Sweden detains rapper ASAP Rocky after street brawl
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Sweden detains rapper ASAP Rocky after street brawl

August 11, 2019

Sweden detains rapper ASAP Rocky after street brawl US rapper ASAP Rocky has been kept in custody by a Swedish court following a street brawl in Stockholm  A Swedish court on Friday decided to keep US rapper ASAP Rocky in custody on suspicion of assault after he was arrested in connection with a street brawl in Stockholm  The 30-year-old artist was detained earlier this week with three other people following Sunday’s incident which was partly captured in a video published by US celebrity news outlet TMZ  The rapper, who was in Stockholm for a concert, can be seen throwing a young man into the street then aiming several punches at him while the man is on the ground  ASAP Rocky — whose real name is Rakim Mayers — on Tuesday posted his own videos on Instagram, which he said showed the lead up to the clash  In those, the young man can be seen arguing with the musician over a pair of headphones, and the artist repeatedly asks that the man and his friends stop following them  One of the four people arrested, a bodyguard who was also suspected of assault, was released Wednesday and the investigation against him was closed  Swedish prosecutor Fredrik Karlsson on Thursday filed a request with the Stockholm District Court to keep the rapper and two others in custody owing to “a flight risk and a risk that if released, they could sabotage the investigation”  The court said Friday it did not feel there was a risk he could sabotage the investigation but agreed there was a “flight risk”  – Less serious offence –  The prosecutor had originally asked the court to detain Mayers on suspicion of aggravated assault, but the court opted for assault, a less serious offence  Karlsson told reporters after the decision that he still felt the incident amounted to aggravated assault  “That’s because there are multiple people attacking a person that is lying down and that it seems they also used weapons,” Karlsson said  Mayers can now be held in custody for two weeks while the case is investigated. After that, it would require another hearing to extend his detention  Henrik Olsson Lilja, the lawyer representing Mayers, said he would appeal as soon as possible, adding that he was surprised the court considered his client a flight risk  “I really don´t understand why the court would find that, because this is a very famous artist of course, and he would be glad to come back to a court trial later on,” Olsson Lilja said  He added that he saw the court’s decision to lower the degree of the offence as a partial victory  “At least we won part of it”, he said.  The rapper was on a European tour and was scheduled to perform in Dublin and London this weekend  He has already had to cancel shows in Norway and Poland.  Mayers was born in New York and had a breakthrough in 2011 with the release of the mixtape “Live Love. ASAP”. He followed that up in 2013 with the debut album “Long. Live. ASAP” Share or comment on this article: Sweden detains rapper ASAP Rocky after street brawl e-mail Sorry we are not currently accepting comments on this article

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