Tan France Gives Gabriel Iglesias An Anti-Fluffy Makeover | Dressing Funny | Netflix Is A Joke
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Tan France Gives Gabriel Iglesias An Anti-Fluffy Makeover | Dressing Funny | Netflix Is A Joke

March 4, 2020

– [Woman] We love Queer Eye! – Thank you! (laughing) – [Director] Okay ready? – Hello, I’m Tan France, and this is Dressing Funny. Each episode, I’m dressing some of the funniest people on the planet. Wanna watch me push their style game? Follow along. Gabriel Iglesias, hello! (laughing) Hi! Good to see you, how are you? – I didn’t think you were coming. They say, they say guess who’s coming? I said, “No, he’s not coming.” – I could see the nerves on your face. Trust me, I’m gonna make
you look incredible. After you.
– Oh my god. Did you know they have
a Sizzler next door? – We’re gonna go there, yes.
– Oh, we’re gonna go. Yeah, let’s get dressed and let’s go eat. – [Tan] Yes. (upbeat music) – Alright, Gabriel. You know this store. – Yes, I’m very familiar with it, but I’m usually in the section that only sells sweats. – Is this like a go-to-look? – This is the go-to. I wanna be comfortable more than anything. – If you were to go out on a date. What would you wear? This?
– This (laughing). – Get out! Are you serious? What do you wear on, Mr. Iglesias? – On Mr. Iglesias, they
allow me to wear shorts. (record scratching) I think that was part of the deal. – You wrote that into your contract? – I wrote that into my contract. I gotta be able to wear shorts.
– That’s power for you. Can I be real? This is doing you no favors. – It’s warm and comfortable. – I love warm and comfortable, however, you can also be
comfortable and stylish. I want to get you a date-night outfit, and I also wanna maybe get you dressed up for red carpet stuff. – I’ve been doing that a lot more lately, and shorts are getting old, apparently, from what I hear from people. – See? It’s very laid back! – I’m a laid back person. – Shall we do this then? – Please. – I got you.
– I follow you. – Yes, please. (upbeat music) (camera shooting) Talk to me about what
you’re wearing on stage. – Always known for wearing shorts. – Yes. – And a Hawaiian shirt. You can move around. – Yeah. – No one thinks you’re threatening. Some of these places, everybody
was always wearing black. And I wanted to stand out.
– Yeah. – That just became my thing.
– Okay. You call yourself, “Fluffy,” on stage. Is that right? – Yes, on stage, man. – So, I’m going to look
for the anti-fluffy. – Anti-fluffy? – Yes. If you don’t go to pound
town within six months of this happening, I need you to keep me posted.
– Pound town? I would like to visit pound town. – Promise?
– Yes. I’ve been needing a wing
man like you for a minute. – It’s what I do. Who knew that that was my lot in life? I get men laid. Come on, let’s get you laid (laughing). – Going to pound town. (upbeat music) (camera shooting) – We’ve gotta do better. These are gonna go. Will you throw these for me? He’ll be fine in this
store with just socks. – I’m never gonna hear the end of this. – These are all gonna be
relatively comfortable for you. Let me tell you why. Some of them have a wider
footings, a softer sole. I know you move around a stage. There’s options of shoes that
actually do flex with you. – All right, well I gotta
put on something now. – You need something. You don’t wear many suits. – No, I don’t wear many suits. – Did you ever wear a suit, and you felt decent in it? – I wore a suit on The
Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon a couple years ago and it
just wasn’t comfortable. They always look good on the mannequins. You look at the mannequins. “Oh my god that looks awesome” and then you take it off the rack, take it home, and you’re like, “I clearly am not a mannequin.” – Maybe this outfit,
you feel so good in it that it does get you to pound town. You’re like, “I’m gonna
wear it for my show. Who knows how many people
will wanna tap this?” You go, get in the fitting room, strip down, get all sexy, and I’m gonna bring clothes in for you. How ’bout that? – Let’s do this. – Do, let’s do this. Yes, please. – I’ll be waiting. – Sorry you don’t have your slides, but well they had to die. You saw them. Is that the new datable Gabriel I see? (upbeat music) – I’m not even in slow-mo. – You’re learning to walk in real shoes.
– I’m learning how to walk again. – It’s like, I’m so not
wearing sweats right now. – Baby finally learned to walk! – I’m very, I’m very anti-fluff right now. – What do you think? – I like it. I just, it took some time to put this on. – It took some time. – It definitely. This took minutes. And this took, this took some stretching. – You just look so different. Do you feel confident in this? Is this the kind of look
that you can look in mirror, and say, “I feel confident.
I look confident”? – I’m not gonna lie, if I had a date right
now and I went like this, I’d feel very confident. I even got the superhero. Look at it. (heroic music) – Isn’t it nice to feel that way? I’m not joking. Isn’t it nice? – It does feel nice, but if I’m just gonna stand and do this and be like, “hey hey,” then we’re good. – Sit! – It’s, aw man! – Tell me you can’t sit. (sighing) – All right. When you sit down, that’s when you change everything. That’s when you can tell, all right. Okay, what’s good? – Nothing’s gonna pop. No.
– You don’t know that! Am I still eligible for pound town? – Yes, you sure are! (camera shooting) Get out of town! – He looks a little uncomfortable. – What looks uncomfortable? – I guess maybe ’cause the shirt’s the way, the I don’t know, this. – I got it. You keep me real. Thank you. Please tell me this is a win. – The only thing that I’m feeling that’s not comfortable
and you can’t see this is the shoes.
– It’s the shoes. I can swap those out, no problem. I still think that guy made an effort. He’s taking himself seriously. Should we try something else?
– Yes. One that will hopefully
make you look even better? (upbeat music) I want to give you a jean again. – Okay. – I would like you to do double denim, but I wanna cover most of the denim. Will you try this on? – Yes. – I wanna give you a sneaker, also. – Okay.
– Thank you, sir. – I wanna give you a high-top. – Ooh! – Will you try those for me?
