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Straight From the Horse’s Mouth | The Incredible Dr. Pol

August 21, 2019

Emilie’s turn to brave Michigan’s deep freeze. DR EMILY: This is a really cold
day, and with the wind chill, it’s about negative 12 degrees. All right. I’m gonna be turning the air
conditioner on in my jeep. Come on boy. Horse is having a little trouble
eating, and I checked him over. I noticed that he wasn’t acting
the way he normally would. It’s not a farm animal to me. That’s why we kept him
for so many he years. I’ve had him plus 20. The last of our horses. DR EMILY: Hello! Hey buddy. Just dropping feed? MICHAEL SPRAGE: Dropping
feed a little bit, and he– DR EMILY: Not too much, he’s
kind of– he’s a big guy. Outwardly, this horse
looks fantastic. He’s maybe a little, even,
overweight, which is actually pretty good for an older horse. Even if he’s dropping
food he’s obviously getting enough down that
he’s maintaining his weight. MICHAEL SPRAGE: He
might be OK, but– [sighs] I was just
worried about him getting checked over a little. DR EMILY: Yes, sure. Let me go grab my stuff. [horse neighs] Got a nice coat on him. I bet he’s warm. [chuckling] His guts sound good. His lungs sound good.
– Good. Thank you. DR EMILY: Gonna put on different
gloves, and look at his mouth. Typically, when you have a
horse, especially older, that’s dropping their feed,
you kind of think their teeth can be messed up. Come on, now. DR EMILY: You’re OK. Buddy, you’re OK. No. What I might do is just
go ahead and sedate him, so I can look at his teeth good.
– OK. DR EMILY: All right.
I’ll be right back. OK. DR EMILY: The conditions
today are rough. It gets really cold really fast. It doesn’t take long at
all, pull my drugs out of my warm Jeep, and went
to draw up some sedation and it froze immediately
in the syringe. My drugs froze as I pulled
them into the syringe, so I’ve been trying to warm up. Maybe a little bit of
his blood will help too. MICHAEL SPRAGE: Uh oh. DR EMILY: Well, that
happens in the cold. [horse neighs] OK. I know. I’m sorry. It’s weird, isn’t it? He has a really big
tooth, right here. It’s probably bothering him. I don’t think we’re going to
be able to fix it 100% today, because it’s so long. So what I want to
do is try to file the tooth down a little bit. [filing sound] So we’re going to file
it about part way down. I can’t file it down all the
way, because of how long it is. I could get into
the pulp cavity, and then you’d have an
infection and a whole mess. And then we’ll come
out in three months, and do it again until we get
his tooth in the right position. It’s already definitely
better than it was. Uh huh. OK. MICHAEL SPRAGE: OK? Call it quits. Good. DR EMILY: I’ll see
you in three months. I’m happy if you’re happy. DR EMILY: The horse
did pretty well. He was a little
anxious and jumpy, but that’s what drugs are for,
as long as they don’t freeze. But otherwise, he did fine. MICHAEL SPRAGE: Thanks again. DR EMILY: No problem. We’ll see you in three months. MICHAEL SPRAGE: All right.

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  1. Nat geo wild u need to remove this show out,,i did not choose this geo wild channel for this,so disappointed,is playing all week wtf

  2. It looked like the horse had lamenitis, but you never know. There is no cure for lamenitis except for exercise and taking away the cause of lamenitis. Hope the horse was ok!

  3. "Horse is having trouble eating" Shows horse -> My thoughts "Doesn't look like Mr. Big Chonkers is having trouble eating."

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