Stronghold of Resistance: Sable Island and Her Legendary Horses | 2018 Online Film Festival | PBS
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Stronghold of Resistance: Sable Island and Her Legendary Horses | 2018 Online Film Festival | PBS

August 18, 2019

(gentle music) – [Trish] She is made up of legends, stories near fictional. There’s no one else like her in the world. She is nature in her purest form, preserved perfectly like a fly in amber. She distorts reality like an illusion of
infinite space before you. She is a prison, a begetter of life for
what has adapted to thrive, and a taker of life for
those who cannot adapt. She teems with life of all kind, but few may call her home. Some visit her briefly, but they are seasonal tourists. Within her confines only her storied wild horses
have managed to thrive, their stamina a symbol, a metaphor for the island itself, their austicity met with hers. These mythical creatures worthy
of her surreal landscape, they feed off her energy. They are woven into the fabric of her DNA. They’ve adjusted to her rhythms. These are the legendary
horses of Sable Island. They are the last of their kind, really the only of their kind. (dramatic music) They slice through her fog uninhibited. They graze on her shores without fear. These horses are born on the island, and they return to the island, their bones dissolving
into sand, recycling, the smells of their life as pungent as the scent of their
death, both lingering. (gentle music) Sable is a stronghold of resistance, a final frontier of land
man has failed to claim. No relationship sustained other
than with her fabled horses. Her shores have claimed countless ships, the wreckage still lingering half-buried among her cannibalizing landscape. Occasional debris will
wash up on her shores like messages from the time past. Resilient and fragile, paradoxes make up her being, her wildness the only guarantee. She will persist of her own will, remaining untamed just like her settlers. Horses as free as our mercurial nature, a fitting match, a tender union, lifelong companions.

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