SUPER HORSE – Episode #2 | FXated Presents |
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SUPER HORSE – Episode #2 | FXated Presents |

August 20, 2019

(light country music) – And the murderous pigeon
is still on the loose. In other news, the money
stolen during last week’s heist is yet to be found. According to a police representative, Super Horse, the city’s fearless vigilante is the main suspect on the case. Eyewitness reports claim
that the mysterious horse fled the scene of the crime at the moment the duffle bags full of
bank money disappeared. (door knocking) The police have reached
out for any information regarding the location
of the stolen currency, but first– (dramatic music) (door knocking) (door creaking) – Hey ah, Mister um, Horseman, uh. I gotta deluxe, uh, pizza for you. That’s it, yeah, there we go. (Super Horse whinnies) Oh, well maybe, maybe you’d like a slice of jus- (box falling) Justice! Super Horse, you are
under arrest for the theft of 1.5 billion dollars and
one count of public indecency. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you neigh can and
will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, and if you can’t afford one well, well I know you can afford one. Cuff him. Hands behind your back. Turn around slowly, Super Horse. (loud smack) (exploding) (dramatic music) (guns firing) (bullet whizzing) (gun cracking) (dramatic music) (punching) (punching) (heads banging) (whip cracks) (whip cracking) (inhaling and loud exhale) (footsteps) (intense music) (footsteps) (horse neighs in the distance) (door creaks) (music intensifies) (gunshot) (neighing) (helicopter approaching) (slow heartbeat) (whip cracks) (helicopter blades juddering) (upbeat electronic music)

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