SWEDISH COMMENTARY (w/ Subs) Amnesia: Custom Story – Part 1 – The Small Horse I
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SWEDISH COMMENTARY (w/ Subs) Amnesia: Custom Story – Part 1 – The Small Horse I

August 17, 2019

H-h-how’s it going bros? My name, is PEEEWDIEPIE. Going to do this commentary in Swedish. Many people asked for it, I made one before. It was really popular, you know. Oh well! **reading the text** I don’t actually talk like that It feels really wierd to.. HEEEY, A BOAT! 😀 ..**Sings lonely island** This boat, is the best boat ever! 😀 Swedish it is… ok. BOAT!!! ..you need a name… What should we name you? We give you a viking name, since you’re a viking boat! I think we should name you Sven.. after Sven Ingvars (Old Swedish Band, Google them xD) Heeey! 😀 Herr Stol: Hello Pewdie c: Herr Stol: I-I can’t talk Swedish, so I hope it’s alright if I talk English. That’s fine Mr Chair. Mr Chair… Mr Chair.. You should learn to speak Swedish, you know. It’s the greatest… **tries to translate to Swedish** I need to correct it. Sven! What have we done? Are we trapped here because of a living being? Well that sucks.. Sven: I know.. I know.. it sucks… Sven: But what should you do, I mean I try.. Sven: We’ve been together for a long time now, Pewdie and now we can’t even leave this room. Sven: Well me, that makes no sense. We must find a key now. Okey Sven, but where’s the key? WHERE’S THE KEY! Mr Chair, do you know where the key is? Herr Stol: I don’t know Pewdie, I-I’m sorry! I don’t have the key, I promise! Heey, oil! c: Do we have a key here? I mean… Damn that fucking key, where could you be? Could you be underneith this bed? Nope! Could you be underneith this thing here? … Nix Pix Yeeeeees, A Tone Bone. Damn thats nice.. A Tone Bone… Okey Sven, It’s time to leave. Sven: Oh how nice then, fricking love our time together! Sven: There’s a lot of people who like Stephano.. But I’m a fricking boat so I mean… Sven: I don’t want to go there pewdie.. I’m going to be completely fucking honest when I say it. Well hello to you! How are you doing? 🙂 No, no, fucking dick! Ah.. What the fuck was that, fuck… okay Sven: What the hell is going on? Now I changed my accent to, well thats great! Sven: Those we’re from Zelda, you know? Have you played Zelda? Sven: Awesome game in my opinion! Sven: You, it was really nice to meet you! Erm.. Sven: Now you have to go in there, so have fun and I’ll see you soon! Hehe, It was nice meeting you… Mr.. Sven, Sven was your name.. I will remember what you… Ugh, fuck thats nasty! ugh, UGH BLEEHH, DAMN, **Spits** BLEEERGH, blä ugh! BLERGH AH, They are… UGH! How the hell can you be so many? Knights: Hello? What the…? I don’t trust! I dont think.. (fails translating) I don’t trust them! **Sings: Di Leva – Vem ska jag tro på?” (Who should I trust?)** AAAAH!! BUUUEEH, A pig! D: Piggeh! Why?? *laughs* why? Why does he do that? Why?… Oh! AAah, stop!! What the…HEUH Aah, I don’t even know anymore… I don’t even know anymore. Mr Chair! Tell me what’s going on! Herr Stol: I don’t know pewdie, I’m sorry! NO! I can’t speak Swedish but.. Game: **I’M GOING TO RAPE YOU!** Lovely… That was fantastic! Mr Chair was that you?? Herr Stol: No! I would never! I would never say that to you! I would never talk back to you! Didn’t think so.. Herr Stol. AAH! What the hell? Okey… Let’s continue here then.. really.. PIGGEH!! :D:D Piggeh: Yeah I’m pumped! But you know, I’m just hanging.. I’m just hanging around, because I’m a dead pig! Alright, nice! Fucking lovely you know.. Ah, we have the key.. awesome. Aha? It doesn’t work, what trickery? Do I have a sanity potion? Yes I do! Nice, NICE! Alright let’s go in here. Hallo? Is there somebody here? What the hell? What the hell?! Alright en picklock, well thats lovely! Okay, so.. I DON’T TRUST YOU! Gtfo! Goddamn pussy. Alright, then we use a picklock. NOPE! **lols :D** Alright, doing pretty well so far! Unfortunatly I can’t record for more than 7 minutes. Takes such fucking long time to add subtitles. What the hell is going on? I mean, what the hell is… Okey, fucking fun. I’ve always wanted to be in a room that has doors in the ceiling. I think that is fucking nice. Goddamn, I miss Sven, he was awesome! Ah, come on. Fuck sake! Herr Stol! What’s going on? **fails at translating to Swedish** Goddammit it’s too difficult, fuck it! I DON’T TRUST YOU! STOP IT PIKACHU! Knock it off, for fuck sake I need to enter! STOP, He’s coming!!! I thought we were friends! Goddamnit! Aha, what the hell should I do then? Pokéball! Give me! Ugh, What the fuck! Fuck this map is bugged! Aah, I started talking english! Goddamn! Ah, seriously?? Fucking lovely Ah come on! This is getting fucking retarded. What do we have here then? STOP IT! Mr Chair do something! FUCK I’m not gonna look through all of these. What the hell is going on? Seriously! What the hell is going on? Ah okay what do we have here? Noo what did I do? Sup, Martin? How you doing? Alright, I’ll let you do that, fucking fun! Then we go here.. No that wasnt funny! I think thats enough for today! eeuh, Like and Favorite…. pussy I don’t even know what I’m talking about. If you enjoyed! Erhm… And we’ll meet tomorrow! Subscribe become a bro and… I dont fucking know.

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  1. Im From Sweden And Its So Weird Hearing Pewds Talk Swedish.. xD
    Also Dont Ask Why I Commented So Late… :I

  2. Dose pewdiepie ever realize he was holding the boat from windwaker
    Edit: I realized this was influenced by zelda XD

  3. When pewds foregut speak Sweden 😂 i don't speak Sweden it IS My second language 😂😢 Jag kan inte Tala svenska

  4. 2:22
    Pew: "Do we have a key hereee??"
    "I-I mean…"
    "Jävla nyckel fanskap"

    Such a good translation 😂😂😂

  5. 1:04 OMG I just randomly click on this part then out of nowhere he's calling the boat SVEN!?


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