Taking Rosie To The Vet!  Sick pony, part 4 // Versatile Horsemanship
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Taking Rosie To The Vet! Sick pony, part 4 // Versatile Horsemanship

August 15, 2019

hello everybody thanks for tuning in if
you’re new here my name is brandi and what we’ve got going on is a pony that
has been experiencing colic symptoms for a few days I do have the previous videos
listed in the description below if you want to check those out and see exactly
what’s been going on with Rosie so we are loading her up at 6 a.m. on
Wednesday and we’re gonna be taking her to the Wisconsin equine clinic ok so
here we are we are at the gas station we’re just gonna grab a snack and maybe
fuel up we’ve got about an hour and a half before we have to be there so but
she did really really well and she’s a little sweaty but she’s doing good I’ve
arrived took us five hours we went from three feet of snow to no snow and at
home it’s 12 degrees and here it’s 27 degrees in the sunny so amazing what can
happen in just a few hours but here’s the clinic and Rosie is all cozy in the
bag surely is a beautiful facility Michigan
roads Nikki Wisconsin roads shiny salty look at that oh my gosh so bad you can’t
even see the pony in there there’s a pony in there 96 Wow
so the wait tape is a little bit off she means they do 10 – yeah wow that’s good
to know first behind exactly not very far we’ve been – oh I don’t know she’s
maybe been in the trailer a few times this year like she’s like my little pony
you know real-life my little pony see how it she’s stretching out a little bit
now yeah yeah she’s been doing that yep but even more so too scared and she doesn’t feel the feel
of blanket so this is an antral it and this is what
Rosie is being x-rayed for not that size of course but we’re hoping she doesn’t
have stones in her belly you know this looks a little more round but its feed
consistency not like it’s don’t consistent okay so it’s not so they can
get what we call fecal lips yeah Kelly which would be a little bit more of a
feed consistency but this is a very odd area to go live okay so it’s not it’s
not something that I’d be like okay yeah let’s go to the artery based on yes okay
so I think it’s just feed in like her her large colon down there so this is
kind of that same you know so down nice and low and further back again just kind
of feed you know feed consistency in through that large colon there this is
gonna be higher up and further forward now so we’ve got our lung field you know
no big loop so distended intestine or anything like that again just a lot of
feed you know feed consistency so I don’t see stand I don’t see a stone okay
we don’t always see stones some of them are you know are not of a material that
pretty show up so it’s a potential usually those horses they obstruct and
they’re not passing the newer though okay um and I don’t see any sand so what
we’ll do is we’ll get our chemistry that’ll give us an idea okay do we need
to worry about kidney liver you know other other kind of stones okay and then
we can kind of chat from there of what we want to okay um you know
diagnostically we could certainly do ultrasound actin I worry more as high
than low that could just be if she’s had a bit of a punky appetite for the last
you know few days yes you’re both associated with mm-hmm so
not you know scary but a little bit elevated then I do wonder if if we could
you know I’m gonna I’m gonna touch because that’s definitely she’s she’s
the specialist in terms of liver issues on whether she’d be concerned you know
if we need to investigate the liver more with values like this or if that can see
just secondary again to you know not eating well for the last few days or
anything and then CK’s muscle enzymes again a little bit high she’s been doing
a lot of rolling leg down and stuff like that that could just secondary to kinda
being down for okay so after x-rays blood work and all the important testing
Rosie’s levels for her kidney and liver basically is high so they need to do an
ultrasound to check out her liver and kidneys here are the results from
Rosie’s blood work the red are areas of concern that’s where the exam rooms are is the lounge so nice cozy spot will be
here for couple hours I guess the best clip of a horse movie ever within the next couple hours Rosie’s
gonna be getting an ultrasound on her abdomen to see everything that’s going
on inside kidney liver all the important stuff so we’re just sitting around
waiting for that and she’s taking a little little snooze
she’s like well there’s food I can get up for food I know isn’t she a little
sweetie okay you know we because adult horses we
don’t read it you know the only times we radiograph their abdomens typically is
to look for Sander stones okay it’s one of those things of you know it’s it’s
hard to say well how much is normal and how much is you know yeah consider kind
of too much okay we don’t get that much detailing in adults yeah okay so but
when I do you x-ray foals yes when I see that mom sure that granular mm-hm
content it’s usually there they have impact okay injury safety noises and she
shouldn’t be that full okay especially for appetizer is not completely obstructing the past
okay by some okay we can pass gas potential okay okay that’s kind of yeah
and be in an odd location yeah the good thing is now we have it we have our
baseline yes so we can always repeat after so that’s moving and we should
move yes not be like that static okay all the time okay and that’s the problem
we need don’t allow you to call fate them but at we cap you can x-rays
information ultrasound on the limitations are the same I’m limited not
only about precise but mainly because the intestines and things like that you
would have gaps in them so we don’t see a lot beyond it okay ass doesn’t allow
ultrasound yeah fortunately not necessarily the the amount of elevation
correlates with the severity of the disease so you might be just mildly
elevated to okay very significant and vice versa a lot higher and not
necessarily be wrong so in the atacama to sometimes liver can have decreased
function and that’s why you have the but without changes in the architecture the
organs own honest even if it’s normal and ultrasound does
not mean is okay okay yes and I can see about part of it okay I’m looking to see if there’s any
evidence of normal size and architecture so parts of the wargame asses you know
troopers okay her face I don’t expect her to have stones like biliary stones
in our kids will be gallbladder stones and they don’t have a gallbladder so
it’s but she has no bilirubin that’s something we can see as well because she’s tiny yeah that’s fine yeah Oh okey so that goes down into the
stomach yeah okay she’s so good so in that all just empties right out of
her stomach it’s like it’s like okay yeah it’s like forcing her to throw up
in a way like not saying that they can’t oh absolutely okay yeah okay
it’s very very interesting so now here comes the mineral oil okay is there a reason for mineral oil
over other French oil like what’s does it nificant you know just goes pass it
okay okay okay okay oh okay that makes a lot of sense so how long does that typically take to
start working yeah eight or twelve hours out of 24 as well start passing it oh
okay it’ll get down to her colon and probably
in the next time okay interesting I’m still going to be monitoring her manure
okay kind of when that comes through thank you yeah she’s she’s a little doll
thanks for the night she loves the fact that she can see how I’m sure and that’s
a big deal

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  1. Looks like she will be ok soon! Super interesting. Why did you have to take Rosie to clinic for treatment? I'm sorry I may have missed that. Is it because your vet thought it wasn't colic but stones ? If that was the case did he not suspect colic because she was passing some manure? Or do they not treat obstructions at home in your area? Rosie is adorable. I love her name as well.

  2. Rosie is super cute. I bet her summer coat is gorgeous. I am enjoying her story and I hope she is ok.
    Do you have any videos of laminitis – this is something I worry about especially with Spring on the way.
    Thank you ?

  3. IMO ask Dr. Pol because it comes down to 'what can be done', not endless testing; afterall you're not going to give her a kidney or liver transplant, and she's been sickly so muscle breakdown and resultant catabolic reflexive renal/hepatic markers will result naturally. The point is to treat her plumbing not stress out over endless testing.

  4. Awww ive NEVER seen someone use their truck bed and not a trailer. Rosie is adorable, i want one for my 5 yr old daughter so bad!

  5. 11:25 aw Rosies such a good girl, Ive seen many horses loose their cool and understandably. Its not fun having a tube down your nose lol but she handled it so well!! Gah, i absolutely love her lol

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