Storm Chaser Rescues Horse From Tornado
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Storm Chaser Rescues Horse From Tornado

August 31, 2019

JASON WEINGART: That was the first time I had seen damage that extensive. COMM: Storm chaser Jason Weingart captured this dramatic footage on the 29th April
as Eastern Texas was battered by the most severe weather it had experienced in recent
memory. JASON WEINGART: We’e been documenting these storms from about an hour. They started producing
tornados and then dropped several more tornados. JASON WEINGART: The second one did quite a bit damage, just south of Canton. JASON WEINGART: This tornado was a really intense chase, so it was difficult terrain
with a lot of trees, it was a populated area. We knew that the tornado was doing damage
and we were coming up highway 19, and this thing is now just a huge rain wrapped ledge
tornado and it’s crossing the road, just right in front of us, maybe like a quarter
mile up the road. JASON WEINGART: Oh, wow! Look! Everything is destroyed right here. COMM: After the storm had finished its assault on the area, Jason was able to see just how
much damage it had done. JASON WEINGART: And at that point I started to slow down our vehicle, I look out and it’s
just devastation everywhere. JASON WEINGART: We look over and see this woman crawling out of the rubble, and she
is screaming for help, so I jump out of the vehicle and go running up towards her fence
line and asked if it’s okay, if I come in, “Do you need help?”, and she said, “Yes, I do”. JASON WEINGART: Is he gonna spit on me or what? JASON WEINGART: The woman’s name was Sally Knox and she starts taking me back down towards
her house to show, you know, exactly what had happened and turns out she has a farm with
all these different exotic animals like camels, zebra, horse, monkeys, parrots, I mean, all
kinds of different stuff. Some were missing, some were hurt. She showed me different things
that have been thrown across her yard. JASON WEINGART: Look at my house, it used to be right there… JASON WEINGART: And she looks down and she sees one of her little foals, just a couple
of months old. SALLY KNOX: Oh, no! Help me! Help me! The baby is stuck. JASON WEINGART: I’m assuming that the winds had picked that little foal up and carried
him across the yard, and just wedged him beneath that fence, and then kind of
threw the debris on top of him. SALLY KNOX: You’re gonna have to drag it up that way. JASON WEINGART: So, I just grab its tiny legs and just started pulling as hard as I can,
and after couple of seconds I pulled it out from under the fence and I got it out, but
it still wasn’t getting up, and I was afraid that it might be hurt. JASON WEINGART: There he goes! There he goes! He’s good! It’s alright! It’s alright!
Let’s just get him out of here. He’s fine, he’s fine. He’s fine! JASON WEINGART: It was the first time I’d come across a damage path that was that fresh
and that extensive, and it’s not what I like to see when I’m out storm chasing,
but it’s something that as a storm chaser you have to be prepared that you’re going
to come across that from time to time.

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  1. Please someone tell me all those beautiful exotics are somewhere safe now and that this lady is doing ok considering!!!! πŸ™

  2. Amazing job! Why can't there be more of us who can change something or help someone. All we do is wait and watch others doing it

  3. Thank you for rushing in where Angels fear to tread! You really blessed that woman by helping her, and hopefully giving her a big dose of faith in humanity.

  4. Your my hero!! Thank you for stopping and helping, your kindness saved the life of that pony, God bless you.

  5. Well, there wouldn't be that big demage, if all houses in USA weren't build from wood. At least in parts where storms such as this occur, people should built their houses from bricks. I know wood is cheaper, but is it worth the risk of losing your home? Also thank you for helping this lady save her animals.

  6. So you don't mind owning animals, including exotic animals taken out of their natural environment, but you won't rescue your own damn animals??? Shame on you.

  7. Good job for this man, like already said in the comments, it's good to see there's good people like him. Respect!

  8. But why bringing those animals from outside it's natural habitat though? Those exotic animals don't belong living in places with weathers, and climates like that.

  9. she is an idiot for having that farm. im sorry but these animals should be in their native environment or a proper zoo.

  10. I hope this woman isn't the main caretaker of this farm. She seems a little ditzy and helpless, to be in charge of so many animals, especially exotic ones. Something about the way she was acting, rubbed me the wrong way. I'm sure there were people much worse off, thatcould of used this man's help, bc at 1st it just seemed like the lady wanted to show all the damage, but didn't really need help, until they found the horse.

  11. that ladys reaction to that colt.. ive never seen anything like that.. usaly the owner dosnt care atleast what ive seen but she was so so worried i have respect for both the gentleman and woman

  12. um let them back out in the wild that's selfish they wouldn't have to suffer if u left them in Africa or where ever tf there from

  13. That man just saved my favourite animal I was almost crying of happiness that is was ok so thank you storm chaser I appreciate you your a good man god bless you

  14. All those poor babies πŸ™,I love how she was so worried about her animals,that poor horse,glad he helped her!

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