Taking Care of Horses : Water Management in the Winter
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Taking Care of Horses : Water Management in the Winter

August 29, 2019

Hey everybody, I wanted to do a quick follow
up video to the last one talking about water. It’s really cold with sub zero, minus ten
temperatures all night long. So let’s take a look at a couple of water
buckets we have going on and they idea I introduced last time. Something to check out, insulation, little
bit on top, barely touched, full of ice, I don’t know if you can see it. There is steam coming off this water. I don’t know if it’s obvious. But, it’s cold, there’s still steam. Anyways, this is solely run, take my clamps
off for a second, you can see here, all I have going on right now in a pinch, is this. It’s an aquarium heater. It’s better than nothing for what we’ve got,
which is pretty much minus ten temperatures all night long. I know there’s supposed to be a Lionel Ritchie
joke in there somewhere but anyways, it’s steaming, the water is so nice and warm and
they are drinking it because this thing was chock a block full last night. So, it goes to show, and I put the cord off
here at the back, the heater is covered, I don’t want the horses getting to it, but in
a pinch when we only have a few days of this super cold weather, keep the ice off of something
so small with a little bit of help with the insulation. Zeus! come here.. What are you doing? You chasing the horse? No barking ok? No. No.. Do something else. Now this water here again which I just kind
of came up with a temporary solution but we have a proper heater in it and power going
it’s twelve hundred watts or so and this, if you can’t see the steam coming off of this
thing. I don’t know. It’s hard to see on this screen but it looks
like a sauna, yeah you can see that. Anyhow, this is lukewarm, this is practically
bathwater right now, it’s working really well, but this is also low, so the horses have been
drinking, we check it every morning, and checking… hi Zeus, what’s going on? Anyways, it’s always important to check your
water when you come out in the morning, fill them up at night time kind of deal, make sure
everything is good when you have sub zero temperatures going on, because you never know,
you want to know how much your horses are drinking, keep track of that, if they are
drinking or not drinking you’ll know that. If you have a lot of horses then it’s a little
bit harder, you don’t really know who’s drinking but I do know that both tubs are missing water. Maybe not a lot but enough that I know that
they are drinking, so that’s good. You always have to check those things out. It’s cold, keep a sharp eye on the water and
what’s happening and that’s looking pretty good. I’m happy with that. This video isn’t about the best type of heater
or the best method to do things, it’s about doing things that’s good for the horse when
you get really cold weather like this. What’s the fastest way, what the easiest way,
what’s the best way you can get water warm or at least kind of ice free, the idea of
insulating the tub works well just on it’s own but sometimes you have to innovate a little
and if you have a little bit of power you can just hook up a little aquarium heater
and having the insulation over top of the tub and over top of the piece on top, you
can reduce the amount of air that can get to the water and keep the water full, the
other things will help, and that’s what we really want to do, so hopefully that helps
a little bit when it comes to taking care of horses and keeping their water drinkable. Thanks for watching.

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