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October 10, 2019

– Welcome to this week’s Race News, where we have Enduro from the UK, Canada Cup in Nova Scotia, and the iXS Rookies
Championship from Austria. (electronic sounds) First up, the Ard Rock Enduro, where thousands of riders turned up for the UK’s biggest bike festival in the heart of Yorkshire, including Madison Saracen and Rider and two-times World Downhill
Champion Danny Hart. Now, the course was a 44K
loop with seven timed stages on amazing rolling hillsides
with seriously rocky sections that really live up to the Ard Rock title. But it was Steve Peat
who took the overall win, four seconds ahead of Danny Hart, who took second place
and Emyr Davies in third. Now as you can imagine, Steve Peat was pretty chuffed with himself taking the overall win, proving endurance and racing
skill hasn’t suffered at all since he took retirement
from World Cup duties. Holding off Danny Hart is
not an easy feat on any day, but he would’ve been pretty
keen to nail this event. Sadly though, it wasn’t the day for Danny, as Steve held him off with style. And our very own GMBN Neil
came in 26th place overall, wahey, even though
he did have a puncture in one of the stages, but he did admit his fitness wasn’t quite where it needed to be to take
on a challenge like Ard Rock. However, he did say the
event was one of the best he had been to in a long
time, super family-friendly, amazing riding, great spectators,
and competitors alike. He also seemed to have got
the racing bug again, too, so expect to see him getting
back between the tapes over the next few months. Now, the great thing
about the Ard Rock Enduro is how many women get involved with such a high rate of participation. So over in the senior category for women, Polly Henderson took the
win for Juliana Bikes, Chloe Taylor for Cotic Bikes, and Hannah Saville for
Rother Valley Riders. Such a great turnout with
so much talent on the track. It’s an event that we should
definitely be excited for in the future. Last week, Columbia hosted
one of the most prestigious mountain biker stage
events, the La Leyenda. Coming back for his third year, this is a race that takes no prisoners. The Columbian Andes are the backbone to this leg-busting seven-stage event, which scales 16,000 meters of ascent, over 450 kilometers distance. So over 80 teams of two set out in the epic test of
teamwork to go the distance, but it came down to one partnership, the totally unwavering duo of Tiago Ferreira and Hans Becking, who took the win in 21 hours,
27 minutes and 52 seconds, which is just 12 minutes ahead
of the Canyon Topeak team, Alban Lakata and Kristian Hynek. Well done, guys. Now to The Gorge in
Kentville, Nova Scotia, now for the Canada Cup cross-country. The Gorge is a challenging
trail that has it all, steep technical climbs, rough descents, jumps and sketchy drops, all linked together with
some beautiful single tracks. So the races were pretty spoiled for riding action this weekend, and the spectators turned out to add to an incredible atmosphere. In the men’s field, it was Sean Fincham who was victorious, finishing with a commanding
lead of over a minute, from Andrew L’Esperance,
who had made a 25-second gap from the chasing pair of
Quinton and Peter Disera. Second place man Andrew L’Esperance went to his Instagram
afterwards to go and say that the spectators really
made it such a great event, with such incredible energy, and he wasn’t sure if it was
a World Cup or the Canada Cup. Haley Smith was triumphant in
the women’s elite category. Her Instagram said she was feeling tired, but her strong ride was evident in the gap back to
23-year old Jenn Jackson, who stayed in touch, but by the end had just
lost over a minute to Haley. In third, it was Mackenzie Myatt who rode a lonely type of race, where you can’t see the leaders and you’re not really sure
how far back the chases are. A tough racing position to be
in, but she handled it well. And in Austria, little
rippers from around the globe flocked to Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis for the iXS International
Rookies Championship. Now it’s events like these
which gives us a glimpse into the future of world-level racing, which is what makes these races
just so exciting to watch. 21 riders made tracks between the tapes, covering a kilometer
and a half of distance, and 300 meters of height,
competed for the coveted win. Taking that win was 12-year
old Swiss rider Mike Huter, who smashed the course in
three minutes, 14 seconds, taking his first World Championship win. Nine seconds behind him, taking second place was
Johannes Horl of Austria, and Luis Kelch from Germany in third. It was the fifth round of the HSBC UK National
Cross-Country Series in Builth Wells at the weekend. Now making her first appearance this year, Evie Richards from Trek Factory
Racing, scooped the win, six minutes ahead of Kerry
MacPhee, who came in second, but who was also recently crowned Overall Women’s Cross-Country Champion. In the men’s field, national
champ Grant Ferguson, who’s been absolutely
dominating the race season, decided to sit this one out, with the upcoming European Championships coming up in Glasgow later this month. So with Ferguson out of action, the field was absolutely wide open, but it was Christopher
Rothwell who snatched the win just two minutes ahead of Jason Bouttell for his first elite victory. Thanks for watching this week’s show, and if you have any race photos from events that you’ve taken part in, or maybe some video of
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