TDN at the Derby – Mick Ruis Q & A
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TDN at the Derby – Mick Ruis Q & A

September 4, 2019

(Announcing) I was kind of stressing because he’s never left California how would he
be on a you know first class airplane ride. Best people looking after him and I
was still nervous and then I got a reality check and I said I think there
was a horse that just won the Derby not too long ago but they put him in a
trailer and drove him from New Mexico all the way over here and so what am I
worried about and look at what they did with that horse so I put
it in perspective and said you know he’s in good hands with us can’t wait for him
to get off the plane and get him in the stall and you know and then we’ll go the
next four days of training and you know God willing and get him in that starting
gate cuz he’s never been doing better That’s on his mind and that’s I
mean you see how his body is big and beautiful but his mind is way more
powerful than that body is he’s an incredible intelligent horse. He has
matured you know he was like a big teenager that had not even had puberty
in junior high when some of these other guys you know had beards that this guy
is just starting to come into himself doing good so you know as him he’s going to get better even that’s three year old. You know anything that Bob says man he’s got good horses and and if Bob gives your horse a praise you know you got a good horse you know. I love talking to him you know like
Bob had said he’s one of the biggest Bolt D’oro fans because everything
that we throw at Bolt, Bolt just comes back and he’s tough so that’s
really cool coming from Bob. Different is like you said he’s won you know three
four derbies I don’t know know how many Derbies it is but before he won any of
those he had none so you know we started out the same and you know and do I respect every trainer back here yes of the Hall of Fame ones yes what they’ve
all did but they all started somewhere you know and and they’ve all worked
their tails off. For the first time I got to meet Mr. Lukas at the trainer’s
dinner and you know and I’ve known about him all these years I’m born and raised in San Diego, a Chargers fan and you know Winning Colors was the last filly to
win the Derby. You know I’d like to say so but really he’s named after Usain
Bolt the fastest man in the world. We wanted the fastest horse in
the world. I think we got a better jockey got a jockey whos won three Kentucky derbies and a Triple Crown so you know I love Javier he’s a stand-up man I mean when
he called and told me why he wasn’t gonna ride the horse and and he was tore
up I mean for him to call me and tell me what he did I mean he’s a stand-up guy I
mean I love the guy to death but at the end of the day you know he had to look what
was better for his business and I’m you know I understand that but how I’ve
started all my businesses is when you when your word’s your word and when you’re gonna do it it doesn’t matter if it if you’re gonna get a little better deal on
that because the guy that made a better deal for you on the right side knows
that he might be on the left side one day and it you know it’s just a little
bit of integrity there. I’m not telling Victor anything about the horse
you know he’s worked him a few times me and Victor went over what the draw
position was and you know we we both know what he would like to do going out
of there but once he gets out of they were going to
you know it’s all after that to see what’s going on I don’t know we really
don’t want to say what we’re gonna do coming out of the gate

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