Tasting a Japanese Horse Meat Barbecue
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Tasting a Japanese Horse Meat Barbecue

August 17, 2019

So a few years ago there was a big
scandal in Europe surrounding horse meat when it turned out nearly every meat
based dish ever was secretly horse meat in disguise and ever since then the reputation of horse meat has been tarnished and even then it’s not
something we really eat anyway. Meanwhile in Japan they eat horse meat raw and
today we’re going to go and try it and see what it tastes like and
unfortunately we are joined by Ryotaro for this trip. Raw Horse Have you been drinking too much apple juice again? He’s the most hyper man ever. But anyway I’m going to stuff you up with not only horse but beef and chicken. And also I’m going to stuff you with garlic. Garlic? Yeah Yeah! Today we’re visiting two neighbouring towns with two distinct culinary identities in the far
northern region of Aomori. Gonohe town has been famous for its horses for over a thousand years first as a town that bred horses for samurai and more
recently for its lean juicy cuts of horse. But before we stuff ourselves with
horses we’re first dropping in to the nearby town of Takko. Now Takko town
might sound like an exciting upmarket Mexican restaurant but in fact this
rural town is actually Japan’s biggest exporter of garlic. On first glance while
passing through Takko you wouldn’t know the town is obsessed with garlic. Well apart from the garlic street lights. Oh yeah and the garlic character Oh and I guess there’s the unique variation on Cola. That might give it away. You can sense there’s a real obsession with garlic in this town just by looking at the cola which has garlic in it. Garlic coca-cola; never had that so let’s try it. This is my first drink of the day this is my breakfast as well so you can
definitely smell it. There’s a kind of spiciness to the flavor and the coke that makes it actually quite nice. Bloody hell who’d have thought garlic and coke actually works. Since the taste of the garlic is quite mild normally garlic is used as spices or flavoring But here you actually can eat the whole thing and you’ll actually like it. One characteristic of Takkos garlic is its
high sugar content which means you can eat entire cloves without setting your
mouth on fire. Ok so now what we’ve got here is one whole garlic – they grilled it. How do I do it? So they actually give
us a fork so I think we’re just gonna dig it. Oh look at this! There is something I need to declare to the world. This is the best garlic I’ve ever had I can’t really explain it. Well you have to until we have a 4D video experience. That’s true with the smell right? Again it’s mild and stuff but it’s really creamy I would say. If I close my eyes and ate that again it’s like eating a jacket potato that’s been mildly flavored with garlic.
It has a very silky smooth kind of texture to it. Take all your preconceptions about
garlic and discard them this is the next level of garlic Why are you trying to hide it? Souvenirs? It’s not every day you see garlic coke. Not for yourself? One of them might be. Okay this is the restaurant in Gonohe town that is famous for the horse meat. And we’re going to have a horse BBQ. What is their obsession with horses? How did it come about? Here in the Gonohe town they’ve been eating this horse meat for the last 1,200 years, can you believe that? Older than you! So this is a horse meat and we call it “Sakura Niku” in Japanese It means cherry blossom meat. That’s very romantic. Yeah it is. Even if it’s a butchered horse. So “Basashi” raw horse meat is pretty common throughout Japan. This isn’t. This is actually pretty rare right? Like grilled bbq horse meat. It’s the first time I saw it. It’s kind of a local specialty to this town so this is my
first time to actually have horse meat that’s been grilled like on a barbecue
so I don’t really know what to expect. Hmm the key word here is juicy. It’s very
juicy it tastes a lot like beef. But unlike Japanese beef which is very fatty this is quite lean. It’s juicier than beef and it’s slightly chewier than beef as well
but it’s a satisfying kind of sugary taste right? That’s really good and apparently it’s lower in fat, cholesterol and calories right. You can eat horse meat all day every day and you’ll never get fat or never die. Stuffed full of garlic and horses Ryotaro’s
got one last local dish up his sleeve to finish me off from nearby Hachinohe city. I’m absolutely stuffed and yet we’ve got one more final round to go but I’m not gonna complain. It’s a kind of free-range
chicken called shamrock chicken but it’s got the Royal Seal of Approval there are
60 brands of free-range chicken across Japan and this is the only one that has
the royal seal of approval the only one that the royal family of Japan eat. If it’s good for the Emperor it’s good for me. Not sure about that. You’re not that Royal. What is going on? We’ll rename the video to dining with Gollum. Dining with Gollum. I want that ring. I want that ring?
I don’t remember that line. I don’t remember it either. I think if there’s one thing to take away
from today it is If I was ever stuck on a desert island and I had to take one
animal with me that animal would be an Aomori horse because not only would I
be able to ride it around and not only would it be able to carry my garlic
coca-cola around for me but if shit hit the fan and times got tough I’ll be able
to chop it up eat it and have over barbecue safe in the knowledge that it
would be a truly delicious animal If you’re looking for the best cuts of
horse in japan, an abundance of garlic, and a taste of chicken worthy of the
Emperor’s kitchen Hachinohe is a two-and-a-half-hour bullet train ride north of Tokyo. For more information on where we visited in this video you can find
the details in the description box below But for now guys as always many thanks
for watching we’ll see you next time What happens is that there’s going to
be some flow of horse oil. Horse Oil? Horse oil yeah. Because we are good
in there you’re just making up words in Are you just making up words and terms as you go along? You mean horse fat. But it becomes horse oil at the end. And horse oil will come into this hole here. And we’re going to use this horse oil
to actually grill the meat later on. Because otherwise it’s
gonna be burnt. Every part of the horse is used.

