Tandem Downhill – A Short Mountain Bike Film
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Tandem Downhill – A Short Mountain Bike Film

October 25, 2019

My girlfriend at the time, now wife
wanted to ride the Around The Lake Taupo cycle race which is a famous race here in New Zealand and she didn’t want to ride the whole way by herself, she wanted some help to pull her around. We were poor students at the time couldn’t afford anything
flash but we got an old Burly Rock and Roll touring never looked back from
there really we decided we needed a full suspension bike back there
we’re still poor students couldn’t afford one they were like $7,000 without
even a shock in New Zealand at the time so I costed it all up and decided I could
buy everything I needed to make my own one and it only be about $4,000 I haven’t done anything like that before
had never welded anything I braised something in metal work, way
back at the start of high school but didn’t really know what I was doing at
all but spent some money and just mucked around in the shed for a while and
eventually had to do it the biggest crash was probably about eight years ago
we had complete brake failure Jackson was swearing and saying that we were
going to die somehow I just unclipped and just pushed myself off the bed we
were hurtling down this gravel road flipped flew down the bank and Jackson
looked up and thought where on earth is rose yeah getting it linked from one side to
the other words there’s slow stable and there’s so much weight behind it that
it’s like steering a superbike pushed out of the hand of anesthesia the
wheelbase is so long that you time you go over a lump if you’re not carrying
lots and lots of speed so you can jump it you’ll end up risking hitting your
pedals sitting on the back of the tandem you’ve got to be quite neutral you can’t
lean to the left or right it’s a bit like being a pillion on the back of a
motorbike you don’t throw your weight around too much you

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  1. I think this may be the best video I have seen on tandem bikes ever. Puts Seths bike hacks and Skills with fill tandem effort to shame!

  2. Great video, thank you very much! I leave you a review of the latest technology for your biking trips https://wavefindyourfriendsblog.com/2018/11/29/bike-gear-the-latest-outdoor-tech/ I hope you are interested, otherwise, I apologize

  3. Anyone who has ever ridden a tandem off-road (with their significant other) will appreciate how next-level awesome Jackson and Rose are on this insane contraption! Huge props to both of you. (I am under strict instructions that the one jump I ever hit up on our tandem is never to be repeated!)…

  4. I have a blind friend Carl de Campos and he is on he's way to Australia. He also does off road tandem cycling. Man I wish I can team you up with this guy. Carl Is amazing. He does have a youtube channel

  5. Well done, but why?? Going down those trails is like having wings, but going tandem makes you a Boeing instead of a F15.

  6. My jaw dropped! This is bad ass extreme! I freakin love it me & my fiancée ride a tandem but we ride the streets with 600 watts system & led lights show bike. Keep on riding 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  7. Hi! It's very nice to see so a cool bike!
    I drive a tandem with my girlfriend, but only on normal street because we have a bike 1980! It's also a beautiful piece but only for city!
    I like wery much to Bild one like this, a downhill tandem it's now a dream to hawe!
    Cann you pleas geve me some details on the bilding process!?
    Will be wery nice!
    Best regards Constantin Nitu from Germany! 😁

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