STUPID ***** WATERFALL | Ultimate Chicken Horse Gameplay Part 7
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STUPID ***** WATERFALL | Ultimate Chicken Horse Gameplay Part 7

September 4, 2019

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  1. I love how Bob waits for everybody to place their pieces then he comes out of nowhere with all the traps haha XD

  2. oh what if you take the rotate block put two things of honey on one side then put crossbows on the side?

  3. I like how Jack blames you for making the level harder at one point…
    And I was like, When has the level ever easy!?

  4. lol this video made me laugh so hard.also did anyone else notice that mark and jack fought a lot about stupid things just like a married couple

  5. I love how Mark and Jack are in the background yelling about doors. This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while, Wade!

  6. Wade I can't wait to see you guys play on Dance Party map! That map is complete and utter bullshit but it's fun as hell xD

  7. Here's a story of a guy named wady! Hehe so many drunk min craft refrences I'm gonna need some beer xD

  8. Bob didn't get any trap points because not everything gives them. It only gives points if it directly kills you(saw, arrow, hockey puck: these kill when you touch them). But, there are certain things that can cause death(fire hydrant, ice, turning platforn: no guarantee you'll die if you hit it).
    Even if no one wins you still recieve trap points.

  9. there were 4 brothers  blerb wadeth  iplier  and septicus. they hated each other a lot, so they decided to put traps and what not to prevent each other from winning. wadeth and septicus were underdogs, while blerb and ilpier were tied, until….the game was almost impossible………. but one did it………….in the end iplier was victorious and got to rule the kingdom. while blerb, septicus and wadeth were banished from the kingdom….accualy only wadeth was.  but atlast the 4 brothers forgot about one…there was a 5th brother…….pewdepe…………….Ultimate chicken horse….with….pewdiepie???

  10. I love this kind of content and gameplay, and I would love to see more, but I think that Wade's voice is a little bit too loud compared to everything else (especially when he screams into the microphone lol)

  11. OMFG THE THIS IS THE 50TH LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Ad like who fucking cares, and by the way lol ads im not a noob one of my accounts has 378 wins and 20 losses so fuck you

  12. 7:53 a scroll was written for telling that HE would rise from the ashes and rain pain in the form of watever da F*CK THAT IS XD

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