Stupid puzzle logic in RPG’s – The Puzzle
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Stupid puzzle logic in RPG’s – The Puzzle

August 29, 2019

Ah there it is, the cave that holds the Flame of Darkness So once we destroy the Flame of Darkness the quest will be complete right? Correct. Once the flame of darkness is destroyed the curse shall be lifted Okay well this is the cave but how do we get in? Ahh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa I see you’ve found my cave. But you’ll never get in! Ha ha ha This cave has been sealed by my magic for 10,000 years! To activate the key you must solve my riddle ahooo ho ho hoo What’s light and dark and cold… Is it the Flame of Darkness? Well done Beginners luck But you’ll never find the three revealing glyphs hidden across this land Ah hoooo ha ha…ahhh ha ha where are they? They could be anywhere… Is that one? Oh I can’t give you clues now can I hm hm Ha ha ha One down but there’s still two to go adventure man Is that one? Oo who’s to say oo doesn’t look like one Ha ha well done. You’re on a roll. But a roll always finds and end eventually doesn’t it hm hm hmm Is that one? Oh I’d look much further than that one *insecure laughter* Ha ha ha okay ha ha No matter ha ha No matter no matter no matter Well you still have to put them in the correct order Oh no a puzzle? Which order do they go in? Ooo tick tock Adventurer his could take years! Earth, Fire, Water OH oooo you’re so far away! What about Earth, Water, Fire NO IT’S NOT! Ooooo baby did whoopsy! Oooo Ah… Fire, Earth, Water *success sounds* GOD F-

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  1. Puzzles in FPS games! I used to love FPS games but have puzzle games!! Whoever decided to place puzzle games in FPS games FU! If thank you, I stopped wasting my time and money in useless games!!!

  2. You don't need to use a ' when you make a word plural. It's RPGs.
    The reason I used a ' in "It's" is because using a ', means "it is", and also shows "ownership"
    Other than that, funny video

  3. 1:22 that was actually funny.
    Anyway, the "forgiving" element of puzzles, where you just have to try different combinations again and again and again until you get the correct one and get the "loot", annoys me a bit.But they are games. In single player, you have the load (and re-load) option and in multiplayer you can create a new account and get the "loot" after some Google search of "pro" walkthroughs and tips.
    If this was real life and you answered wrong, you would lose the mythical, powerful items and weapons ( modern term, "loot" ) forever.No quick saves, no re-load, no new accounts and no google walkthrough searching.

  4. Reminds me of the dumb animal switch puzzles for doors in skyrim, and how the ones with claws gave you the answer by inspecting the claw and flipping it over lol

  5. All games have to be dummied down for this generation, even using portal as an example of good puzzles is a stupid comparison because they also have pictures of what you need to do and so stupidly simple there's no bragging rights for beating it there either. If you want a real challenge try "the seventh guest", "safe cracker" or most older computer games.

    Even call of duty is so stupid proof if you cannot beat the game on the hardest difficulty why bother playing, the only game I haven't yet beat on veteran is call of duty 3 and I don't mean Modern Warfare 3.

  6. Я в Скайриме гробницы тоже подбором открывал, так как не знал про рисунки на ключах-когтях.

  7. Ancient Wizzard: Boasts how he managed to keep cave locked for ten thousand years.

    Also Ancient Wizzard: Creates a puzzle with only 6 combinations.

  8. Well NPCs can't think and that's what Bethesda thought of their fans since Skyrim, difficult to solve puzzles if you can't think. Tada, they still think that. Ergo 76

  9. riddler: i see you found my cave. but you'll never get in! hahahaha, this c-
    traveler: oh, well if we'll never get in then we'll be on our way someplace else
    riddler: uhh…

  10. Game devs have to take account the difference in players' patience and inteligence… last thing you want is rage-quits. Once that happens, the chance these people will touch again anything that particular game dev produce is next to nil.

  11. I really feel like this is missing those piddly dart traps from Skyrim that "punish" players for just guessing.

  12. I dont remember the name of the game, but in that game there was a tunnel full of expeditionary equipment in which you were trying to find a way out. There was a room with a radio which makes sounds in the background. And there was no indication how you open locked door. Unless you pay attention to the radio and figure out it is actually a morse code airing the combination for keypad lock. It was a great puzzle.

  13. reminds me of the dragon claw puzzles in skyrim… I didn't know the right order was on the bottom of the claw… till I watched my friend play and at his first one he figured it out… I felt so stupid

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