STUPID ***** WATERFALL | Ultimate Chicken Horse Gameplay Part 7
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STUPID ***** WATERFALL | Ultimate Chicken Horse Gameplay Part 7

September 4, 2019

*Intro* Jack: You can go to another level and then majority wins. Bob: Ohh you totally can! Mark: WHOA! What? Bob: Holy shit! Wade: Does the water do anything I wonder? Wade: It’s up here Bob. It’s up top. Bob: I’m sure that it does. Wade: The goal’s right there. Mark: how, how? Jack: Ok. I’ll start it off and be nice. Bob: yeah we need some platforms, this one we’re gonna have to work a little bit together (laughing) Bob: well, let’s not go crazy. Hang on now. Mark: ok Jack: what if the water pushes us down? Mark: make it a little difficult, you know? A little challenge here Jack: turn it around Jack: we’re not gonna hit that here Mark: oh no, it’ll be fine. It’s good (laughing) Jack: this looks like a Happy Wheels level. Mark: don’t make it too hard Wade: Boooooobbbbbb Mark: it does look like Happy Wheels, I was thinkin’ that Bob: who wants to come hang out with hockey man? Jack: oh, that flag is up top?! Jack: yeah, that’s a good idea. Put that there Mark: good idea Mark: gotta be minefield Jack: huuuhh, oh no! Wade: aaahhhh! Jack: I don’t know the sprint button on keyboard Mark: well, Bob… Bob: huuuh Mark: that was an interesting… Bob: it’s just you and me (laughing) Mark: why did I just get…why did I fall off? What the fuck? Bob: ooohhh, yeah. Mark: did you see that? It just like knocked me off Jack: yeah, you slipped Bob: I did it. Mark: what the hell? Jack: what the fuck is sprint on keyboard? I can’t get to the first platform Bob: can you like look at the controls or something? In, on the pause menu there’s controls Bob: sprint is… Jack: oh, go to controls page. Bob: left shift Jack: I was holding left shift and it didn’t do anything Bob: unlikely story Jack: uhhh, maybe I just suck then Bob: probably. Mark: likelier story Jack: I’ll admit that I suck Wade: (laughing) oh my god Jack: yeah, well now you have a buffer, you have to wait Jack: you’re gonna get hit by arrows. Mark: it’s good, it’s good, it’s a good door Jack: yeah, don’t fucking insult my door, bitch! Mark: I said it was a nice door! Wade: it’s a good door. It’s, it’s a very nice door Mark: nice door… Jack: you said it facetiously! (laughing) Mark: you don’t know what factious… Jack: you said it like ‘that’s not a nice door’ Wade: alright, who we waitin’ on Bob? Bob: I’m thinkin’, I’m thinkin’, I’m thinkin’, hang on Jack: who Bob are we Bob waiting on? (laughter) Jack: who are we Bobbing on right now? Bob: actually… Jack: whose Bobbing right now? Bob: I’ve got a little question mark box Bob: so I’m actually… Wade: oh yeah, go get it, definately go get it Jack: aaahhhh Jack: oh god, I’m trapped here. Bob: oh wow, I did not see that that existed Jack: fuuuuucccckk! Bob: bye everybody! Wade: oh, oh, oh Bob: (laughing) shit! Jack: (laughing) Wade: ok… Jack: you did the same thing I did Wade: ok, ah, ah, AHHHHHHHH! (laughter) Mark: ok, well I’m gonna take my time (chicken noises) (laughing) Mark: it slides me around Bob: it does Bob: ah, oh, ah, oh All: ahh, ohh, ahh, oohh, aahhh Mark: ok, waiting on the door (laughing) Mark: piece of cake (laughing) (laughing) Wade: well done, well done. Mark: thank you Bob: you guys want to see some shit? Wade: yeah Bob: I made some shit. Jack: oh I don’t know how to rotate Wade: uh, I don’t know how on keyboard. Jack: it’s ‘E.’ Mark: I don’t know how we’re gonna jump on that Wade: oh god, that’s…that’s gonna be im-…oh Jack, I alerady put an arrow down All: (grunting noises) Jack: AAHH! Wade: oh I didn’t… Jack: oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god Wade: Jack, how are you still standing? Jack: AAHHH! AAAHHH! Mark: holy shit! Jack: AH! I’m scared Jack: Bob, hold me! Bob: AAHHHH! NO! Why are there so many arrows here? You dicks. Wade: (laughing) Jack, Jack pu- I snorted, Jack put one down with (laughing) Bob: I’m never gonna get my goddamn baloon box (lauging) Mark: (squeaking noises making fun of Bob) Bob: alright, I’m calling bullshit on at least one of these mother fuckers. Jack: yeah, I’ll destroy my one Mark: I’m just adding a whole bunch of coins, first come, first served (laughing) Bob: uuuhhhhh… Jack: yeah, destroy the cliff, Bob (laughing) Jack: oh god… Bob: hmmmm… Jack: ugh Jack: why though? But why though? Jack: that ho- that first honey… Mark: that’s not fair Jack: this first honey actually helps Bob: yeah cause you don’t slide off the end. Jack: shit (laughing) Mark: woah. Bob: does it still help? Mark: ok, I got…what? These coins do nothing! Oh no, they are attached to me, I gotta get to the end Wade: uh. Bob: oh no, no, honey! Bob: oh honey! Wade: ok..AHHHH AHHHH! (laughter) Mark: fucking hockey! Ah, I’m