– I will try those on. – Wonderful. Now, would you sashay shantay away in the most glorious way you know how. I know you know how to wear a heel, so you better serve. (ballet music) (camera shooting) Is there an anti-Fluffy coming? Is that what I see? (upbeat music) Gabriel Iglesias, you
look so damn handsome. – Yes, I do. – (laughing) Yeah, you do. Okay, come join me, what do you think? How we feeling? – This is not like me. And I feel like anytime
there’s been buttons, usually I button it up. This is, there’s a lot
going on right here. – And it looks different,
it looks different. I feel comfortable. That’s the main thing, is that I feel comfortable. – Do you wanna look nice? – I do wanna look nice. – Like it matters to you? – Yes, I don’t want people
throwing my clothes. (laughing) – Oopsie! – So I like that. I like the fact that
there’s mobility right here. And I don’t feel like it’s about to rip. – Yeah, this one you can
move in perfectly well. You can hold that lady to dance. I’m gonna play the lady. – Okay.
– You can hold that lady to dance. (romantic music) You are, arguably, one of
the most successful Latinos in America. Does that feel powerful to you to know that you can use your voice, and people listen? – It is, but it’s also scary. Because sometimes people wanna use you to get their point across,
– They try to get that. – and I’m not about that. That’s why I stay out of politics and stay out of people telling me, “Oh, you should do this,
you should do that.” By staying neutral, more people wanna come out and see you, and they don’t feel like
they’re being pressured into one thing or another. – Yeah, are you the youngest? Eldest? – Last of six. – When you were growing up, did you learn to be this entertainer because you have so many siblings? – I don’t know. Everybody was up and out of the house by the time I showed up. There’s a big gap between
my sister and myself. So, I was the only one that
got to have his own room. I was the only one that got to stay home. I was the only one that
got mom’s full attention. – So where did you learn this? Like how did Gabriel
Iglesias become a thing? – I don’t know. I just saw something on TV one day. I liked it, and I says, “I wanna
do that for a living.” – Is your mom excited and proud? She’s no longer with us,
– Oh I’m sorry. – but she saw her son
become a successful comic. – What did she say about it? – At first, she was like, “Uh, you know you have benefits. Why are you gonna quit your job?” (laughing) It’s always,
– You don’t need that now! “You have a PPO, mijo! You have PPO! That’s better!” I don’t even know what that is, mom. – Okay. – She didn’t say anything
negative about it, but she just wanted me to be happy. – But now? Like your family is so proud. – Well, I hope so (laughing). – You can sell out the Staple Center. That’s something to be proud of. That’s something to be massively proud of. When you get ready for the Staple Center, I don’t know what you’re
planning on wearing. I’m assuming it’s a Hawaiian shirt. I’m dying to see you in a suit, ’cause it’s so not regular Fluffy. – It is so not regular Fluffy. – So, I wanna see you in this. I’m gonna make it a little
more comfortable for you. So, no button-up shirt. I’m gonna give you a tee instead. That’s gonna be a v-neck, so it’s gonna open up and
feel comfortable still. – Okay. – And then, I’m gonna give you a sneaker. I’m gonna try and convert
you to a casual suit. – Those are very nice. – They’re very nice, huh? – Those are very nice,
they look comfortable. – Good, would you like to try that on? – Yes, I would! – I would love that also. – All right, let’s do this. – Sashay shantay away! – See you in a second!
– Thank you (laughing)! – Here we go! (piano music) (camera shooting) – Gabriel how we feeling about the suit? – Here we come! (upbeat music) This jacket took a minute. It took a minute. (laughing) I feel like if I were to clap my hands, I’d pop it. It looks really nice, but it’s one of those things where I don’t feel as comfortable. – A suit is never gonna
be like as comfortable as a sweat suit. That’s just not possible. However, if you wanted to look nice, every now and then, just as an every now and then, I think you look so handsome. – Can I tell you that the v-neck was something very special,
something very different. I don’t ever remember wearing a v-neck. – Okay. – And it’s actually really comfortable, and you can see a couple
of my hairs right there. – Yeah, yeah, yeah!
– You can tell. – The Latin lover came out. I like that.
– The Latin lover came out. (laughing) – Do you like the t-shirt
and a sneaker, with a suit? – I do like that. The shoes, however, are
very, very like ugh! – There’s a much wider version of these that is going to make you
feel a lot more comfortable, but I do like this sneaker
with a suit on you. I think it looks more
appropriate for who you are. You know what I will say,
– I stand around and pose. – is if you did have
a fresh pair of slides and you were to throw that on, I wouldn’t be mad at you. – You can wear slides with this? – You could. I hate to say you could. – Just not the slides I walked in with. – No, you need unripped slides. You’ve got the money. Spend that. – But why is it that
ripped jeans are cool, but ripped slides aren’t? – There’s a big difference. There’s a big, big, big difference. (laughing) And I know you know. First look was perfectly
appropriate for date night. – If I wanna rock that for the red carpet, you gave it the seal of approval? – I love it.
– All right. – The second look was perfectly
appropriate for more casual. So, you could wear it to an interview. Did we nail that? – Yes. – Okay great.
– And I’ll be doing that tomorrow morning. – Wonderful. The suit, I always knew the suit wasn’t gonna be new Fluffy, but it’s still anti-Fluffy enough on like a not-so-regular basis. So you got two anti-Fluffys and this one, it’s sporadic Fluffy. – Sporadic Fluffy. – Are we happy? – We are happy. – Can I give you a really big hug? – Yes.
– ‘Cause I just adore you. – Yes! – Thank you so much for watching this episode of Dressing Funny with my very special guest, Gabriel Iglesias. Be sure to subscribe. Be sure to comment below. Let me know what you think. And also tell me who you want on the show next episode. Gabriel, can you explain
to your Spanish audience what they should do next? (speaks in foreign language) – Thank you, bye. (kissing) (upbeat music)

