Tan France Gives Tiffany Haddish A Lil Kim Makeover | Dressing Funny | Netflix Is A Joke
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Tan France Gives Tiffany Haddish A Lil Kim Makeover | Dressing Funny | Netflix Is A Joke

March 4, 2020

– Hello, I’m Tan France
and this is Dressing Funny. Each episode I’m dressing
some of the funniest people on the planet. Wanna watch me push their style game? Follow along. (upbeat joyful music) (knocking) – Tan is that you? I been looking for you. – Oh hey Tiffany Haddish! – I need you in my life. – Come on in! – Okay. – Oh shit. Hi, what are you doing here? (Tiffany laughing) Hi! – I was just going for a walk,
it’s crazy ’cause yesterday I was just praying to the fashion gods. – Uh-huh. – For somebody to make me
look good and here you is. – So come with me. – Yes!
– What are we waiting for? – She ready! (upbeat music) (gentle joyful music) – So we’ve got a lot going on. – Mm-hmm. – We got Black Mitzvah coming out. – Yes, Black Mitzvah’s coming out. And I’m having my own Bat
Mitzvah on the same day. – Let’s talk about it, I wanna understand. – It’s a standup comedy special. – Yes. – And I’m talking about
how I’m now a grown woman. – I am not Jewish. – Mm-hmm. – I don’t understand a lot of what happens in the Jewish faith. So explain before we choose. – So, it’s like, it’s like
a rite of passage, right? Like, okay now you were like a child, now you’re considered an adult. And you have to have the
time and the investment and learning how to speak Hebrew and I’ve been doing that ’cause
you have to read the Torah. – You doing it all? – Yeah, I’m doing it all. – Is it because you
just feel so connected, you just desperately
wanna be a part of this? – It’s more so like a
homage to my ancestors, to my father, out of respect for him – Okay.
– and his wishes. – My question is though, you’re
celebrating your birthday on the same day. I won’t say your age just in case you don’t want anyone to know. – Yeah, but you know what, I don’t care. I’m 21 for the 19th time, okay? (Tan laughing)
– Okay, good. – Okay? – So don’t you do it before you turn into a teenager?
– Okay, yeah I’m supposed to do it at 13, but what
had happened was, no money. – You were too naughty. – No money.
– Oh okay. – No mon-tey, no mon-tey.
– Okay, okay. Now I got some mon-tey. (upbeat joyful music)
(camera clicking) – So I’ve got a bunch of things
that I want you to try on. I know that you’re kind of
letting the white dress go ’cause you wore it 63 times exactly. – Well I might where it again. (gentle rock music) That was at a time– – You purchased it? – I had to buy it ’cause
at that time I wasn’t like, you know I was Tiffany Haddish but they didn’t know that
I was Tiffany Haddish. – The world didn’t you were Tiffany Haddish.
– The world didn’t know bout Tiffany Haddish. (camera clicking) – I love that you wanna
shop because I wanna shop. I wanna get outfits
that would be right for Black Mitzvah premiere stuff. – Yes. – But also, so you can catch a D. – Yeah! (Tan mumbling)
That’s why I wanna get cute. – Do we get a lot of booty calls? – No we don’t get barely any booty calls. – Because my question is, how do people know to
contact Tiffany Haddish? – Um, I tell them. (Tan laughing)
– Oh okay. – I tell them. – Okay great. – I don’t wanna waste your
time, don’t waste my time. You wanna put out, put out,
if you don’t, you don’t. I’m trying to get the D. (groovy music) (Tan laughing) – Talk to me about, your boobs. – Okay my boobs. – ‘Cause they’re real good. – Well thank you. This is a Victoria Secret Bombshell Bra, and it makes you look two sizes bigger than what you actually are. – It’s working.
– And then it pulled the back meat up to the front. – You ain’t got back meat! – Oh, I got back meat. Look at it, look at that when I do that. (both laughing) – That’s what I mean, that’s
the back meat right there. That’s part of my inheritance right there, that’s like inheritance. – That is wonderful news. – You know when you got this much meat, it’s mostly some meat up here too. – Oh, alright. – It comes as a package. (Tan laughing) (upbeat joyful music)
(camera clicking) – You’ve got your gorgeous skin tone and you’ve got that body. – Mm-hmm. – And so I wanna show it off. – Yeah. – Okay, Black Mitzvah.
– Yes. – I want shape, I think
this one’s gonna show your this beautifully.
– Okay, okay. It’s like corduroy, bringing it back
– Yeah. But I always love a little leather moment – Ooh. – and I love the textures together. – Yes! – We’ll tuck it in.
– Okay. – And so we’re gonna
show like shape, shape and I wanna give you like a killer boot. – Okay. – And I love these colors on your skin. – These are good colors for me. – So I’m gonna do a coat with this too maybe ’cause it’s cold. Sometimes you do a New York premiere. – Ooh this is cute! – It’s gorgeous right?
– Yes! – It’s got added hip
placement in there so it’s – Oh!
hopefully gonna look killer. – Okay.
– Go try that on. – Alright. Tiff how’s that first look looking? – Oh I think it looks amazing!
– It fit okay? Oh good! Does it fit okay? – You wanna see it? – Yeah, always! (whimislal music) – She ready. What do you think? – She is not ready. – What do you mean she’s not ready? – Did you pull that out of your handbag? – Well you know I always have it with me. – Uh-uh, no, mm-mm, no
thank you, thank you, back. – I need you to stop being so jealous. (laughing) – I mean she looks super
hot, I’d tap it but still. Alright Tiff, how we doing my love? – Oh she doing good! (upbeat music) – Oh lady. Okay come look at yourself
in this mirror real quick. You look so chic. – This coat is everything. I love the way it gives you like a shape. – Yeah. – And then the pants are
like ooh, they’re comfy, and they’re like cas’ (Tan laughing) but they’re sophisticated. And the top is just everything! – Everything. (upbeat groovy music) You could where this on a red carpet, especially a Netflix red carpet. – Date night, carpet, somebody
