Swimming Horses In Bonaire | Beautiful Caribbean Horse Riding Trail
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Swimming Horses In Bonaire | Beautiful Caribbean Horse Riding Trail

August 18, 2019

Hey guys, how’s the game going? So today we’re going to be riding a horse into a lagoon. We’re going to Washikenba Ranch on Bonaire
and we’re going to be riding a horse, just going around, seeing what’s going on
and then you come out to some big lagoon. And apparently the horses like,
swimming in there and playing, and just messing around in the lagoon
because it’s nice and cool and the island’s so hot. So we’re gonna go down there now, get on a horse, and take it into the lake, I guess. so the last time I actually rode a horse, or… …”ridden” a horse? “rode” a horse? So the last time I actually rode a horse was about 8 years ago in Australia, and I was on a farm in the outback. And basically the farmer guy just put me on the horse and didn’t really say anything so I didn’t really know what to do. So I just kind of sat on the horse
and just let it do whatever it wanted to do, so it just walked around the ranch and that was it, really.
I just sat on it, and didn’t do nothing. So I’m gonna have to see what it’s gonna be like
this time. Hopefully I can try and control the horse
at least a little bit. See how it goes. We’re off.
Poco Poco. I’m really curious to see what this lagoon is going to
look like when we come out. I assume you just get a ride and then it all just opens out into the big lagoon. This horse is seeming pretty chilled and just…
I’m not really doing anything, I think it’s just following the other horses to be fair. To speed up, I’m going to squeeze the legs,
I’m going to give it a squeeze to see what she does. Oops. Not that bad. Some of these cactus trees are huge. It’s actually really relaxing riding a horse.
I’m surprised. I can just basically just sit here,
and not even hold the reins if I wanted to. I think I can see the lagoon now a little bit, maybe. Is that the lagoon down there?
-Yeah. OK. Nearly there. Lean forward and swing your right leg over to this side. Nice. Good horse. It’s a nice rest time for the horses, is it? -Yeah. We then take them in the water.
You can go swim with her. Alright.
-OK? So a few of the horses getting into the water now,
we’re going to get in, join in. See what’s going on.
Looks like they’re loving it. -WINDY…!- When it’s swimming, it’s really weird. You can feel like, the legs going through the water.
Like dog paddling. Crazy. Really good. You can see the saddle. So we just got back from riding the horse now,
in the lagoon and stuff, swimming on a horse. It was crazy.
It felt like I was doing the bull riding, you know, in a bar. Like when you had a few shots and you get on the bull. It’s really…. it was insane. But we did the ride and it was really good,
it was peaceful. I enjoyed it much more than I though I would,
I got to be honest. So that’s the Washikenba Ranch on Bonaire. I’ll see you in a bit.

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