SUDDEN DEATH! | Ultimate Chicken Horse #2
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SUDDEN DEATH! | Ultimate Chicken Horse #2

August 11, 2019

(Jack noises) Ken: HYUPP! What level are we playing? BLURRRPP (Nonsensical Noises) Pewds: (lols) Er..the farm Jackipoo: It looks like you have, like, …..a weird face when you do that hahaha hehehehehehehhe (Noises) uhhh Ken: You like that Sarah Jessica Parker?(⌐▀͡ ̯ʖ▀) Brad: It’s me, Sarah Jessica Parker- Jack:(Stealing Brad’s thunder) It’s me, Sarah JESSICA Parker… nom nom nom nom nom Brad: Sarah Jessica Parker like after rehab? cool ohh Ken: You fartin’ on me? Ken: Oh yeah fart on my cock (wut) Jack: If you hold Y on your controller you dance Hello youtube Pewds: Wooooooow Jack: Wheeeeeee Ken: Come on! Sarah Jessica Parker. Pewds: Someone should intro what this game is….really quick…Ok. Jack: Ah, dick over your friends as much as you can and win. Ken: Rooftops ….Jessica Jack: Brad! What the- Brad: Guys Sex and the city? No? (Jack laughing) NO. Ken: On the Rooftops?? AHHH! FINE! Pewds: I am Going this way. Fuck you guys.(roasted) Jack: For fuck’s sake Ken: You have to actually get on a level first to go somewhere.(Cracking up) Pewds: Fuck you Ken: AH ! God dang it Jack: I thought we could do majority wins Pewds: I am gonna play games guys Jack: Oh yeah, forgot that we could pick….things Party Room! Pewds: Alright let’s just play Pewds: So in this game, you are supposed to build a platformer… but you have to beat the level to win. Jack: Yeah! So which mode are we playing party or creative? In creative you get all the items Pewds: Creative… NoNONO Party party party party party,… Ken : Oh I am Ready to party (You always are,Ken) (Party Noises) SNIFF MY BUTT!!!! (⌐▀͡ ̯ʖ▀) SNIFF MY BUTT!! (⌐▀͡ ̯ʖ▀) oh god Jack : Welcome to the chicken horse game! Pewds: I love this Game! This is my favorite. Ken: Wow Its like I can see the Rooftops.. Jack: Nothing’s happening why? Pewds: I am so glad I bought this game, almost as good as BearSimulator Ken: This is the edited version Brad: This is the sex and the city level then. Nothing happening. Jack: This is party mode! Brad: Every week nothing happens. And yet it’s still the most popular show.(True dat) Jack: Somebody-somebody else just joined! Pewds: What is this Russian guy doing here!?(Woah man) Ken: Kick ‘im!(WOAH DUDE) Kick him out! I don’t know how!! 😐 How did HE join? Pewds: I DON’T KNOW Somebody else joined! FELIX what is- (love?) Pewds:WHO’RE ALL THESE PEOPLE?!? Jack: Did you make a public game? Pewds: Nooo…yes? (Jack laughs) (Cheering) *All cheering* Pews: LETS GO TO THE FARM! YAAAAAAY! Jack: UGH! Oh yeah! Oh yeah look at my butt! Look at my butt! Pews: *Sheep Noises* Beeeh. Bleeeh. Jack: Yay! It worked! Ah..Uh…. Ken: Oh god-Party box!?oh my lord Ken: So how do we play? Ok you pick what you want. Ken: Alright cool. I pick- Pewds: Pick something you fucking idiot! Jack: Pick something! Brad: Jesus, Fucking had two options! Brad: Wait…What the f*ck? Jack: Ah, huhum… Pewds: Okay. Brad: Oh my god what is this? Ken: OK! I put mine there!
Jack: Ok, I’ll put mine here. Brad: Oh? There we go I put it somewhere Ken: OK, we can’t get to the actual- Jack: Yeah you can!
Ken: BLUUUUGH! Jack: Just climb the wall! Just climb the- oh fuck!
Brad:*dies*UGH! Jack: FuCK! Get-AW! YES! YES! YES! Jack: Whooo!
Ken: I did iiiit! Jack: Brad died! Hahaha!
Ken: Sarah Jessica Parker! Jack: SARAH NOOOOO!
Brad: I didn’t know you could f*cking die! Brad: This looks like such a friendly game! Ken: C’mon you SHEEP! Jack: C’mon sheep you little b*tch! Ken: Oh my gah! Pewds: Yeah! Fuck yeah! Woooo!
