillings. You can see how many Jorvik Shillings you
currently have by opening up your backpack. You can have a maximum of ten thousand, and
you won’t be able to earn any more until you’ve spent some. You can buy most things in the stores around
the game with Jorvik Shillings with the exception of pets, horses and treatments from the beauty
salons. The other currency available in the game is
Star Coins, which you can only obtain by purchasing them from Star Stable’s website, or by becoming
a Star Rider and enjoying your weekly allowance of 100 free Star Coins every Saturday. Sometimes
on special occasions you’ll even get codes from Star Stable that give you a bonus amount
of Star Coins completely free! If you’ve bought Star Coins, you’ll be
able to buy absolutely anything you want in the game, provided you’ve reached the right
level and have a high enough reputation with certain groups in the game. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter
and Instagram, and add us on Snapchat! Is there anything you’re unsure about and
want us to make a special tutorial for? Leave a comment below! Lastly, don’t forget to like and subscribe
for more cool exclusive stuff from Star Stable! Thanks for watching!

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  1. I think that there should be 200 star coins on Saturday for star riders and 200 for lifetime star riders on Wednesday. my star coins get less every time there's a new breed or awesome new outfits.We lifetimes pay lots to be a star rider and we get 100 star coin per week!? So I will need to save up for 2 months to not even have 1000 star coins!? I would have 800 so I would have to save up for 2 more weeks!? 100 star coins is not valuable any more. You could buy a cool shirt and a nice pair of pants and not have more for a helmet of some new boots. I and some other players have the same problem. I personally can't stand that we have to wait for 2 weeks just to get 200 star coins. In some areas the tack and gear is expensive you can only buy one set at a time.sorry star stable, but you have a lot of set-collectors in you game. they just want some nice sets to impress their friends. -Hazel seapark or mocha 3973. A star stable youtuber.

  2. I have 5009 sc and i am gonna buy a horse a pony a mustang spirit a quarter horse a English thourbred a Haflinger a other pony and then i am a lifetime so jumpy time YAAAAYYYT

  3. And i am level 21 buying also a commear or what ever it is called and i am not stupid i can read the name of the horse but i forgot what the name of the breed of course

  4. I understand sso needs money but its all too expensive like $90 for a lifetime I understand that its that price because its a pay once but at least give us more star coins 1200 sc can only buy like 1 horse I'm sorry but I just don't think its worth it

  5. Sory Já nejsem English ale pokud si cz tak jak se děla dable? Pls skus si tento koment přeložit na překladači moc mi pomůžeš ale něco s ti tam rozuměla….pls jestli mi budeš chtít odepsat tak pls cz:) děkuju za pochopení 🙂

  6. You should make it so we can buy horses with js but make them go for a lot. You have to pay so much money on sc just for one horse :/ I love this game but I’ve eventually figured out it is kind of a waste of cash since it’s a pay to win game

  7. Wenn are the double sc weekends i mean is it like one double sc weekend for each month or how? I wanted to buy 1000+1000 sc at the next one i dont know wenn it is though

  8. can u guys make thath u can buy other things for shilings to i cant afford sc the price is too big or just make thathh every day u can get 5 or ten sc like daily when u log in u can get5 or 10 sc pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bc i cant learn how to lead horse and alot of things :(Some people say thath star table gives 100 sc for free in every next week but when i created new acc i didnt get them ? why?

  9. The prices are too expensive, it is annoying that i payed nearly 80$ to only receive minimal star coins a week. Star coins are also too expensive, most games with special currency give you a way to earn it or just randomly receive but why not on Star Stable especially with those ridiculously high prices.

  10. I have a question star stable my dad was trying to buy the membership of star rider but it didint work and it blocked my dads credit card for like a day or to I’m not sure how many days it was but plz answer I really want to know what’s going on

  11. I am unsure how to verify my account on star stable it will not send my mom an email on her phone, and I am 100% sure that it is the correct email

  12. I really was hoping you could earn star coins instead of having to pay for them now I'll never be able to get any pets or new horses 😭

  13. Star stable can be quite generous I mean I know a game that costs 65 to be VIP and you only have to pay like 52 on star stable for unlimited! But like its annoying how you only get like 100 starcoins each week and how they stop the game for you when you play for free when thy want you to play as a star rider. Can you do a special month when you make the prices for star rider cheaper? Or a week…

  14. I’m level 4, and I want to buy a horse, but none of the quests I do offer star coins. Is this because I’m not a star rider?? Please help, I have been trying to figure this out forever!

  15. Simple to get a lot of star coins and jorvik shillings… I am using —– zepisguides. com

  16. by the way please make star coins cheaper because i dont like how there is 100 sc for 5 dollars. why not like 1 dollar, and 500 sc for 5.

  17. how do i know when to star coins on Saturdays will they sent me an email or it is on their website i really would like know

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