else’s premiere not my own. (Tan laughing) – Oh let’s say for example
we take the jacket off, you could where this to a premiere. – Yes. – Get those boobs out,
yeah there they are. (laughing) – They’re here. – Can we dance in this? – Yes.
– Is this a– Oh you could still drop
it like it was very hot. – Yeah! – Of course you can. (laughing) Yeah you could. Yeah. Ready for the next? – Shoot right in. Tan! – Yeah, baby. – This is not working for me. – No? – No. – Alright, I got it. – It’s a little restrictive. – Thank you baby I’ll find something. – [Tiffany] Thank you. – Here’s the thing, real talk, sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to. Don’t worry about it
though, I got a backup. Come on. – Tiffany my love. – Mm-hmm? – How we feeling? – I’m feeling cute as fuck. – That’s exactly what I
wanted to hear, let’s see it! (upbeat music) No it’s not cute as fuck. It’s so much more than cute as fuck. Now is not the time for modesty, you look so hot bitch come on. – Thank you. (upbeat music) Yes! – She’s more than ready! – Yes she is! – Could you wear this to a Bar Mitzvah? – Well you could wear
this to a Bar Mitzvah but everybody would be
looking at you a little like, – Oh?
– what you doing? – Okay, let me do a
couple of little tweaks. – Okay. – Okay. I wanna know. I want you to use your
adjectives, how we feeling? – I feel sexy, I feel like I could be on
the cover on any magazine. – Vogue bitch. – Yes vogue.
– We’re waiting for Vogue. – Yes. – Are we feeling red carpet ready? – Mm, I feel like yes, she
could get pregnant in this. – Yeah! (laughing) – I’m feeling like red carpet
– I’ve got a feeling, I’m gonna be the one
that makes you pregnant! – Well if you want to. You got some good hair
– Listen I love my man but that dress
is doing something for me. I’m getting you pregnant. – Okay let’s go! – It’s so cool! – I’m ovulating next week. (laughing) – Okay great I’ll be ready. Could you wear this on stage? – This I would definitely
wear this on stage. – ‘Cause this is extra for most comedians. – Most comedians wouldn’t dress like this. – No. – But I would. I would wear this on stage in a minute. So I would keep it classy. You know, I would keep it, still ratchet, – Yeah. – I would keep it, what
my friend calls, clatchet. – Oh! – A classy ratchet. (Tan laughing) Let ’em know I like to have
fun but I still can be a lady. (Tan laughing) (upbeat music) – I wanna understand. – Mm-hmm? – How do you get away with this on a stage and no one else does. ‘Cause nobody looks like this on stage. – Those other comics, they get dressed up. – Not like you, you serve fashion. – Well, this is true, this is true. – Why? – Why, because, I like to look pretty and I think it’s important that you like give your best to the audience. I mean they spent all this
money on these tickets, they get dressed up, they drive
all the way to the theater– – Do you feel like you perform better? When you walk out and you’re like, I know I look fucking wicked. – I definitely perform better. – Okay. – ‘Cause my confidence
level is like so high. – Yeah. – I feel fabulous. – This is my favorite so far but I’ve got a couple more, well one more. Are you a fan of Lil’ Kim? Were you a fan, like in the 90s, were you a fan of Lil’ Kim?
– Yes! – Okay.
– Yes. – I was obsessed. – I was obsessed with
her too, I’m a fan still. – I just wanted a play look,
just a look where I’m like, I just want to see a kind of Lil’ Kimmy. – Let’s Lil’ Kimmy baby. – Okay, now I know it’s a lot. It weighs a ton. So if you need something to work out in that’s really gonna get you work out in, then this is your baby, like
it’s gonna look so good. – It looks beautiful. – Wait til you see what,
I’ve put something in there that I want you to try it on with. – Okay. – Just, have a– – Okay she, oh.
– Just try it on. Yeah I know. Okay baby, ready? – Mm-hmm. – How we looking? Are we looking as good as me? ♪ I used to be scared of the D ♪ – Oh yeah! ♪ Now I throw the lips on the D ♪ ♪ What you tryin’ to do me like me ♪ – Oh shit! (Tiffany growling) – I love it so much! – Yeah, she ready! – Oh my gosh! I’m obsessed. – I love it. – Lady I’m obsessed. – Yes. – Okay, what do we think, how we feel? – I feel good. – This feels appropriate
for a Black Mitzvah. – Yes, for the Black Mitzvah – Uh-huh. – I could rock this. – No, not you could rock
this, you are rocking this. Like, this is all kinds of right. Okay, my questions are these. – Mm-hmm. – Did we get a look, in my opinion we got
a look for red carpet. – We definitely got a look for red carpet. – The red carpet red Valentino is heaven. – Yes. – Okay I got a look for
your everyday chilling. – Yes. – But like chic as fuck. – Yes. – And then this, you’re club ready. – Yeah. – You could wear this on
the red carpet though, at the right event, you could
wear this on the red carpet. – Most definitely. Who make this because, – That’s a good question. – Because I want to brag about it. – We’re gonna contact the Blondes and we’re gonna make
sure you get this jacket, ’cause it’s so killer. – I wanna brag about
this, I wanna wear this, I wanna wear this with
just some panties on. – Just wear it–
– Like I will zip this up and just wear it with panties.
– Yeah nothing else. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, just panties. – And then I just show up at your house. – Yeah, oh. – Would that work?
Let’s get on that now. – Okay let’s do that then. – I don’t wanna wait
any longer, come on baby – Let’s go.
– Let’s do this. – Yes.
(laughing) (clicking) – She ready. ♪ Let me hear you say ♪ (upbeat rap music) ♪ Let me hear you say ♪ – Shit shit her body feels shit shit (upbeat rap music) ♪ Let me hear you say ♪ – Yes! (upbeat rap music) ♪ Let me hear you say ♪ (upbeat rap music) ♪ Hot, hot, hot ♪ – Thank you so much for watching this episode of Dressing Funny with the most incredible Tiffany Haddish. Be sure to comment on what
you think of these looks and let me know which
comedian you wanna see get dressed next. (upbeat music)