Ken: Go!…first Jack: How did you get first I was there first-FUCK you Ken! Ken: Laaaaaag COME ONNN!! Jack: Dibfuh uh… mine uh oh god.. Jack: The puck machine! ahh! pfft! Jack: Somebody picked the teleporter and now you can’t teleport anything! *laughs* Pewds: Wait okay what what does the puck machine do? Pewds: Do you die if you get hit?
Jack: It fires pucks in a straight line whereever the arrow is pointing. Brad: Alright now I understand the game. Thank you for explaining it to me guys. Ken: I don’t think we’re going to make it this time.
Jack: YEAHH! Pewds: Waugh! Who put slime there!? Pewds: What the fu-
Jack: Get up! Get up raccoon! Jack: Get- F*CK
Ken: I Did It! Jack: GET UP
Brad: Oh I did it again, oh my go- Ken: Sarah Jessica Parker Noohoho… Jack: I Can’t Make It! Jack: Yaaay, he he he ha Pewds: So you get extra point if your thing kills them-
Jack: Yeees.
Pewds: is that correct? Ken: What is this a hay bale? Jack: Okay, I’m gonna be an absolute douche bag. *Chuckles* Jack: Aww noo! Jack: Who the fuck is buttmash? Pewds: Ooh. Ken: Hehheh. BUTTMash?? Brad: I don’t know what the fuck I just put down but it’s some sort of tire in a box. Brad: Sounds very-
Ken: Hold X to ruuuunnn. Ken: Heeuuhhheuhh-
Jack: Ah shit…SHIT! Jack: I died.
Ken: eughhh! Ken: How do I-
Brad: Yeah you just did a Sarah Jessica Pa- Jack: You, you just parkered yourself! Pewds: Yeaaah! *Dying noise* Ken: -poop on the ground. Brad: -died three times in a row. Jesus Christ. Jack: Felix why aren’t you doing anything? Ken: I’m trying ta-
Jack: Goddamn that’s what I tried to do and I fucked it up. Jack: You did it.
Pewds: Did I not finish, Yeah I did. Pewds: That was fucking easy. What the fuck- Ken: I’m so amazing and then Sarah Jessica Parker Brad: I’m really good at this game, I’m Sarah Jessica Parker. Jack: Who put the fuckin hay bale down and blocked my arrow. Pewds: Oh mah gawd, Sarah Jessica Pleease. Brad: What the f*ck! I can’t put it any- Oh it goes like that.. Ken: Look at your droopy face, you’re like Urrhhhh Pewds: Gawd, I hate Sarah Jessica Parker soo much. Brad: That is offensive-
Jack: YEEEAAAAHH Jack: Get it bitch!
Pewds: Nooo. Brad: -you will be hearing from my tumblr lawyer Brad: Ohmygod. Ken: AUHH, I can’t jump. It didn’t work. I’m DEAAADD! Jack: Yes, get him! Get Him! Kill THEM ALL! Get Pucked in the ass
Brad: -In the butt. Pewds: Sarah Jessica Parker AUGH! Jack: God Damnit KEEN! Pewds: Fuck, You got seven points for that! I mean fucks sake. Jack: You gotta be fast man. (speed is key) Jack: Fuck Sake (in Irish accent) Ken: Fuck sake. Jack: Fuck sake lads what the fuck are yee doin’ Brad: Unaudible Gibrish Jack: Thats not an irish accent accent? (in a exaggerated Irish accent) Jack: Ah Ken, wait that wasnt you Ken: weugh Gotta Go Fast GOTTAGOFAST! Pewds: Yeah!! ( Pewds and jack cheering) Jack: Fuck You guys! NONO Ken: Yeah I extra Win! Jack: sudden Death First to reach the-Pewds: – Zero fucking points . Jack: yeah uhuh. ok. What I cant read that ? Ken: what? Brad: It said first to reach the Ugh ee aagh ultimate chicken. Jack:It said sudden death, but then it said we won anyway! Oh yeah oh yeah suck on my tail! Touch my tail bitch! time like they were see well and myself
and level again how it works now okay calm and I tried to get that off I have a penis in my hand what are all
air Jack what is feeling get it sends out Spikes he likes what i have here if you touch it you die a barrel right bro 2012 Felix you bad now and
again you know my gin is my guess Jennifer’s don’t think lucky fucking
universe yeah she’s in your game due to pine away so you can see all and all
right yeah good you said it should have
sparked you can hang son of a bitch I say it but I don’t watch it every
chance I got da what I don’t have three so if if you make the level too easy to
get no points no it’s there’s no point to it I’ve actually black all black hole baby
what is this it’s a spare tire in a box that hair in
a box that’s all I had a way by an iron and ironing my back hurts are we playing ok I thought is just a hair what is this
and they tell if any are getting married another one to compare and survive this we’re already here today we oh yeah Ken I don’t like you said to me what is
the black Felix what do you think the black hole this is
circle again again hey guys could come up come up here and dance by the pole to
pole dance with us right now yeah yeah yeah where the bm’s are my American
platforming skills are coming in handy you’re American I’m American too you
know are you as an official Sarah Jessica
Parker Parker what the fuck are the portals all good
on white why we all die (Untranslatable Noises) I got sucked in the hole let’s make it
hard Sarah Jessica Parker Archie’s right it
don’t you Sarah please my present aside yeah in
the city Sarah Jessica Parker couldn’t handle the
