Taking A Bath In Horse Manure (Don’t Lose Your Cool)
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Taking A Bath In Horse Manure (Don’t Lose Your Cool)

September 4, 2019

– Good Mythical special
episode from VidCon! (upbeat rock music) ♪ Game on ♪ – That’s right, we are
backstage at VidCon, in beautiful Anaheim, California and it’s not just because
we wanted to see just how dreamy The Dolan Twins were in person. – No, we also wanted to
surprise some Mythical Beasts in the most Mythical way that we know how, which basically means, putting ourselves in punishing situations and then letting them laugh in our faces. It’s time for “If you drool
you’ll look like a fool and that would not rule
so don’t lose your cool”. Paid for by Hasbro. – We are very excited to let you know that we have partnered with Hasbro to introduce you to some
of their brand new games on this upcoming season of GMM. And there’s also some
more exciting information about our partnership with Hasbro that you’re gonna be
finding out very soon. – But today we’re gonna
experiencing “Don’t Lose Your Cool”. Here’s how it works. One player wears the Cool-O-meter, which reads the player’s heart rate and establishes a baseline. Other players will roll the dice, which will determine some
the actions they will have to perform in order to try to get the active player
to lose their cool. Stay cool, earn the point. Lose your cool and no points are awarded. And, of course, the player
with the most points at the end wins. – We’re sending John, Jen and Chase out to play “Don’t Lose Your Cool”
with some Mythical Beasts. And the Mythical Beasts that
are able to keep their cool are gonna win a surprise from us. Us. We are the surprise. – And after we surprise them, we’re gonna give them the power of choice. They get to choose which one
of us has to endure a strange and unusual punishment to
see if we can keep our cool. – Let’s do this. – Hiya.
– Hello. What’s up? – Repping Canada today, huh? – Yeah, I’m Jen. What’s your name? – Robin. – Welcome.
– Good. – What’s your name?
– Dylan. – Nice to meet you, Dylan.
– Nice to meet you. – Hey what’s your name? – Jameela.
– Jameela? – Yes.
– I’m John. – Calibrate. – Calibrating you over here. (upbeat music) – Alright, your
calibration is ready, okay. Okay, I’m gonna do some squats, here. (fart noises) – Why aren’t you losing your cool? – La la la la lala la. (loud laughter) – I think you might
– No. – lose your cool. – Alright I did it. – You did it.
– You lost your cool. – I’m so sorry Holly. (fart noises) (laughter) – Well… (celebratory sound) – Dude, you didn’t lose your cool. So that means that you win
a really awesome prize. Are you ready? (celebratory sound) – Congratulations, you kept your cool. (celebratory sound) – Oh man, congrats. We are going to take you, you’re gonna get a big prize.
– Alright. – So let’s go. (upbeat music) – Surprise! (laughter) – How’s it going?
– [Link] Come on over here. – Surprise! – [Link] Alex, come on over here, man. – Surprise! – Oh my gosh! – That’s the reaction I was looking for. – Yeah! – Good to see you. Good work.
– Hi, you got shorts on too.
– Right over there yeah. – Thank you.
– I like that shirt. (laughter) – I’m doing so good. – You’re doing so good?
– Good Mythical Morning, man. – You’re so much taller in real life. – You’re here! I’m here! What is happening? – He’s here too. – Congratulations.
– You’re so tall! Oh my gosh. – Hi. – I’m sorry.
– And I’m so what? – Average. (laughter) – Because you kept your cool with Chase, you have won the power of choice. – Oh yeah? – To decide which one of
us will get our legs waxed? – Oh no. – Which one of us is going to hiss our pants? – Now you’ve heard of ants in your pants. – Yes okay.
– But we wanted to up the ante with some hissing cockroaches. – Which is one of us is going to take a manure bath? – As you can see our legs are exposed. – Don’t say anything to
influence him just let him. – It’s a tough choice to make. – Rhett’s got more hair on his legs. – Yeah, ’cause you’ve been trimming yours. – Yeah, I’ve been manscaping my legs. – I feel like you should be punished because you’ve been manscaping. – You know, I think I’m gonna pick Link. (loud laughter) – Yep. – I think it’s gonna be funnier. (loud laughter) – That’s right. – Oh you think I’m funnier?
– Yeah. – When I get waxed?
– Yeah, yeah. – I’m not gonna be funnier! – Come around the back. – I’m gonna be angrier! – We’ll see. – Link, would you like to pick your spot? Or would you like me to pick your spot? – I mean, what is this thing? – And it’s this stuff. – Like one of these. Let’s go with that. – A nice side calf. – For the people at home. – Okay here I go. I’m gonna… (loud exclamation) – That’s a little warm, brother. Hey, Dylan, have you ever been this close to something this stupid? (laughter) – I’ve never been close anyone
waxing their leg before. – That’s a lot man. – There’s a fist time for everything. – Oh gosh, hey that’s
it man. Slam it down. – No the strip is wide. – It’s gonna dry.
– Significantly wider than that.
– It’s gonna dry. Oh my gosh. You’re going the wrong direction. Go down. Such an amateur. – Alright Dylan, hold that. – [Link] Oh gosh
