Stormy Daniels sued over claims she smeared horse trainer as ‘killer’ – 247 news
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Stormy Daniels sued over claims she smeared horse trainer as ‘killer’ – 247 news

October 27, 2019

Stormy Daniels claimed her former horse trainer ‘deliberately’ left one of her animals in a flooded field to die and broke into the porn star’s house to change her wifi password, court documents reveal The porn star, 39, also stands accused of calling former event rider Ellen Doughty-Hume ‘autistic and mentally challenged’ and of harassing clients using her Rockwall Hills Equestrian Center business Daniels, who is currently embroiled in a divorce battle with third husband Glendon Crane, 41, is now being sued for defamation, business disparagement and intentional infliction of emotional distress A lawyer for Doughty-Hume told that the equestrienne, 33, is looking for up to $1m in damages, as well as the chance to clear her name According to the lawsuit, which was filed in Kaufman, Texas, on July 13, Daniels had kept up to seven horses with Doughty-Hume at her ranch property in Rockwall In June 2016, one, named Bailey, was killed in a flash flood. According to Christine Renne, Doughty-Hume’s lawyer, Daniels was compensated via her insurance and brought further horses to the livery stable shortly after the accident But in September 2016, she removed her animals from Doughty-Hume’s yard and then, in December 2016, began posting what Renne describes as ‘false accusations’ against the trainer on equine website, Chronicle of the Horse The post, which dates from December 21 2016, is titled: ‘My horrible experiences with Texas horse trainer/instructor Ellen Doughty-Hume’ and goes on to accuse her of deliberately leaving Bailey to drown and of turning out another horse, Ziggy, in a hailstorm leaving him with ‘a career ending injury’ Daniels also accuses Doughty-Hume, a former eventing champion, of leaving her barn in charge of an eight-year-old child, ripping off clients and being ‘a negligent and dangerous disgrace to horses, riders and the entire sport of eventing’ Renne says all of the claims are unfounded, telling ‘Stormy Daniels went on a very public social media campaign trying to destroy my clients ‘Originally it was confined to the horse community so everybody who knew my client knew that the allegations were patently untrue – we vehemently deny anything she posted on social media at any point ‘When she didn’t get any satisfaction with her initial results, she escalated the matter and started posting things that were even more heinous ‘ Share this article Share She added: ‘She [Daniels] said that she [Doughty-Hume] kills horses without remorse… Everything, my client vehemently denies Everything she’s been posting on social media.’She does not deny there was a horse that got killed in a flood but this was not a pasture known to flood ‘This is the way she [Stormy] characterizes it – that the horses were just left down there intentionally to drown which is so far from the truth ‘According to the lawsuit, Daniels went on to make further posts on Facebook and Instagram and began writing letters to the United States Equestrian Federation in January 2017 a bid to ‘ruin Doughty-Hume’s reputation’ And in January this year, Daniels is accused of writing social media posts that accused Doughty-Hume of criminal activities and telling her: ‘I KNOW you kill and injure horses’ and ‘leave horses to drown’ Renne says the 39-year-old also accused Doughty-Hume of breaking into her home and renaming her WIFI, saying: ‘I mean who the f*** else would be trying to get into my computers and rename my WIFI?’Daniels, according to the lawsuit, also accused the 33-year-old of selling horses she doesn’t own and of helping her husband Alastair to ‘attack people’ Alastair was also said to drink ‘himself stupid every day’ and of going to collect Daniels’ seven-year-old daughter Caiden while intoxicated According to Renne, the case is still in its early stages but says she hopes it will end with Doughty-Hume being given the chance to restore her reputation ‘Really what this action is about is the escalation where she has now taken it out into the general community where she has made actions against my client,’ Renne told DailyMail com.’At one point, she [Stormy] said basically, ‘I know you broke into my house to change the WIFI password’ ‘As if a horse trainer has the time or the inclination to do something like that. She said it was because she can think of nobody else who would want to do something like that ‘Well I can think of a couple. There were just all these things and that last one just demonstrated she is not done escalating this situation and she has certainly crossed the line with the postings Renne added: ‘The main focus is just to get the evidence out there to demonstrate that these are false allegations and that is really what most interests us ‘Of course we want her and the group of them to compensate my clients for what they’ve done but that is not the main focus at this point ‘A spokesperson for Daniels has been approached for comment, but her attorney Michael Avenatti told TMZ the lawsuit was ‘complete nonsense and entirely bogus’

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