Tai Chi Movements : Tai Chi: Part Wild Horses Mane
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Tai Chi Movements : Tai Chi: Part Wild Horses Mane

August 31, 2019

In this sequence we’re going to learn about
part wild horses mane. In the yang style form we do this three times in a row at other times
we just do it as a transition movement. And it’s kind of like a minnie flying diagonal
form but it has a very different energy to it. So if we think that we are going to step
to a corner the idea is we begin as if holding a ball. As we step we don’t want to continue
holding this ball, as this foot comes out going into our forward stance that we’ve already
learned how to do, my hands cross, I scissor my arms in this way. At the same time. So
it follows a basic set of rule of thumb in tai chi which is three things moves at the
same time. Two arms one leg. So this is my fixed leg the other leg is moving, I’m scissoring
my arms, I’m facing in this direction but I’m going to be going there. So now as I shift
I turn and I unscissor, it’s a scissor motion as if this hand is pulling back this hand
is coming forward. And the hand ends up at chest height, palm not completely up not to
the side. Forty five degrees. This hand comes up either by the hip or a little bit back
depending is not critical. I’ve seen it done many different ways. Three quarters in front
of the hip or all the way and open it. The main idea is don’t open too big with this
movement. So as you step you scissor as you come forward, you open up it’s not a very
big movement.

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