Stuff Riders Say on Christmas (or Hanukkah, or birthdays, or…)
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Stuff Riders Say on Christmas (or Hanukkah, or birthdays, or…)

October 30, 2019

SARAH: Wow. Okay, and a pair! I have the perfect spot for these. Horse socks. Love it. Ohhhh. Horse socks. Nice. Oooohhhhh. Horse shoe socks. Wow. Thank you. Ohhhhhhhh. Live, laugh, saddle up. Cause I ride horses. I get it. What!? SmartPak gift card! You were listening! Wow. I did not know Gisele even had horses.
Thank you. Ohhh. I love him. Even if he is slightly misshapen. Ooohhh. Horse of the day calendar. Oh. Cute ponies calendar. Classic. Oohh. Team SmartPak calendar. Aren’t these
free? Oh wow. I really hope I have a belt this will
fit on. So…when you say that it’s…made of horses? Thank you for not thinking I’m too old for
these. Awwww, thank you. I mean, I guess, yeah, it looks like Cody.
Except for, like, the color. And the eyes. It’s not important. What!? A vacuum? You’re the best! Thanks for the horse sweater, Nana. The yarn in the mane was really cool. You
always find the best stuff. Thanks for the Lisa Frank binders, Grandma.
I thought I wouldn’t need those after college, but I was wrong. Ohhh. A sea horse necklace. OFF-SCREEN: Yeah, ya know, because they’re
like, the horses of the sea. SARAH: Yeah. No, I get it. You’re right. They really are majestic creatures. Oh. So, it’s like a, like a business card
holder. Like an angry, horse business card holder. Because I know you love port-a-potties. Real
nice, cousin Dan. Real nice. Wow. Where did you find this? A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
unless it’s a Tennessee Walking Horse. Dad, does Aunt Charlotte think Cody’s a Tennessee
Walker? DAD: A what? SARAH: What size is this? What a…majestic unicorn. Whoaaaaaa. Check out his beard.

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  1. Last year on Christmas I asked for a Dover gift card and a ton of stuff from smartpak I didn't get any of it…..😭

  2. Horse-themed stuff is great if it actually looks like a horse… you would not believe the number of "knick knacks" that are anatomically wacky attempts at being a horse.

  3. My parents got me a Breyer Show-jumping course with a vertical, oxer, and rich wall, along with a kbanstrüper chestnut mare with a little foal, and her show-jumping rider that came along with her saddle!
    Overtime I get a horse present, I find myself fan-girting and hugging the life out of my friend 🙂

  4. lmfao so I'm not the only one. I've gotten some interesting horse themed gifts hardly any I use. I try being polite about what I need for my horsey life and well its calenders, stuffed horses and books with a horse on it that has nothing to do with horses

  5. The look on the face of the angry horse business card holder is the look the mare I ride gives me whenever I come over with the girth, or when I put her halter on to bring her up to the barn 😛

  6. My favorite horsey gift was an Arabian Gelding… And a Tennessee Walker mare… And an entire tack set. 😅

  7. most of the things in this video aren't even that bad, I think it's really ungrateful to say any of those things – sorry. I do think that some of your vids are really good though 😃

  8. when I left the Navy, I suggested to co-workers who asked, that I'd love a Navy sweatshirt, as I was moving to landlocked world far from all things Navy. They gave me a western cowboy hat, saying how hard it was to find. I ride English, and always wear a helmet, and had I wanted a cowboy hat, I would be able in any store in the state I moved to!.

  9. My instructor got me, and everyone in my class a water bottle with our name on it, she made us each a bracelet with our favourite horse's name on it, and two packages of hot hands, oh and the water bottle was filled with peppermints and twizzlers. It was the best, and I have a show coming up in January, so those hot hands will be super useful. I can really relate to this video when it comes to non horse people who shop for me, but I don't mind socks at all.

  10. I got a horse necklace for christmas and it was shaped in a heart of two horses a baby horse and a mom horse and it was adorable i loved it soooo much and on the side it had real diamonds

  11. If you dont know what to get a rider, get riding socks, smartpak gift card, or ask one of their riding friends 🙂

  12. Omg I have this bag charm that says "Chase rainbows" but I put it on my saddle for good luck and I think it works 😂😂

  13. i literally know what this feels like because my grandma bought me a pink unicorn onsie and she's there watching me open so im trying too act greatful but inside im like i wouldnt of minded if it was blue or even purple

  14. 1:50 I’m laughing so hard, my friend gave me one of those and I use it as a sunglasses holder because then it looks extra funny.

  15. This is so relatable everyone gets me random horse stuff because I ride horses I’m like this is not what I want🙄😂

  16. My parents are like "you are not going to ride a horse because its a really expensive sport but we know that you really love horses so we are going to buy you books about horse riding for Christmas".
    And that's why I think that it is so sad.

  17. I feel like when people get you gifts and you ride horses that always get you horse things that you don’t need or have no purpose because that think your whole life is horses and then you don’t know what to do with then so that just lay around everywhere.

  18. When she said "horse socks" it thought they were socks for the horse. And I asking myself how that would work…and then I realized it wouldn't work…. I make myself want to cry sometimes. 😖😂

  19. clears throat A HORSE IS A HORSE OF

  20. OMG THE BREYER ONE! I am collecting Breyers, but not just anyone I see. I mean like the famous racers and the $50+ ones. That way I can put them in my farm house one dsy

  21. I really think the title should say what EQUESTRIANS get for Christmas because anyone can say they rode a horse or ride horses but that doesn't mean that they get tack for their birthday and stuff 😉 like if you agree

  22. I feel like as soon as someone knows you ride horses they think it's a present idea for EVERY holiday, not complaining but I didn't think there were so many horse items lol

  23. My family has no animal sense,let alone horse sense. The only person that does is my moms dad lol. They buy me all this stuff for my horse Stanley and some of it I can’t use because it’s to small,or because I don’t use polo wraps and it’s a mess…..I’m still very very grateful that they are at least trying to make a effort!!

  24. I relate to this. Books, shirts, models, sculptures and calenders. Oddly enough, I've yet to get any socks.

    Someone got me a bottle cap opener shaped like a green horse head once.

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