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Take a Field Trip to a Horse Farm | KidVision Pre-K

August 24, 2019

(light music) (electronic version of
“Old MacDonald Had A Farm”) – Today we are at Condee Horse Farms to find out about horses. – He’s a good horse, so wonderful. – Hi! – Hi, guys, welcome to our farm. This is Shorty. She wants you to say hi. You want them to pet you? She wants you to pet her. Do you know if Shorty’s a girl or a boy? Yes? – A girl? – Yup, very good. A girl horse is called a mare. A mare. – So, these are ponies. What’s the difference
between a pony and a horse? – Horses have to be over 14’2 hands. A horse is measured in hands. So, she would be 13’2. This is her withers, so
when you put a saddle on, when we tack her up to ride her, you have to poof the saddle up so it doesn’t hurt her withers. Does anyone know what this
part of the hair is called? Pablo. – Fur? – Nope, but it starts with an F. This is called the forelock. Okay, the front of the mane
is called the forelock. This little tiny piece
is called the bridal path and then this whole piece
is called the mane, okay? And if we go back here, who knows what this long thing is called? – Anybody know?
– [All] Tail. – Tail, very good. Can you tell me, what is this called? – Hoof!
– Very nice. What is this called? – [All] Knee. – Very good. Who knows what this big thing is called? Giving you a hint, what is this? – It’s her shoulder! – Isiah, you’re awesome. It’s a shoulder, very good. And what are these two things here? – [Child] Eyes. – And what about right here?
– [Child] Nose. Her nostrils, her nose. And what’s this, her mouth. I think she’s getting kinda hungry. So, should we go put her in her paddock so she can go eat her hay? And then I could show
you all about her food. Wanna do that? – Yes, that would be great, thank you. – Who knows what this is?
– [Child] It’s hay. – So, what could hay be that people eat? – Salad? – Say it louder, please, sir. – Salad! – Ding, ding, ding, ding,
Isiah is the winner, yay! – Thank you, now, what
hay is is it’s like salad. They eat it four or five times a day, it’s basically just to fill them up. Does anybody know what this
kind of grain is called? Does anybody know what these are called? Nobody can guess? Pellets, these are pellets. Okay, these are pellets, and they make rabbit
pellets, they make dog, cats, but these are horse pellets. Here, come on over here,
we’re gonna leave this pellets and we’re gonna go on
over to the sweet feed. Go over here and look at the sweet feed. You may pick a little up, smell it. It’s got molasses, oats, corn. Did you try it? If you have to spit it out, spit it in Ms. Penny’s hand. – Mmm, it tastes like oatmeal cookies. – Yes, if you wanted to
make oatmeal cookies, you could make it out of that. Smell this, what does this smell like? See if you can guess
what that smells like? What does that smell like?
– Sugar. Starts with a g, g, what Ms. Penny? – Gatorade.
– Yes. Does anyone know what
this stuff is called? Starts with e,e, it’s in Gatorade. Oh, electrolytes.
– Oh, electrolytes. – Electrolytes.
– What is an electrolyte? – Smell this. Electrolytes, that’s what this is. This is called electrolytes. This is what’s in Gatorade. This makes it so the horses don’t pass out when they
work hard when it’s hot. – [Ms. Penny] Horses need
to be fed two or three times a day; it’s a lot of work. So should we help Ms.
Nancy feed the horse today? – [Child] Yeah.
– [Ms. Penny] Yes. Let’s help her feed them. (circus style music) – Anybody know what’s this called? – Hay.
– I just said it. – What is this amount? Good listener, that’s
called a flake of hay. Ready, one, two, three. Good job! Dunkin and Charm are right here, remember? Here guys. Brennan and Travis are a little extra. You only got to get them
filled up til the next feeding. Okay, what’s this called ehhh? What this?
– Electrolytes. – Good, so they don’t pass
out when we ride them, right? – What is he saying? – Jazzy’s saying feed me,
feed me, feed me right now feed me, feed me please right now. (upbeat banjo music) I’m gonna give you a lesson
as you’re on the horses. So if I say “ho” it means
stop and stand like this. You’re gonna pretend you’re on a horse. If I say “walk” you’re gonna follow Ally, and we’re gonna walk like we’re on horses. – You guys ready?
– Yeah. – Let’s go! – Ho. But also I could trick you and say halt. Halt is also ho. Now you’re gonna go trot. Trot. Halt. Reverse place. And trot, stay way apart. Halt. Left lean; good job guys;
left front foot forward. And then follow Ally. You’re gonna go all the way around, and you’re gonna canter
the white flower box. This is a canter. You see her left front
leg is going forward. This means she’s on the correct lead. Jump your jump and gallop. Gallop, gallop, gallop, go faster. Gallop, faster, faster faster. Now you see how hard it is for the horses so when the horses get tired Isiah, what do they have in their food? Electro
– Electrolytes. – Yay; and now I think it’s
time for you guys to ride. What do you think?
– [All] Yeah. – Jump on three, one, two three. (whimsical woodwind music) – Did you hear Kai neigh, Ms. Penny? – I did; he’s talking to us. – Let’s go.
– Let’s go, let’s rock. Everybody ready to give Shorty a bath? Okay. She’s hot, and we’re gonna hose her off, and then what’s she going to eat? What do you think she can eat? Well right now she’s just gonna eat grass while she cools off. Grass makes her feel better. – Why would we rinse her down? – So she can cool down. – So she can cool down. – Shorty wants to say
goodbye and thank you to you. Say thank you guys for being so nice. Want to give her a kiss
now that you know her? – So nice. – Cause now you guys are friends with her. It’s different than
when you first got here and you didn’t know her. Now you know her. – [Children] Thank you. – [Ms. Penny] Thank you
very much Ms. Nancy. – You guys were awesome. Bye guys, come back any time. (whimsical music)

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