Tamed | Season 6 Ep. 17 | BOB’S BURGERS
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Tamed | Season 6 Ep. 17 | BOB’S BURGERS

October 19, 2019

[groaning] [chimes] Hey, what’s up, Tina? Why the long face? Hi, Jericho. It’s just that I can’t go to
the Hoof Dreams Horse Camp. So now I’ll probably be sad
for the rest of my life. But besides that, I’m good. Oh, Tina. You have the hardest
life sometimes. And yet you’re so strong. I know. Hey, who needs
real horses, anyway? Can a real horse do this? Hi-ya da-da-da, da-da-da. Hi-ya da da-da-da. Probably not. Here, move over. Just a little more. [grunts]
Scootch. Come on, a little more. I can’t go anymore. I know what will cheer you up. Tell me the story of how we met. I don’t know if
I’m in the mood. Just kidding, I am. (CHUCKLING) Oh, Tina. TINA BELCHER: So there
we were, shipwrecked on a deserted island. JERICHO: What was I like? You were wild. [neighing] No one could tame you,
except one girl, named me. Come on.
Come on. -No.
-Come on, come on. No, no. I’ve got some leaves. I’m wild. I know, but look. I’m wild. You’re so good. I would never eat out of your
ha– oh, my god, I’m doing it. Gallop gallop, gallop,
gallop, gallop. Yay! You tamed me! [laughter] [splash] I’m OK. [laughter] [music playing] Whoo-hoo. Yikes. Yeah. We gotta get this
girl to horse camp. Pronto.

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  1. I want to see the ending clip where he's dancing and singing! rat ta ta TAH ta ta ta ta ta ta TAH rat ta ta ta ta ta TAH ta ta tahhhh

  2. lol I had my imaginary horses too! My sister said she and her friends would watch me canter around the yard whinnying…until I ( finally) got my own pony at 11 (which was the happiest moment of my childhood- I rode almost every day from 11-18, and then rode in my University team then thru adulthood until I had my kid… Now he is an independent teen I plan to return to the stable this fall ( cannot wait!)

  3. I've watched/listened to this and pretty much every Bob's Burgers episode at least 2 dozen times over the last year or so (I pretty much have it on repeat on hulu for background noise). I NEVER realized that Jericho is voiced by Paul Rudd. How did I not pick up on that?

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