Steeplechase Event Diamond Horse Skills + Tier 4 Mustang 🐴 Horse Haven World Adventures
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Steeplechase Event Diamond Horse Skills + Tier 4 Mustang 🐴 Horse Haven World Adventures

August 17, 2019

hello you guys and welcome back to
another horse Haven update video there’s so much going on this weekend and for
the entire month that you are not gonna want to miss so let’s get on right into
it but first I did get a breeding certificate for the tier 4 Mustang and I
am just impatient we’re gonna see how many diamonds it takes for me to get my
tier 4 Mustang named George! Alright. Guys, I even have a counter in the top
right of your screen of how many diamonds we spent in this video. Come on
George! I don’t have time! Let’s get this going! Oh my gosh George! George that is
not nice George! Amy! Come on! OK, that’s more I like it Amy! Thank you!
Thank you for my elite Mustang! Starting this weekend and going until the end of
the month we were able to upgrade our horses skills through the steeplechase
so I’m gonna help you guys do this the most effective way by watching this
tutorial video. Special shout out to Stephanie my lovely friend and also
channel member of my youtube channel she helped me with information on how to
tell you guys how to do this the best way and we also have an amazing discord
and we frequently talk about Horse Haven in this Discord so definitely become a
channel member especially if you play Horse Haven and want some help link in the
description. Horse Haven horses have three different types of horse skills
their speed, their stamina, and their jump. To go a little further in depth on the
horse skills I’m gonna go ahead and pull information from Horse Haven’s wiki. So
this is I’ll go ahead and just link the exact page so that you
guys know where I got this information. But, basically there are actually tons of
different levels of skills in Horse Haven. for the three skills. Speed, stamina,
and jump so I’m just going going to put a screenshot from the wiki
page on the video so that you guys can see exactly what it is. They start out
with no ribbon. Nothing. And then it goes to this bronze color and
there’s two of those and then it goes to the silver and there’s two of those and
then it goes to the gold and there’s two of those and then
it goes to the diamond. So there is actually more than I was even aware of
and you do increase your horse’s skills through events. Like with this event, like the
Kentucky Derby, etc. So look out for events like this so that you can
increase your horse’s skills because after level 15 like the wiki says horses
cannot gain better skills without events. So to put this simply we have 20 days
for this event. If you have a really good horse that you want to have diamond
skills in the future get them to level 15 and increase their skill with this
event. Each race (Each steeplechase race) has these meters and the way to see
these is to click on the race and then click the “i” icon which Stephanie knew!
I did not actually know that so thanks Stephanie. So, click it and you will see that
there are six prizes. One, two, three, four, five, six…UHHH….seven prizes! And you’re
going to do this race seven times because each prize you have to get in
one race. You can’t get all the prizes in one go.You have to do seven races and
get each one individually. Right here, you have to go 800 meters for the
Sapphire. Once you hit the 800 meters just stop (racing). You can keep going but you’re
not gonna you’re not gonna get anything else. And then you can go again and
you’ll unlock the next gem and you have to go a little further and then a little
further and a little further you’ll probably spend diamonds. It’s not that
many diamonds you just want to make sure that you run the race really well.
Each steeplechase race varies a little bit for the prizes and you’ll see that
the last one the horse skill is different for each race so this one is
jump. This one is speed. As I already mentioned in this video, when a horse
reaches level 15 that’s max level in Horse Haven and along the way you’ll be
able to spin a little wheel to get higher skills for your horses
so that’s why I mentioned earlier that you want to get your horse level 15 to
get that increase of the horse skill. Your horse’s skills are maxed at level 15
and through this event with the steeplechase is you’re able to increase
it yet again to the diamond level. Remember to keep in
mind that you’re only gonna be able to obtain one item per race so don’t get
confused if your horse wants you to save them and you don’t see an item there.
That just means that you’re able to claim the item and you went far enough!
Once you’ve received all seven prizes from one race you will be able to replay
it by spending 100 diamonds. This video took me hours to make so please
subscribe to help support the channel and of course make sure to stay tuned
for more Horse Haven update videos because I love playing Horse Haven, like a
lot. And that is just the beginning of the information you will need to know on how
to do the steeplechase event to get your horse’s skills increased. And here’s
George leveling up to level 5. Gotta do a shopping spree with George.
I love George’s flowers in this hair. They are very majestic. Anyways guys click on the
card to see my last Horse Haven update video. I love making Horse Haven videos and
they are so much fun to make and I hope they are very educational and fun to
watch as well. Alright I’ll see you with the next one
goodbye you guys!

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  1. I have 4 tier 4 mustangs 2 boys and 2 girls. My username is Kenneth Murphree. So if anybody wants to breed with me add my Facebook

  2. Great video, Faris!! 💖 I can tell you put so much work into it and you are so good at explaining things! Happy racing everyone! 💖 And welcome to the fam, Mustang George!

  3. I've tried for a fjord twice and I spent all of ma diamond on it and I got the same horse each time 😑😑

  4. You have this childlike sense of viewing the world that's very special. As someone who's 18 and heading off for college, I'm blessed to view your channel. It makes me feel young again! Especially the LPS videos 😂


  6. I love your videos and great vid and well done for getting the horse you wannted i think it was …George… might not have been but anyways O_O

  7. How do you find friends in the game? Non of my Facebook friends play so the only friend I have is Amy. I have joined a club but still don't have friends. 🙁

  8. I will breed Marwari and upgrade it to Tier 4 And I revenge to all horses in steeplechase and racing!!!!!!
    I will show Im the king of the racer!!

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