shame of having a sheep fucker god damn it Ken how did you do that? 46 and How’d you get past the blackhole? you know I just had to get that black
kind of like it go it other black holes the guy don’t know ok
nothing good wife that’s how I judge yeah everybody subscribe to cinnamon
toast Ken you know I come on really i’ll put it there don’t do me like that what the fuck
blonde destroys the trial was right that for the next round you Kennedy probably are the fucking
spikes god damn it haha they’re trying to board air and fuck your teleporter! haha erin was helen georgia and this is
the definition of beating a dead horse up and I was like wow grab the end up fucking what he was up
with the she write – Sarah Jessica Parker god dammit 10 did it wrap your head I gotta call me not even
Felix Pete me and the ultimate chicken you’re the ultimate chicken pray that is
that all the levels that we beat the game that it now if we go back into
rooftops question marks in here now if you get ? boxes you get you left or maybe new item oh those could be a
new father uh so you guys see a box on screen LCD box no there’s a box up there in the middle
on my screen no box 3 :I’m
looking for the box how we gonna make this it’s the boxes right there dude
with the first nice no everyone has different boxes if
you see any boxes hey there I have better I like I heard sex with
but you can adjust the level anyways just died no haha uh-huh I just can’t take a terrible
cheap rule breaker ready good has not been renewed for another season goodbye Cruel world! well I can’t put this on you
where we gonna put it on something I guess further my dear God I’ll guide that i
had a dude did I got there wow I’m gonna get my box is really try
Sarah Jessica Parker the guy likes and great I don’t have Sarah Sarah everyone just goes into one box our one chance of salvation don’t put
don’t destroy the box blow it out of the child enrolled at all that’s not going to do any better ok I fucking know yet it’s doable but it’s not easy it’s like it’s like it’s like Felix it’s
doable but not easy why can’t you just try that now haha
hope you know what screw this thing yeah jesus pieces what you get if you’re not sorry enough
back that’s right chill your own trap sure yes yeah Wow but that record Wow sick and so it’s like that one run is that
means in the keyboard yeah look at my 60 games oh yeah oh yeah oh you’re am i right out
of the trap of you gadi got a bomb guys fuck this thing you
just blew up our only fucking chance i can jump I can give it to you baby check it out of shape honking fakes with you excited Jessica Parker doesn’t like what is that
letter size between Brad you gotta sprint back and there it is scary grabbing no no no yeah yes someone to
lead someone I don’t like ooh nuts raccoons don’t have met Jack United
States you they have seven nuts therefore nuts in a good position to
read a little bit there again you get a comeback this tragedy haha oh yeah haha alright lyrics to it Felix you want you want to beat me let me
check a boy well I do it haha you’re getting shot is that killing
me what’s going on what’s going on oh god i was like ‘i on my speed that he
was just breaking on your head everybody knows you don’t shape with
arrows ok ken you’re not winning this one why I’m
saying fireballs up taking everything so far –
it’s not something a suck but what we gonna blow up can blow you a baby come
here Oh perfect price so sexy I’m turned on now you like that so much hey that was my ladder dude oh yeah ok i always miss through the fucking a
blank no yeah they come on one leg that was
screaming but you killed by yet Jack : Ya. yesing say that Brad : you can take are pointy end the raccoon there’s but don’t know what
I think charts you are the ultimate raccoon congratulations also raccoon thank you
are healed I’m gonna go eat your garbage now the all the good old man too bad I
am at this game called said Jessica Parker Felix : we’re just gonna party like roc- with
mom trying to go ahead and work out what Jack : What are you? ok there’s an elevator in this level is
also glass on the left and right when you write that you got there ok alright that’s cool then let’s do
something sexy Michael let’s make a hole you got to go
through Nona like that oh sweet Jesus switchers know it turn it
upside down so they meet in the middle that’s what I was trying to tell can but
he doesn’t know how to switch is not switching yeah I guess offers there you go oh
Jesus haha that’s all it’s just you’re bored
right now yeah whatever maybe they will still
swing around yeah and now this is good oh yeah true
good good good what is a bunch of bear a little better
later Oh animated hurry up everywhere not shit everybody is playing everybody I we’re
friends but your area where we do i went back man anyway the bikes look at like yeah raccoon and Brad you didn’t hate it I
