SUPER HORSE Episode #1 | Presented by FXated |
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SUPER HORSE Episode #1 | Presented by FXated |

August 17, 2019

(high intensity music) – Just in I’m standing
outside the Confederate Bank which has been partially destroyed after a botched bank robbery. The criminals are as of now unknown. Oh my god it’s Super Horse! – What happened? You weren’t suppose to blow up the bank! What are you doing? (distant whinnying) (horse snorts) What the hell? – Giddy up little horsie
I’m gonna cut you. (whinny) (electricity crackling) (horse snorts angrily) (distant screams) (energy blast resonates) (electricity crackles) – I was just trying to
cash a check man honestly I don’t know what happened! (flames swirl) (demonic horse whinny) (body thuds) (police sirens) (dramatic music) – This the third time in one week that Super Horse has saved the day. Today our favorite crime
fighter has thwarted a heist that left the Confederate
Bank partially destroyed. The manager has reported
a 1.5 billion dollar loss. Today we have a citizen
who watched it all happen. Sir can you tell us what you saw? – I mean it was wow! It was crazy! I mean he flew in from up there and then her crashed down and there’s smoke and fire… (suspenseful music) (whinny) (high energy techno music)

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