not looking out for it (laugher) Jack: boo hockey (laughter) Jack: oh, and there’s no points (laughter) Bob: oh yay! Wade: that’s because we’re all assholes to each other (laughter) Jack: no points… Bob: what…? Mark: what…? Mark: no…mah…points. Fuck, man Jack: (laughing) fuh- I don’t know, man Mark: I’m not confident in my jokes, man (laughing) Mark: alright, uhhh… Jack: if I were you, I wouldn’t be either Mark: awwww… Wade: what, what, what, what? Jack: now I’m sad Mark: what, what, what, what? Wade: what? Mark: I’m just trying to make it interesting Wade: what? Mark: what? What? Wade: what? Jack: huh? Jack: what are you guys doin’? Wade: what? Jack: oh god. Bob: I don’t know, that doesn’t do what I thought it did (laughing) Jack: what did you think it did? Bob: I don’t know, stuff Jack: …and things? Bob: yeah Jack: put something down! (sighs) Bob: ok. Jack: put it down! Put the cookie down! Bob: wha- … fine Jack: I hate you, Bob Jack: you’re gonna block the pucks. Wade: oh god Bob: no, the pucks are below that Bob: I wouldn’t block my pucks. The pucks are my babies Jack: oh fuck, fuck, fuck my ass (screaming) Jack: ahhh! Honey, honey, why? Mark: Jack, I saved your life Jack: yeah, so fuckin’…thankful for that Mark: aren’t you, though? Mark: why aren’t you? Jack: fuck! Bob: NO! (laugher) Bob: I made it out! Wade: (laughing) Bob, Bob still can’t get his question mark box Bob: cause you guys are dicks! Jack: fucking honey! Mark: I even put more up there Wade: I keep snorting. I don’t snort when I laugh but I keep doing it Bob: you know what? No fun for anybody! Wade: oh… Bob: I like that idea. Wade: none fun? Bob: did you just explode my honey platform? Jack: yes cause fuck that honey platform. Mark: I, I put another one. I made another honey platform Mark: no, my honey! Bob: oh, you… Jack: you put honey on it Bob: there’s no honey on that one Mark: honey? Bob: it shows honey.. Jack: I don’t see it. Bob: this is honey Bob: there’s no honey on that. Wade: what? No honey?! Jack: I see honey, and this is no honey Mark: no, no Bob, that’s my honey one! There’s honey there! Bob: I saw no honey Mark: there was honey there! Goddamn it Bob! Wade: AAHHH no! I got the…honey jumps! Jack: oh fucking ice, ice platform, really? Jack: oh suck all of my lower intestines Wade: poor Jack always hits my traps Bob: oh hey, ice platform, gah Wade: (laughing) Bob: Jesus Bob: oh god, no! Why? Jack: no, no, no, no, I refuse to let this happen Bob: there’s no way this is gonna happen Jack: no! Bob: it’s ok. Jack: fuck! (yelling and laughing) Mark: I jumped! (laughing) Bob: right up the ass with all those arrows Jack: right up the arse. Mark: such bullshit. Bob: oh my god Wade: oh man Bob: so you think this part over here should be easier, Mark? Mark: yes, please yes Bob: gotcha, gotcha Jack: I like how now you have to destroy the platforms to destroy the ice Wade: Bob, what are you thinking? Jack: to destroy the honey, I had to destroy the platform Bob: I don’t want Mark to do his jumpey over nonsense anymore Jack: good! Wade: ooh Jack: well, he can still do it. Bob: I can do better, I can do better than that Jack: yeah, a black hole there Bob: well, I’m thinkin’ this’ll help Wade: oh no! Bob! (laughing) Bob: have fun. Jack: d- do you love pain? (laughing) Jack: are you a sadist? Bob: no I just hate all of you Wade: wait, has somebody not placed yet? Oh god, oh, from the ashes comes Mark. Bob: Mark was waiting (laughter) Jack: he placed it upside down Bob: no, it rotates back and forth, so… Mark: goddamn it Wade: oh, oh… Mark: I forgot to hit my space Wade: AHHHH! Jack: fuck, fuck off! Bob: oh my god their both ice! Fuck on me! (laughing) Jack: AAHHHHH (laughing) Bob: aw! Jack: I hate…oh god… Bob: double ice dude Wade: we really hate each other Mark: this is such bullshit Bob: uhhhhh… Jack: this is aggravating now Wade: (sigh) Mark: I’m just adding more coins Bob: I have a really funny idea but it’s gonna take more than one round to execute. I wanna see if this works Mark: uh huh. Jack no, Jack no, no! Bob: trust me Bob: it’ll be hilarious Jack: (evil laugh) Mark: NO! Wade: Jack… Mark: Bob’s going for a question block over there Bob: I’m never gonna get it Bob: I’m never, ever going to get it Mark: I’m helping Bob. Jack: fine, fine, fine Jack: huuuh…oh fuck my ass Bob: no, goddamn it! Wade: oh, oh not the honey! (grunting and laughter) Mark: what, how did that…it was way away, it was not there on my screen! Jack: did that hit you? Mark: what the fuck? Jack: that was really, really weird. Wade: I didn’t see what happened to you. Bob: no way there’s no points Jack: that was way away from you Wade: two people have made it to the end Bob: alright, everyone ready for this? This is gonna be awesome Jack: aw, Bob, no Bob: well…yeah, we’ll see what happens, we’ll