Taking Care of Horses: Should You Pick Scabs?
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Taking Care of Horses: Should You Pick Scabs?

August 13, 2019

Hey everybody I just wanted to do a really
quick video on talking about wounds with scabs. Horses get injured all the time they’re always
doing something together, especially these guys they’re always fighting and playing and
goofing off and all kinds of stuff but the other couple of weeks ago Luke here he got
a kick from Lena because he was messing around with her and he wasn’t messing around quite
right and she didn’t like it and she gave him a kick on the inside of his front left
leg. Now, I took a picture of that so I’ll show
you that here and I didn’t do much to it, there really wasn’t much to do to it. It is in a spot that is actually quite hard
to heal up because there is no real meat to it so I knew it would take a while. Look at these guys, see? He’s got to bite him as he goes by.. You really gotta do that? Anyhow, so I knew that it would take a while
because there is not a lot of meat there but it wasn’t a deep abrasion it was bleeding
a little bit, no big deal. A little bit of a natural antiseptic to make
sure that nothing was really living in there and then I just left it. Sometimes you just don’t have anything that
you need.. Is there something I can help you with? Something to do about it, you just let it
be. But the important part is when letting it
heal is don’t peel the scabs off. So a real quick update here, it’s been a couple
of weeks but it looks like that now compared to the bleeding before where you can see this
is just a scab, you know, if I wanted to I could probably peel this thing off.. like honestly man, I don’t know what I smell
like but it must be good. So, I could peel this off and take a look
at what is underneath but this scab here is protecting the wound underneath, I don’t see
any proud flesh going on. He’s thinking he… alright.. So sometime you just gotta be patient. We’ll lift his leg up and get him to stop
doing that. So, even though I’ve left all the crusties
and stuff on here, that’s ok, it’s all just natural protection for the horse. But, not a big deal, but he is sort of saying
“hey, don’t mess with that” and it’s fine, this isn’t anything exciting, couple more
weeks or so and it’ll be long gone. So, he’ll be good. Anyway, that was just a real quick video just
a reminder, don’t pick scabs, let it heal naturally. If I were to take it off it would invite the
opportunity for any pathogens or any dirt, bugs flies, in the summertime they would just
eat it like crazy. If I just leave it alone it’ll heal up just
fine. So, maybe that’s a timely reminder, I don’t
know but I thought I would just put that out there. Thanks for watching

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