Super Swimmer Dogs Save Lives: SUPERPOWER DOGS
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Super Swimmer Dogs Save Lives: SUPERPOWER DOGS

October 19, 2019

ELLIE BEDFORD: I could trust my life with these dogs, most definitely.
DAVID PUGH: Their superpower is their overall strength. COMM: Meet the Newfound Friends – the charity group whose dogs who are super strong, super
sensitive, super swimmers. ELLIE BEDFORD: They are an incredible breed and they just know when someone is in trouble
and needs rescuing. COMM: The group of water loving giants have been working with vulnerable children and
adults for over 26 years, teaching water safety through mock rescues. ELLIE BEDFORD: These dogs are so supernatural, they are just like from another planet. And
they are gentle giants, they know when they got to be careful and they know when someone’s
got a disability and they need to be a little bit more sensitive with them. They’re very
sensitive dogs, they do know. COMM: Weighing in at up to 150 pounds, these gentle giants have webbed feet, which compliment
their unique way of swimming. DAVID PUGH: They swim in a different action to most dogs. They don’t do a doggie swim,
they do more of a breast stroke, four-wheel drive swim. It gives them immense power. DAVID PUGH: They are the powered dog – pulling people, pulling boats. They are unique without
a shadow of a doubt. They are the number one K9 swimming champions by no mistake. I’m
a trained lifeguard and try to rescue one person, and it’s fairly difficult, to do two,
okay you can just about pull it off. When you see these dogs pulling 9-10-12 people,
that’s something no man can do. COMM: The Newfound Friends have even been honoured by the Royal Life Saving Society
for their life saving skills and promotion of water safety. COMM: The organisation is currently training the next generation of these superpower dogs. ELLIE BEDFORD: So this is Yoda and he is 16 weeks old. He is still in training. At the
minute, we’re just making it all a game, all fun. so that he really enjoys himself. ELLIE BEDFORD: So he is learning to go out and fetch something and hold things in his
mouth. Because obviously when he is older, he’s gonna have to jump and rescue someone
either by pulling in the ring or pulling in the torpedo. ELLIE BEDFORD: B’s superpower is that she loves to jump from the boat and her jump from
the boat is amazing. And she just loves to do hand rescues in particularly from the water.
So, she will grab you, hold your hand and bring you into safety. I enjoy the love that
dogs have for the water, their excitement seeing people, their excitement when you pull
them. It’s just great fun. Let the dogs do what they love. DAVID PUGH: They are the best without a shadow of a doubt and we love them. DAVID PUGH: I could trust my life with a Newfoundland. COMM: Superpower Dogs is a giant screen 3D movie, which will feature more amazing working
dogs, like the Newfound Friends.

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  1. I'm going to be doing that because September 8 I'm going to jump in the same spot as the girl did and then Newfoundland is going to rescue me and it's going to be really fun and everyone should sign up to do it because right now they have 16 people who want to do it the owners of the uniform and said they want 30 so please sign up to do it and you're probably meet me there

  2. i have a 5 month old newfoundland and i think hes big right now its gonna be funny looking at pictures of him right now and like 4 years later

  3. My Grandfather told me they had one on a fishing schooner he worked on that his uncle owned. He said he had to be almost 200 lbs. Yes a schooner it was in 1916, my grandfather was 16 and they sailed off the coast off Newfoundland where he was born as was I.

  4. 1:14 I'm tearing up from laughter. I don't know what it is, but everytime I see the dog jump into the water it makes me laugh.

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