Tai Chi Moves : Tai Chi Moves: Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane
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Tai Chi Moves : Tai Chi Moves: Parting the Wild Horse’s Mane

August 29, 2019

Hi my name is Bob Linde and I’ve been practicing
yang style tai chi for about thirteen years now here is St. Petersburg, Florida. So I
want to show you the next move which is called parting the wild horse’s mane. So I’m actually
going to start from the side. And we just practiced the opening of tai chi. So you’ve
learned this one already and the next move, we have a transition move call hold the ball.
And we step out without shifting our weight and then we bring our arm forward as we drop
our right hand down. It’s important to, on the first one to adjust your back foot so
that you can have a proper tai chi step while you do this. You want to make sure that our
elbows are down, our shoulders are relaxed. Our palm is facing our chest, and our other
hand is slightly bent and at our side. And let me show you that one more time. And I’ll
go ahead and show it from the opening of tai chi. So we know this move, hold the ball and
now we are going into empty step and we have parting the wild horse’s mane. We do that
move actually three times in the set. But of course just like with all the tai chi moves
this is actually a martial arts applicable kind of exercise. So we are going to have
our student come out one more time and this is great for somebody who throws a punch we
step out, we can grab the arm and I can come up behind him and control him as we flip him
over the leg. So remember have a good time playing tai chi and find a good tai chi instructor
in your area.

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  1. you didnt flip him over the leg and do you know why? yes thats right you are not sinking in the form. bend your legs and sink. you have lack of spirit also. this is an embarrassment to Tai Chi

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