– Will do. – Gosh. Dylan. – How’s that feel? Feels good? – You gotta push hard, if
you wanna get the hair off. My hair is deeply rooted, man. – Okay here we go. – No no no count. Count in like from. – Okay I’m gonna…
– 10. – I’m gonna count from five, okay? – Five.
– Five. (yells) (laughter in the background) – You failed. Look at that. – This is your fault,
Dylan, and I’m thankful. – I bet you I can grab this. – Oh, that actually,
oh, that already hurts. – Yeah I just gotta get… – You’re doing it so slowly. – You want me to go? – No! It’s literally… – Hold on, I just. – I just.
– God, This is the worst. This is even worse.
– Hold on, I just, I just gotta really get. – No!
– Yeah I just get. – No! Just put my leg in a microwave. This is horrible, oh god. You’re pulling out
little hairs one by one! – Here we go. I just gotta get a grip. I’ll go a little bit slower this side. (yelling) – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. (screaming) – Yeah look, here we go, just… (grunting and screaming) – Okay, that’s good, that’s good. You can keep that part. – What are you looking at over there? I’m just a man getting his leg waxed. – Dylan, you can take this as a souvenir. – Sure. – Make a strong, bold Mythical choice. – I feel like I really wanna do Rhett because he’s taller and I’m never going to get to that height but I feel like Link’s reactions
are going to be better. (loud laughter) – Yes.
– But you said… – But! – Rhett. We’re gonna do Link, anyways. (loud laughter) – He got you. – Step in here, Link.
– For real? You can change your mind again, you know?
– Yeah,yeah. – No he can’t. Get in here.
– Wait, where you going? – Now we got some tape here
to cinch it to my thighs, so that the hissing cockroaches
stay in the crotch region. Because…
– Perfect. Exactly how we like them. – Yeah we know what you want. – Yes we do.
– Now you know. Link are you ready? Come on man. – Oh my… (hysterical laughter) – No! – Oh wow. – Spread ’em out. – You spread them out. – They’re like crawling
up now, oh my gosh. – Why did they all go right there? – There we go.
– There you go. That’s the good spot, right there. (yelling) – No!
– That looks juicy! – It secreting something. – One of them got excited. – Oh my gosh.
– Inside of Link’s pants. – It looks like hot sauce. – It’s not hot sauce. – Do they poop hot sauce? Is that where hot sauce comes from? – Why don’t you taste it and see? – Yeah, that’s a great idea. – No Alex, your decisions are done. Oh gosh! – What happe…
– I just, fuck. (screaming) – Oh is it? Oh hold up he’s…
– He’s going up my pants. – Hold on, is one going in?
– I don’t know happened. I don’t know what happened.
– Is one going in? with the tape, but somehow, somehow one is. – Oh god. – Somehow… There’s one. Oh shoot! – Where’s it going? – Okay, we’re done. Okay
Alex, thank you for coming. You did great, alright
I gotta take these off because one is going up my shorts. – Yeah. – Oh gosh. – Hey, hey. – Shh,shh. – Hey.
– Shh. Let her make her own decisions, man. Hey, she chose you, man. – No!
– No! That’s right! The tall one. That’s right. Yes. – Now we’re not gonna make
you do this directly to me. You made the choice but
we’re not gonna make you actually pour manure on me, we’re gonna bring Jen
in to make that happen. So Jen come on in. – Me too, Imma do it.
– Wow. – Okay, can’t wait.
– I’ll just witness this. – Yeah Rafa you can stand there. – Go stand right here, right here.
– Okay. I want you to get a
bird’s eye view of this. – Okay. – Okay.
– Smells great over here. – Oh my gosh, its like… – There’s a fricking fly in it. – Oh my gosh, when you sat in it. – Oh he won’t sit up.
– Listen, I might have some sort of… – It smells like a farm. – Yeah it smells.
– Carbon monoxide situation is happening right here. – Oh this is worse! (yells out of disgust) – There’s more flies. – Oh my gosh. – I need a gas mask. – Oh my gosh. – Good lord. – Don’t get it in my hair,
don’t get it in my hair. (coughs loudly) – I need a straw. Does
anyone have a long tube? – I gotta breathe good air, oh god. (hysterical laughter) – I gotta breath good air
from somewhere, oh gosh. It went in my fricking ear, Jen. – Oh what is that? What is that? That’s a piece of claw. – I’m gonna have a boll weevil in my ear. (screams) – Oh gosh. (struggling to breathe) – Lean back further. – No I don’t want to buried alive. – Okay one more. – Alright Jen, hit him with one more. Like you hit me in the
face with that flour! (Jen laughs) – This is like when I went
to the state fair as a child and walked up behind the cattle. It would be like going up lifting
the tail and just waiting. – Oh my goodness. – I’m so proud of you.
You did such a good job. – Rafa, I’m never going to forget this. – I will never forget this either. – I’ll never forget your name. There’s only one of you. I will find you and I will have manure. – Okay thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing. Tomorrow we got a special
guest hosted episode, The Try Guys so watch for that. And of course we will be back Monday with more Good Mythical Summer. I’m gonna go take a shower.

