Tash Sultana: “Alt-J makes me wanna ride a horse with bow & arrow” | 5 Essential Tracks | 3FM
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Tash Sultana: “Alt-J makes me wanna ride a horse with bow & arrow” | 5 Essential Tracks | 3FM

August 13, 2019

Hey I’m Tash Sultana and these are my 5
Essential Tracks that I love and sculpted the way that I play music. I love Erykah Badu, so, I just wanna talk
about all of her music. But I’m not going to. Ehm, my favorite song in the world is ‘Didn’t
Cha Know’ by Erykah Badu. And I like that song, just because I just
wish I wrote it. You know when you hear a song and you wish
that you wrote it? That’s one of those songs. And every time I hear it I’m just like,
laying out all the instruments that are happening in the song, like how I would loop a song,
but I just, I didn’t write it. And I can’t play it as good, so. She wins. I met this girl in a park, who was smoking
a joint and I wanted to smoke the joint as well. And, so I walked over and I was just like,
hey, can I sit. So I sat. And she was playing Erykah Badu from her phone. And then I was like, who is that? And then that’s how it started. And I was probably like, seventeen. I don’t play exactly like that, that’s
not exactly my style, but I love that style of music, so sometimes it’s incorporated. I’m not a genre-based artist so like one
song could be like kind of reggae and the other one is totally different. It doesn’t sound like her but I’ve just
been listening to her heaps lately and playing the nord, like doing heaps of stuff on the
keys. Which is strange for me ‘cause I’m a guitarist
so. Just moving across instruments. But, that would be, a good, like, mind opener. Number two would have to be ‘Taro’ by
Alt-J. And that’s another song that I wish that I wrote. Cause it’s- I almost swore! But it’s so good. I remember hearing it for the first time and
every single time I hear this song, I think of like being back in time, riding a horse,
like wearing like a poncho and pulling an arrow back, like ready to shoot it off. I just always think of that every time I hear
this song, I don’t know why… I can’t ride a horse, for one, and I don’t
have a bow and arrow, for two. So, it’s just a good mental trail
that I get in. And it’s also a really sick song, so. It’s just got this like bohemian feel about
it. It’s like, I don’t know, it’s like modern
rock, slash like gypsie folk. I don’t even know how to like, explain that
song. It’s really cool. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. That reminds me of my childhood. Reminds me of when we do like, a cleaning
day in the house, and dad would just put on Fleetwood Mac, so it just kinda brings you
back to being like four or five. I play this song every day, actually. Dad’s got a questionable music taste, some’s
really good and some I’m just like, what the hell is that dude?! Haha, why you listening to that?! But we always had records laying in the house,
ever since I was little. And we we’re always dancing and I was always
playing instruments and always doing anything with music. Like my parents said to me that anything in
the shape of an instrument when I was a little kid I would just pick it up. So, they got me a guitar and I’ve been playing
since I was three. So that’s how we got to where we are. I had an alter ego called Jo Rock, and I would
go and put all my mums beads on and my dads rings on and like, dad’s boots, and put
on concerts in the lounge room for my cousins when I was really little. Tangerine by Led Zeppelin, it’s the reason
why I bought a twelve string guitar. And that’s pretty much all I have to say
about that song. I was in Malta, and I had, like you know the
old iPod nano’s? And I synchronised it to my dads playlist
and that song was on there, and I was like, what is that?! So I bought a twelve-string guitar when I
got home. I might actually have to say, Phil Collins,
In The Air, is a song that I love. I think, because of the era that it was written
in, or the beat sampling was a pretty new thing and that’s kinda cool. And just, that, when those drums come in,
I play that song all the time when I’m in the car just going, And it’s sick.
Do you know what it’s about? So, he witnessed this guy get murdered. And he didn’t say anything about it for
a really long time and the police did an investigation of the murder case and Phil Collins invited
the guy, that was the murderer to his show, in the front row, and before the set started,
or I think it was even after that song, the cops came in and arrested the guy for murdering
someone. Interesting, yeah!

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  1. If only that Phil Collins story was true. It's not at all true. The man himself has said it's about his bitterness with the end of his first marriage. It's very symbolic but the lack of specificity in the lyrics allows for varied interpretations.

  2. I just listen to "Notion" for the first time 2 days ago. I listen and look for everything Tash is doing now or has done, I must say she has great taste in music, the moment she said "dreams" I instantly understood why I have to hear everything she has done! Many blessings Tash~~~

  3. Her music causes my brain to fire off on all cylinders!!! Consumed by her work, music and stories. On another level!!

  4. The Phil Collins story is an urban legend. Completely made up. Unreal how many people actually believe without doing some fact checking.

  5. She is so naturally gorgeous…and then add in her incredible skill and then epic taste in music….I just can't…Hot!

  6. The phil collins story is a rumor. I love the song tangerine as well. Love zepp and i love your stuff. Your amazing

  7. So freaking weird…. ive listened to dreams 4 times today. Something was like, hmm. U love tashs music, but havent even seen an interview yet… lets watch this one. So so weird. The universe is funny.

  8. Didn't chan know- Erykah Badu
    Taro- Alt-J
    Dreams- Fleetwood Mac
    Tangerine- Led Zeppelin
    In the air- Phil Collins

    Tash is the best 🖤

  9. Man, she has impeccable taste in music. I’ve been a fan of hers since I saw her Tiny Desk Concert. So talented and down to Earth. ✌🏻

  10. Tash is so brilliant. And it's seems fitting that Taro by Alt-J is one of her favorites. That's one of my top 5 favorite songs too!

  11. to think it all started with tape looping in the 1960's and currently we have talented artist Tash Sultana with her modern loop skills and never ceases to blow one's mind!

  12. Ana Lucía Karla Amelia aurora felicidades por su súper fucion saludos en verdad son las más bonitas saludos |-8| 🙂

  13. Tash is fantastic and the song choices are great. But the Phil Collins story is a complete myth. He said himself he doesn't know what the song was about and that these other stories are completely untrue.

  14. HAHA! My mom cleaned the house listening to Fleetwood Max as well! So now my daughter is a fan and her friends are also like what are you listening too?

  15. Oh yes , the Liars Hollywood industry we can finally throw now in the garbage ton , thank you ! Now its time of Beautiful Souls ♥️🤙

  16. Urban legend

    An urban legend has arisen around "In the Air Tonight", according to which the lyrics are based on a drowning incident in which someone who was close enough to save the victim did not help them, while Collins, who was too far away to help, looked on. Increasingly embellished variations on the legend emerged over time, with the stories often culminating in Collins singling out the guilty party while singing the song at a concert.[14] Collins has denied all such stories; he commented on the legends about the song in a BBC World Service interview:

    "I don't know what this song is about. When I was writing this I was going through a divorce. And the only thing I can say about it is that it's obviously in anger. It's the angry side, or the bitter side of a separation. So what makes it even more comical is when I hear these stories which started many years ago, particularly in America, of someone come up to me and say, "Did you really see someone drowning?" I said, "No, wrong". And then every time I go back to America the story gets Chinese whispers, it gets more and more elaborate. It's so frustrating, 'cause this is one song out of all the songs probably that I've ever written that I really don't know what it's about, you know?[15]"

  17. She’s so the type of chick that tons of lesbians or girls who like girls , are gonna love. Sexy af, laidback sexy kinda vibe, talented musician and has an Australian accent… I mean…. can I get a wet floor sign over here ?!?!? 😝😝😝😝😝 if you know you know…. stoked to see what she’s gonna come out with next!!! ✌️❤️🌈

    Edit: oh shit how could I forget those dimples?!?!

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