see what happens Bob: it’s gonna be awesome Wade: what? Jack: I dunno what to place Wade: …interesting… Bob: I think Mark is just trying to make pathways Mark: yes, like we’re supposed to Bob: no, I don’t want anyone to win, I’m tied for first now and that’s fine with me. Wade: what?? Wade: Bob?? What about me? Bob: oh it totally worked! Wade: woah! Woah! Bob: I constructed something amazing! Jack: what’s happening? Wade: no, NOOOOO! Mark: fucking ice! Fucking ice! Bob: alright ice. Be cool ice. Be cool, be cool Jack: just push you straight off. Yes! Bob: no hockey puck! Fuck you! (laughing) Jack: hockey puck! Mark: it blows Bob, somehow. Bob: I was gonna get up there! Wade: you were gonna get up there Jack: I hate this level so much Mark: well we made it Bob: we made this happen Jack: I made some of it (laughing) Jack: you know what? You know what? You know what? Fuck you guys. Fuck you guys. Fuck you guys Wade: oh what? Mark: what are we gonna do? Jack: you’re gonna have to work together Bob: (laughing) Mark: alright then Bob: alright, um, might just do this Wade: Bob, that completely negates… Jack: I like the like heist music that’s goin on right now Bob: oh gosh. Jack: it’s like Italian Job kinda shit Wade: Bob! Mark! Wait, where’s…Bob! Mark: Bob, mar, Bob, mar… Wade: Bob, no, Bob… Jack: Jesus Jack: I regret my decision Wade: (grunting) Bob: oh no I gahh Wade: (grunting) Bob: oh god, now I’m blocking the arrows, you’re, you’re welcome Mark Wade: AAHHHHH! Mark: oh, your body is blocking the arrows. Bob: you’re welcome (laughing) Mark: this is bullshit (laughing) Jack: I love it (laughing) Wade: nobody can win! Bob: why didn’t I get trap points for that? Bob: that was a really good trap! Wade: cause no one won Bob: oh my god. Jack: that was awesome Jack: that was awesome Mark: can I just attach, can I attach this to this? Bob: go Wade: wha- we aren’t even winning and yet we’re all, including me, just putting down more traps (laughing) Bob: yep. That one’s not gonna turn, that one’s gonna block it from turning Bob: you just ruined everything Mark: ok, I’ll, I’ll blow it up for you Bob Mark: he messed it up, I’ll blow it Jack: aaawwww Wade: aawww. Mark: fuck it. Jack: why would it stop it fr-, why would it stop it from turning? Wade: why’d you destroy the one that wasn’t on the honey? Mark: because it’s not supposed to be on the honey. Bob: if it’s not on the, if it’s not on the honey, it’s just in a stationary spot Jack: ooohh. Wade: ohhh, ok Jack: oh sweet mother of fuck Wade: what, Bob! Bob: I don’t think that’s gonna do what I want it to do Wade: no, no, yeah… Bob: I’m still working, I’m still working, hang on (sighs) Bob: I’m just thinking, you know what, I’m overcomplicating Mark: who put the barbed wire on the saw blade? Bob: I’m, I’m overcomplicating. Oh my god the barbed wire! Wade: uh, sorry guys (laughing) Wade: oh god! Jack: Wade! Wade, you made it too hard (laughing) Jack: it’s impossible! (laughing) Jack: oh, maybe not Bob: how the fuck did you just do that? Jack: I don’t fucking know! (screams) Bob: no, barbed wire, why??? Jack: fuck the ice (laughing) Jack: fuck the ice! Bob: oh my god! Jack: fuck my ass! Bob: oh my god! Jack: NOOOO! Wade: ohhh no! (laughing) Wade: see it is possible (laughing) Mark: yeah… Jack: I like how I said it’s impossible and I immediately made it Wade: (laughing) I know (laughing) Wade: you validated my not so horrible side Mark: this is the one. Do we make it harder or possible? Bob: harder’s fine with me. I, I don’t give a shit Mark: alright fine then, fuck you Bob: you know what? I will… How bout this? How bout this? Bob: I will give the one who makes it past that point a gift Mark: ok. Wade: oooohhh. Mark: that’s acceptable Bob: well… Mark: holy shit. Bob: a little bit of a gift Wade: well… Mark: that’s acceptable. Jack: ugh Wade: we’ll take it, I guess Jack: and whoever makes it gets the coin (laughing) Bob: gets a coin. Mark: I just wanna make sure that no one does jumpy ju- jumpy jumpiness Bob: jumpity jews? Wade: well great. Mark: they gotta go under, they gotta go under, you gotta go under (laughing) Mark: good luck Bob: yeah, this seems fair Jack: aw fucking hi- hire, hire fidrant Wade: oh oh oh oh! Bob: oh shit! Wade: ooooohhh! Bob: oh, oh, oh, oh… Jack: oh no, oh no… Mark: ok Mark: just, there it is… Jack: oh no Mark: ok hang on, wait. Jack: no, fuck you (laughing) Mark: wait a sec, ducking Bob: please lose at the very last moment. Jack: no! Wade: no! Bob: no! Mark: (laughing) Bob: goddamn it Wade: (sigh) Jack: oh the coin didn’t do anything, oh there it is. Mark: what? Mark: holy shit. Jack: Jesus Mark: YEAH! Jack: fine, good, whatever, good, fine. Mark: ow. Bob: scumbag Mark: ow (laughing) Wade: that”s what you deserve Bob: oh my god, I’m not the ultimate anything! (outtro music)

