Star Wars Battlefront II: The Last Jedi Season
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Star Wars Battlefront II: The Last Jedi Season

October 23, 2019

We have 10,000 troops ready to fight. Don’t let ’em shake you…
numbers aren’t everything! If we could learn
how powerful the First Order really is… Then the Resistance might have a chance.

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  1. Is this the 1st and last season or something… its coming up to a year and we already knew this season was coming before release 😂😂😂 awful

  2. That would be cool if you could do somthing like idens takedown but a diffrent one for each class and hero so bassically it would be the satfation of assainating somone in halo for example just a specilized one for each class that was my fav attack in the campain was the take down

  3. i hate the movie. but playing all these maps from the movie isbpretty sweet! i actually appreciate the character like finn and phasma more than the movie did.

  4. Honestly as a PS4 battlefront 2 player I would like to see more trophies added to the game with the dlc’s that are releasing…guess I can only hope…😕

  5. Not gonna lie, but this trailer gave me goosebumps. The music and the visuals in perfect harmony. Damn. What a magnificent trailer.

  6. Quick question: why hasn't there been a movie or a game that focuses on the empire? Or from the Point Of View of an Empirial soldier?
    I don't like the Resistance or the rebels.
    Their a bunch of traitors.

  7. amazing how in all this months this trailer got just two million views….and in a few days Obi wan and the clone wars DLC ( prequel ) got even more….that will make things right 🙂

  8. There are no more microtransactions in the game, actually is really good!! The campaign is so interesting because it connects with Star Wars episode 7 & 8 also the multiplayer is very funny and entertaining, galactic assault is EPIC !!

  9. What if the Darkness dies and the light side crashes in the road and the police, fire, and more came to see this and the first order get arrested and I tell Everett Ross about this and I have a speech about this and they find a new home in California Los Angeles or San Diego?

  10. Crait is the map we needed for far too long. There's nothing quite like some well-done trench warfare.

    (And before anyone says hoth, hoth is NOTHING like some well-done trench warfare.)

  11. I only played on this map like 2 times
    Last time was over a year ago. 😂 was this cut from the game or something?

  12. Can we please get the trailer music released somewhere??? It’s actually one of my favorite star wars scores.

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