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  1. Donald j trump. Wears amazing clothes and suites, ties, shoes. But doesnt know how to dress. Ties are too long, suits are too big. I dont like the guy but I feel that he can do better.

  2. Fluffy, you fat fuck, do something and trash some weight, just some!
    No need to get thin, you can still be Fluffy, right now you're HyperFluffy and it sucks.

  3. I was once told, "You remind of of Gabriel Iglesias." I was like, "Who?" Now I know. Thanks. I am not that Fluffy, but I agree with G.I. feel I don't look good in a suit…after seeing this…I going shopping. Thanks, Tan! Love YOU!!

  4. My husband recently discovered DXL, and I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see him have an enjoyable shopping experience and walk out feeling good about his appearance. They’re a little pricey for everyday folks, but to me it is absolutely worth it.

  5. I think you are wonderful and I love what you did for Gabriel. I'm not a comedian, I am a crafter. I so want you to dress me! <3

  6. He would look so nice in a mid rise pair of pants. I also kind of wish they would stop saying fluffy and just say fat. There are plenty of fat men in the fashion world doing their thing. The first step is getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Props to him for trying it out!

  7. Okay, last look was a fail… If there is a much wider version of the sneaker, why wasn't it given to him? Jacket is way too small… otherwise, good job on updating Fluffy!

  8. The suit was unreal. It doesn't fit at all, he looks as though he was poured into the jacket! Like if he was to breathe the jacket would rip for sure. Brother just keep being Fluffy, and beautiful! If you want to wear shorts, and a Hawaiian shirt then you rock it! No one should be forced to change, just because show business is dictating you to do so!

  9. Gabriel, from one 7X-tra fluffy dude to a fellow fluffy man sorry to see you are struggling to keep your recent weight loss off. You appear to have had a setback, and I wish you luck at getting back on track and being happy, as I have not been able to do so myself.

  10. KEVIN SMITH! He's lost a bunch of weight and looking a lot healthier, unfortunately he's still wearing the same size clothes it seems. I think he could use your help

  11. Gabriel looked really nice, and comfortable, in the denim. The suit would look fantastic, as long as they got him a coat that actually fit. Keep it real Gabriel. You're terrific just the way you are.

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  15. It just warms my heart how Tan asks if Gabriel would like to try the clothes on instead of just flat-out telling him to go try it on

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