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  1. https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Horse-slaughter-ban-has-gruesome-results-1817383.php#item-85307-tbla-3

  2. 100% no judgement on people who do eat horse but I absolutely can not . I'm going to Japan in 2 weeks, how can I politely avoid this ? I can learn what the Hiragana is but if I'm offered this as a guest? I want to know how to politely decline this food for personal reasons ( as opposed to no I'm not eating this because it's gross)

  3. how is eating a horse taboo?
    besides eating every other creature that breathes. birds, fish, pork, beef, goat, lamb, what makes horses so special?

  4. It is illagal in the USA, because they are stuck in the past paying homage to war horses of the USA vs Britian, North USA vs the South. Now, the horse populations have gone down, because it is now only for wealthy people to keep the horse species alive. Horses have no use in the USA, except for parades and ranchers.

  5. Wouldn't horse meat be a bit like Venison ? Eating an animal that runs around a lot is surely better in terms of fat and therefore cholesterol than one that just stands around eating all day. Also in western society, as the horse is used for other things and not bred for the purpose, the horse is probably quite old before it is slaughtered, which might detract from the flavour and succulence. I think horse might be a bit like Kangaroo also low in cholesterol and fat

  6. Garlic is actually not spicy when cooked. If you buy garlic in England or Canada, break up and peel the cloves and then bake them in the oven you also get a delicious, creamy flavour.

  7. As much as I don't like Horses …this kinda made me sick to my stomach.. I know its a cultural thing though, I'm not upset but Its definitely something to to get use to. Cool video

  8. I appreciate how much variety of food they have in Asia. Here all dishes are the same thing but made different. Like sandwich and steak whit mashed potatoes or rice, salad, burgers or some chicken wings. No matter if is long horn or Denny's or subway, the dishes are nearly the same.

  9. Australia is the number one supplier of horse meat in the world. Horse meat is banned here to ensure the price of the exports remains economical for the rest of the world, mainly Japan.

  10. Pronounce japanese words properly. You have a japanese friend. Repeat after him. It is cringey hearing you bitcher the words.

  11. Why eating garlic and horse meat is such a big thing? I eat garlic every day, baked garlic twice a week, and horse meat approximately once a month. This is just your Anglo'Saxon prejudice and seeing things only from your point of view.

  12. You should visit some vegan restaurants in japan. Veganism is becoming popular so it should be interesting to see what restaurants come up with!

  13. I came here because I found out that Goku eats horse meat, but now that I'm watching the video, I kinda of want to try it. I love garlic just like these folks do too!

    The claim that you can eat horse meat every day all day and never die is probably bullshit though.

  14. Not sure how I feel about eating horses, its taboo here in the US and its also my favorite animal. I'm conflicted…. But I'd try it.

  15. A lean low fat low in cholesterol meat thats juicy and chewy I live in the horse capital of the world and I wanna eat horse meat now

  16. Horse actually tastes pretty good (when cooked). Went to Astana and had it. Kazakhs eat it like candy.

  17. Can't tell if being cheeky or not. Had a vegan video that could appeal to vegans/vegetarians and then in next video eat horse which probably lost most of those V fans.

  18. Why someone has a tradition of eating horse in an island where horses are scare? I can understand Mongolia where the horses outnumber the people.

    Garlic? Albanians found their neighbor. Funny how I am Greece and I enjoy garlic using it as a condiment on my steaks.

  19. Damn it.

    Now you've got me wanting to try this at the very least.

    Damn you Chris! (No but seriously, I'd like to try this now.)

  20. I’m siting hear with my pet horse and as soon as he could here horse meat he ran away your so curl

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