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  1. I love how Bob waits for everybody to place their pieces then he comes out of nowhere with all the traps haha XD

  2. oh what if you take the rotate block put two things of honey on one side then put crossbows on the side?

  3. I like how Jack blames you for making the level harder at one point…
    And I was like, When has the level ever easy!?

  4. lol this video made me laugh so hard.also did anyone else notice that mark and jack fought a lot about stupid things just like a married couple

  5. I love how Mark and Jack are in the background yelling about doors. This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while, Wade!

  6. Wade I can't wait to see you guys play on Dance Party map! That map is complete and utter bullshit but it's fun as hell xD

  7. Here's a story of a guy named wady! Hehe so many drunk min craft refrences I'm gonna need some beer xD

  8. Bob didn't get any trap points because not everything gives them. It only gives points if it directly kills you(saw, arrow, hockey puck: these kill when you touch them). But, there are certain things that can cause death(fire hydrant, ice, turning platforn: no guarantee you'll die if you hit it).
    Even if no one wins you still recieve trap points.

  9. there were 4 brothers  blerb wadeth  iplier  and septicus. they hated each other a lot, so they decided to put traps and what not to prevent each other from winning. wadeth and septicus were underdogs, while blerb and ilpier were tied, until….the game was almost impossible………. but one did it………….in the end iplier was victorious and got to rule the kingdom. while blerb, septicus and wadeth were banished from the kingdom….accualy only wadeth was.  but atlast the 4 brothers forgot about one…there was a 5th brother…….pewdepe…………….Ultimate chicken horse….with….pewdiepie???

  10. I love this kind of content and gameplay, and I would love to see more, but I think that Wade's voice is a little bit too loud compared to everything else (especially when he screams into the microphone lol)

  11. OMFG THE THIS IS THE 50TH LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Ad like who fucking cares, and by the way lol ads im not a noob one of my accounts has 378 wins and 20 losses so fuck you

  12. 7:53 a scroll was written for telling that HE would rise from the ashes and rain pain in the form of watever da F*CK THAT IS XD

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