could be anybody all right guys yeah hey brad is not a suck at my house
you’re like I Felix ready to pick one addiction down for you what the fuck am I cannot get through
that really fuck hello friends everybody on the elevator so there’s just no way somebody’s lobby oh shit oh shit oh wow Oh Erica your such as you must understand I gotta
push more than win what the fuck you can buy it all in yeah
this is this not write Brad’s winning it is the prophecy Sarah Jessica Parker okay i’m gonna be a total ass bag you always are actors no need to stay at
uh haha body ah fuck even is do more push the button don’t need the button anymore I don’t
think oh god am I gonna get crushed I’m gonna get crushed but I don’t want to get crushed ya your
foot with that name ok ok how how are you and how do how
just like by Jack damages and Jessica Parker yes the girls and I repeat it but you
don’t have the space but instead you’re like I finally figured out how to
fucking run it’s not god damn i have too late it I
wanted well guide me o job easy too easy all right i could I don’t have any
pictures of the challenges on oh god oh god oh god I’m scared I’m
scared I’m scared a shit yeah what you get when you get key oh oh god oh god oh god that I are alive
but what the fuck my dad pitches Wow wait for me jack I wait for you guys
I’m waving at you place a wave Felix way like it then yeah if your
character is all weird on my screen is your only flying again you’re gonna fuck
your mouth irish yeah i’m an engineer would make me
I don’t know you anymore 00 01 in your neck how come when i finish this is too easy
fuck this game your be your lil baby now black that shit during the trapped off what now haha going to trap guys shit fucking wheel moved over how was
that supposed to know ready and push the elevator button god why not let it go
you guys make this so fucking hard now and Sarah Jessica Parker I don’t push
buttons for people have there you go out you know yes or no Kiki cares what kind
of moves on his own a little bit pushed you off do it Brad and squish damage
practice though i have a price and focus becomes a couple fucking kidding me press B to give up i don’t know if i
didn’t wait but with the elevator but a little will do sir there you go for a boy that
don’t die on the last night yeah my victory is assured but I don’t
know oh no I’m having a really hard time
going to use it for your bombs at the police in the shit get rid of all of
this nonsense Oh No over the fuck this is that what
that was I don’t difficult yes this is the most important one he’s
thinking how can I be the biggest asshole right now i will get rid of that
thing yeah it was fuck I just disappear God
dang it are good hopefully you guys died in a
fire every single one of them all of them all of them died all of them dead all of them that yes
make the same mistake I did make the same mistake make the station Jackson
machine that damn elevator again ok let’s hear it good job right here we
get the elevator prank I get the elevator it’s coming guys don’t worry the
elevators on though you think you can win that you go fast good job I got the job guys – I’m stuck
in some goop everybody died everybody everybody
please yes fuck what counts squish yeah get rekt
bet huh you got hope you die all the bullshit I
never die and bullshit I promise I will see you later who don’t
get mad oh my god Brad if you told me you
couldn’t die right now i have sex with you right now but I promise but I will never have a better night
okay is the best don’t remember yeah fuck yeah push more than me let’s fuck they would have class oh wait
I gotta shit I gotta push me when you would be fun to fly you bitch fuck you
fuck you fuck you guys the daddy pants are on some fuck shit up
the daddy pants this box is here at home yeah boy my brand-new it McCoy now you saw it you
bitch shit jack my asshole after that you do that yeah I hate life
that I warmed it up before Jack butter up your pooper was trying to get your
ass hold him no respect for setting that prison yes what that you can feel like share hey
where have you been Kristen much man push me do you know
where to push you in good keep it up sheesh you can’t see a
jessica parker killing rapidly about haha Nene well my mother did rap ha ha ha hey when you talk Sarah good guys I’m
the coin or a girlfriend Jesus Christ let the horses going
everywhere and no one gets all the pieces strike what you know about this connection like
sequins no definitely dad I can’t upload this
video to the Internet Sarah Jessica Parker sex tape that’s going to be the title of this
video and now we’re gonna text panel right well thank ya there Jessica Parker
sex tape there no new level we like climb over laughs right 11 last
farm to rule them all one last farm wait we already were in creo que the
