Swiss Blading Trailer | Inline Skating Documentary
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Swiss Blading Trailer | Inline Skating Documentary

October 4, 2019

It’s like a drug, like a trip. I can put on my blades and just kind of fly away. Nowadays I couldn’t even imagine a life without skating. I personally need the kick. It’s rad – snowboarding too, inline skating. People that could slide down rails and curbs… Then I thought: ‘I want to do that too!’ It gives me a feeling of freedom. Frontflips down stairs and things like that… Well it’s just cool, you drink beers and smoke weed. Alcohol and drugs exist in almost every sport It’s a part of it somehow – unfortunately Knocked out theeth, broken arms, broken ankles – things like that occur. Then I’ve done a header from 5 to 6 meters straight into the ground.

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