Starving Horse Becomes So Gorgeous And HAPPY | The Dodo First Taste Of Freedom

October 9, 2019

I received an anonymous message saying, “I think you should know what’s going on
with some horses across the river.” Immediately we just made the
decision to go pick them up. Rosie was just depressed. Her spirit was very, very low. The three of them were just so beat down,
but we brought all three horses home. Rosie was with her daughter and then another horse. They were just so anxious, even
when we got back to the farm. This is going to be
a safe place for them. The horses either had to
fight for their food, or just don’t get it. And I can’t even imagine feeling like, “Gee, I don’t know if I’m
going to eat today.” That’s it, girl. Do you want some? You don’t have to share it. – My fingers are between her ribs, and you can see and feel every single rib. Her ears and everything just picked up. Like, “Oh that feels good!” We were definitely mostly
worried about Rosie. Just because she
was really, really bony. Her skin was awful. She was anxious, her energy was up. She was circling.
(Rosie whinnies) I’m excited to see the girls
run across the field, and be so happy to be free. So we’re going to make this experience
as wonderful as we can for her. Oh, good girl.
Do you like that? Your coat’s even shiny already. I got a Facebook message
from somebody saying that the girl who handed me Rosie on the farm
had been trying to help the horses. I invited her out to the farm
and told her that I wanted her to be part of their recovery. – I was super excited that Deanna
ended up taking the girls. The first day being at Lucky Orphans,
being able to see Rosie, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. She knew I was there, and
she was super excited. When I was in seventh grade, I
started getting anxiety and depression. And being around the horses, it
makes everything go away. And makes me happy. When I first met Rosie she reached under the electric
fence to get some grass. When I saw that it broke my heart. I had to help her. She became very attached to me. So did I. Whatever we go through, like, we’ve been
going through together. – Amanda had told me that by
working with the girls where they were, that she would always
try and sneak them food and she would
actually get yelled at. I love that about her. I love that she would rather get
yelled at than see the horses suffer. Her skin is healthier. They’re still underweight, but
they’re doing really, really well. I can’t wait to see
how they will react to being able to run around. – When I first met Rosie
she was very nervous. I could see it in her eyes. And now she has like the softest look
in her eyes when you approach her. Mamas, we’re going to go
outside soon in the paddock. You’re going to run around
and eat some grass. Good girl, mamas. The girls are getting their
hooves trimmed first before they get released
into the paddocks, so they can feel more
comfortable running around. – Their hooves were super overlong, cracked, brittle. – No. Hey. Yeah, that’s a good girl. I’m so proud. – Rosie is gaining weight, she’s spirited. She’s
recovering so well. – I come to visit about three
to four times a week. From my house it’s
about two hours away. I will be staying over at the rescue. We will be releasing Rosie tomorrow. This is where I’ll be staying for the night. – So today was not a good day
for the first turnout. Hopefully it stops raining, and
on Monday they can go out. We don’t want them slipping
in the mud or getting hurt, so we’ll wait until
it’s a little bit drier. It’s finally time to release the horses. Good morning, girls. We have an exciting day for you today. – Are you guys ready? – Personality, body, spirit,
everything about them. They’re just like brand new horses. To the left of the barn. Oh, so fresh! I think that Amanda and Rosie
have definitely helped each other. You know, she was the
horse that Amanda chose, and Amanda was the
human that she chose. – Deanna is definitely a
bad ass woman. She works hard, and
she’s like a role model. I’m actually even thinking
about going back to school to take care of horses, and possibly
have my own rescue at some point. – What a good girl. One, two, three! Go, go, go girls!
– Go! – So happy! Oh, that’s it. That’s the excitement! They’re like, this is unbelievable! Look at all this clover! It’s refreshing to know
that they’re safe now. They don’t ever have to worry
about food or shelter again. They’re just — They’re home and they’re healthy,
and they can stay that way. Yes! Go, go, go! – (Laughing) Whoa! I wasn’t planning on running, so — Yes! You go girls! Oh my gosh. I don’t think I’ve smiled
this big in so long. Look at them. It’s like the greatest
feeling in the world to be able to watch them
just be happy, happy girls. – This is home now, and they
are each other’s home.

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