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  1. They should do an episode where they do the two man bath….but use dookie…
    Who’s with me??!!!😂

  2. Little sad about the game. I have a heart condition which causes my heart rate to fluctuate randomly. I'd lose even if I was "cool". (It also causes me to faint randomly so I'm not allowed to do a lot of things and I have a service dog.) Wish I could have met you guys but I can't travel to any of the places you'll be. Come to MA or NH at some point so I can see you guys and possibly meet you both? I'll have my service dog as a bonus…!

  3. My grandma used to be a hairdresser. And one day she had to clean up wax. But somehow she ended up spilling it all over her. She called her cousins to come get her. So she had to take off her shoes bc of the wax. When her cousins got there they had to carry her and lay her in the back of their truck. Took them forever to take it off me granny.

  4. Aw, the manure's been processed. I washoping they'd use actual road apples for maximum gross-out. This is just stinky dirt. 😛

  5. The fact that almost every single time the winners chose Link for the punishment proved to me one thing; that we are all sadists for Link; wanting to torture him in every way possible for our own personal enjoyment. (doesn't mean we don't love you though 😀 )

  6. As someone who works directly with horses and literally tons of manure every day, I could SMELL the fermented poop. It's pretty bad, but honestly the stuff they put on him was compost at that point. I don't want to be him in that situation, but smelling like horse poop is a LOT better than smelling like cow poop. Now THAT would've been Link's gag reflex-worthy.

  7. Stay in the crotch region
    Gay guy “exactly how we like em”
    Link “yeah we know what you want” smirks at the camera 😆😆😆😆😆


  9. They said one thing about the Dolan Twins and it made me so happy 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  10. As someone who works with horses: horse manure is basically just grass, and that manure has already been composted. It's basically just smelly, nutritious dirt. It's not bad. I was hoping they'd use the real stuff.

  11. Ugh that last girl was nasty afff, bruh her teeth were rlly scary and her eyeliner looked like an infant tried to do it. Lmaoo i can't believe no one is talking ab it.

  12. I have the same shoes as Link. I bought them because #1 I liked them. #2 Link had them. And #3 Grant Gustin has them in gray😊

  13. 10:20 – 10:25
    When my mom keeps spraying my hair with hairspray and gets it on my ear and the rest of my face.

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