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  1. Really, I wish you would dress all the shlubby comedians i.e. Brian Posehn, Steve Agee, Pete Holmes, Patton Oswalt, Jeff Ross…

  2. i love how he says oh tiffany, your breast! YOUR BODY!! then processed to put her in puffy drab green, parachute pants and a huge mens leather dress shirt lol!!


  4. Tiffany… ur stunning!! I vote for the WHITE dress lol. The red was too much 😂 It was hiding ur gorgeous body, but those legs tho…… Honestly…u didn’t need any fashion help, ur style is on point 👌🏽

  5. Goooootdamn that red on her was perfection and I'm legit feeling that last look. Is there nothing sis can't pull off??? Shes so damn pretty and can rock anything! #1 was like meeting at the office, a brunch, classy. #2 was hello event she has arrived, serving leg, serving high fashion and #3 was hello party, I'm making a statement, guest at someone's premiere

  6. 3:05 . Why are gay men always trying to touch us (women) inappropriately? I'm not even joking, I have been sexually harassed by gay men several times. It's the weirdest thing. It's like they think they can get away with it because they're gay. Has anyone else has this experience? Some of them don't understand personal boundaries. #LookButDon'tTouch

  7. Fyi a lot of female comedians that dress up and way before she did Joan Rivers the queens of comedy and Kathy Griffin just to name a few.

  8. NOT GONNA LIE, that first outfit when he picked it out I was like NAH, you trying our girl THEN she came out and I was like 0.o"


  9. This is probably the toughest suggestion you’ll get. ….Adam Sandler, I love him but dude dresses the same since 1992

  10. Wow! One of the better episodes. Ms Haddish can really wear those clothes. No fear of dressing stylish.

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