Fellowship of the farm now you can put down any transfer pricing whoa do you like all fire extinguishers Brad I think it’s like our or something
for you can remember fire extinguishers why would you put on
fire – why would you be so lame like that little lane and your mind let’s go with it we really only have
fire extinguisher or fire hydrants y square oh no wonder area yeah Sarah yeah you know dad share and this
is too hard now I can’t do it oh wait yeah I forgot we
could do the back at ya hey what the fuck is this I’m being blended yeah correct new cases and smack the bleep out oh I
get rain hey the rain make it rain on the throne
necrophilia me no smell wait yeah should hold be let you pick me
up are you trying to trick me ah ha ha I like it got there was a project of
this is too easy yeah my traps worked here a good trapper I got points for killing myself you
could try out that haha so beautiful he did with it ah not racist you must travel over Frodo I can’t do it
yeah and ass it’s not gonna work travel east beyond
the tire in a box wrote her yeah look to my calling i first life
since the first day I looked a little tired of my saggy ass fucks think this
is intense I can’t even get back up here now it’s
just like camping camping and what about the ladies what’s that supposed to be
hard to get past the shed the third one and again five before gay can we get in here yeah yeah yeah fuck just happened Bobby to give up when
I as you die Thank You game they know how to get you
this is not going to work . to . that’s a nice bail Brad you from the north with
the hood up that’s where I’m problem laminates door
line did buy every fuck my ass all ok here you get it oh yeah go find inspiration oh nice just wave my hands get to bank
the ass that’s what i want to share Jessica you
can do it for fucks sakes I just run to the right all right here we got you buddy nah he’s
all the white oh oh don’t wash that ass oh yeah um I
don’t really that Japanese toilet ass baby fuck yeah but I’ve been better for them
mmm get off my fucking want to do is fuck this i’m going to like hold this
isn’t this is literally impossible no no it’s never been passed to go go haha yeah check what am I done you fucked us all yeah no don’t get second hand wash at it is
up to I now I’m okay oh not talking I don’t care hi now Secretary of the black holes on
the points yeah no no huh I’m holding be to give up
unlike i’m only going to sacrifice myself for the black eye . if it not wow that is full of water yes Walker water bitch to me yeah that’s
what it’s like feelings i find me hey I did it and I made the goal no I
didn’t work at all my other way maybe i’ll try . you this is me . the
trap is magical apply calls reckon everyone man no one
died from it what are you talking with you God can we get even get through there at all? Jack: No so I’m going to make it possible with a
door Felix no, Felix no and even the sheep, even the sheep looks sad 🙁 that lip arrow Pewds: You guys don’t wanna see?
No. Fuck sake. Pewds: It’s what you get Jack Now we’re screwed! I must make it to the black hole for the sacrifice! FUUUUUUCK! How did I die on that godammit?! Jesus Pewds: Waddup fools! Brad: Did you make it? person 1 you stole my coin you dick I put that coin de as mom all right I
shouldn’t have died but I died right so just keep forgetting the water where Leo
yeah what the fuck are you doing Sarah
sacrifice myself wait you so much effort myself via only black box I mean Felix thanks Sarah Jessica hi I think it you
in a few days . when Jesus Christ yes bo first Reese – you’re the ultimate
chicken and chicken one first to reach the moon what did it added it k 1 yes yes oh god
yes oh yeah yeah no go to come in tomorrow
me we are in the penthouse magicdisc oh look New York apartment so I know what
happens if you stand just behind the business haha wait there yeah baby yeah this is the point of party get up here
and then you can go back and love you hey hello yeah I know so where are you
massively giving up that Jack’s Outro Starts to Play and that’s the end of UCH (Ultimate Chicken Horse) somebody that one of you little brat
this please myself in the rest yeah yeah I know the night sky let me be
a part of all of my tail *sniff* *sniff* Heheheheh

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  1. I sometimes think how determined to be on camera together when theyre all at one house but then I remember British countries are small like Indiana small.

  2. fun fact: I ate chicken while watching this that being a chicken sandwich, chicken sticks with cheese inside, and cheese inside of chicken balls

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    ,; gkmfrkmlvkmvfmkofk tehghhttghtrthrghhyhyr trhbrebhybrtntr

  4. Whenever Jack wishes for the others to lose the game, It just happens, It also happened on the other video of Ultimate Chicken Horse.

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