TDN at the Derby – Michael Wallace Q & A
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TDN at the Derby – Michael Wallace Q & A

August 21, 2019

I’m Michael Wallace, I’m the head of racing and breedings for the China Horse Club. Announcing: Justify leading past the 8th Pole, he’s a couple of legs in front. Bolt D’oro is closing on the inside, it’s Justify by 3/4 of a length, Bolt D’oro
trying ever so hard but Justify another exhilarating exhibition by the supremely
gifted athlete. (inaudible) two years around that around the range
David Headley an alien to moon star they make off in front it works off myself
here off we got this pickle since the original you start with the process of
coming back together and it sort of having a bit of a chat about what
everybody’s seen and to Big Sur once you like it menus hope you can
afford beautiful really want to be busy and we were lucky enough enough do share
to come across a business in Philly and we also had yellow agarte wasn’t present
so the great one when is there was was nicely there his pulse-ox good
samaritans American Walter it just being able to fire the moment of applied to the
organization to be represented in on these days under these weeks it’s what
we want to do is what the people then invest in us where they want to be my
job to deliver that so it’s gratifying to get here but we have a
it’s hard to know like you know he was showing so much speed in the mornings
but his frame suggest that he could stretch it was a unique combination that
if you carried that speed into that frame and stretched maybe you’re gonna
cover a pretty elite athlete what I like just so do you though when they come to
the corner it was the first time somebody probably really got up sides a
little bit very good posture sort of came and came
to and you know from the kick kick strong and you know he was the last the
last button he was really getting away as strong for the line and strong
through the lines that there was encouraged about 20 people coming so
that’s exciting you know some people were here last year we go to the
experience that but we’ve got a group of new people so you know it’s great to
introduce them to to American Racing and you know such a big day and it’ll be a
great experience you

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