SUPER HORSE – Episode #3 | FXated Presents |
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SUPER HORSE – Episode #3 | FXated Presents |

August 10, 2019

– The valiant steed that
once protected this city is in custody after a
scuffle with the SWAT team. It’s a moment like this when we wonder, What is next for Super Horse? Oh my God! (screams) (metal clinking)
(inmates chattering) – Super Horse, you have visitors. – Scram, Officer. It’s time for the big boys. Hi, my name is Agent Simon and this is my junior
protege, Agent Samantha. – Sam. – And, we are in the FBI. Maybe you’ve heard of us. – We have an offer for you, and listen up ’cause it’s
a very good offer, okay? The FBI needs your help. We are in super crisis
mode, all hands on deck. If you help us, we’ll get you
outta this little jail cell, and pull back the reins of the police. – [Both] What do you say? – Ah, thank you, Super Horse. You made a very good decision. Now, we’re gonna put you
up in a different location (Sam sneezes) Super Horse, we believe
that the group of terrorists is your old gang that you
used to run around with. And their leader is your old rival. Super Unicorn.
(neighs) (melancholy music) – You broke him. – Precisely. (dramatic music) (glass shattering) (dog whimpering) (gunfire popping) (dramatic music) (glass shattering) – The sounds of fighting
could be heard from outside, leaving many to wonder
what will happen next. Oh my God, it’s Super Horse! So, tell us Super Horse,
what’s next for you? (dramatic music) (upbeat music)

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