Symptoms Of Colic In Horses // Versatile Horsemanship

October 13, 2019

in this video I’ll show you some
symptoms related to colic and what we did to get this horse comfortable I’ll
start by giving you a little bit of a background on this horse this is Floyd
and Floyd is an 18 year old paint gelding he’s about 16 hands and 1,200
pounds and I have been caring for Floyd for the last about 10 years I also have
known Floyd for a few years prior to that we don’t know of any situations
where he has colic Tinh the past and this is the first time in my care that
he’s ever acted this way I noticed Boyd Lane in the pasture shortly after I put
hay out and that is not typical at all he is he’s typically up eating with the
rest of them now the way that he’s also keeps looking back at his side and
occasionally laying down flat just leads me to believe that he just wasn’t
feeling so good this video was taken on September 19th it was very warm it was
90 degrees and the humidity was quite high Floyd had a pretty easy day he went
on a short trail ride and then was loaded into a trailer just to practice
loading for an upcoming event so his day definitely wasn’t very strenuous since
Floyd was quietly laying down I just left him be and watched him closely and
he would occasionally get up and then try to eat stretch out a little bit lay
back down he wasn’t trying to roll he was he would sort of stretch out and
scratch around a little bit on the ground but he wouldn’t actually try to
flip over if he had done that I would have I would have taken and walked him
immediately and tried to keep him moving the fact that Floyd is interested in his
hay is a really good sign but the way he stretches out here definitely shows that
he’s uncomfortable after a while of watching ployed and how he was acting in
the pasture I decided it was time to give him a dose of Banamine and bring
him to the arena to walk him around since it was such a warm day and Floyd
was really sweaty we decided to hose him down so his entire body we just really
soaked him with cold water and that really seemed to make him feel better
that along with a lot of walking and letting him just stand and rest quietly
when he needed – in addition to everything we were
doing to keep him comfortable we did make sure to also call the vet just to
give her a heads-up in case we needed her to come out we were thankful that
within a couple of hours flowed was feeling like himself again I hope you’re
able to find this video helpful if you’d like to see more videos like this please
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